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Based on the theory of Emoto Effect. several experiments carried out by Dr. Masaru Emoto has provided factual evidence that human vibrational energy, thoughts, words, ideas and music could affect the molecular structure of water.

When a prayer was made for an hour over the polluted water in a lake in Japan, the crystalline structure of the water changed from malformed to one of immense beauty and power. The lake was transformed into a healthy source of pure water. A distinctly visible aura appeared around the water crystals in photographs.

5-layer subliminal mp3 - Over 2.7 hours of highly quality sound.

Attract anything you want with the Ultimate Abundance System.
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- The Law of Attraction - Hypnosis Audio Series -
A guided hypnotic journey where you'll establish communication with the universe.

Your state of consciousness will be altered to be able to establish direct communication with the universe and you are guided to visualize your goals before the Power of The Universe.

Enter into the Magical World where angels are there, listening to you and granting your wish without demand.

You don't even need to know how the law of attraction works, simply follow the instructions during this hypnotic journey and you'll experience the true power of The Law of Attraction!

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Subliminal Music Series
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A positive mind attracts postive things. Our new subliminal series "Ultra Luck Attraction" will alter your mind and re-program your mind with new behaviors that will attract luck in everything you do. Fall asleep to the soothing sound of nature while your mind is "installed" with time-tested, powerful Luck Attracting affirmations that are repeated 1,800 over times!

Experience results in few days and see the real change! You'll soon realize that having good luck all the time is indeed possible and easy!

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