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The Ultraluck - Beta Series

A positive mind attracts postive things. Our new beta subliminal series
"Ultra Luck Attraction" will alter your mind and re-program your mind with new behaviors that will attract luck in everything you do.


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Millionaire's Mind - Beta Series

Install Millionaire's habits into your life!
Time-tested powerful affirmations that are repeated over 1,800 times,
definitely not just another ordinary subliminal audio. It is something that is going to work for you! This will automate your life and turn you into a millionaire!


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Ultimate Intuition- Beta Series
Give yourself the upper hand in life!
Develop the ability to "sense" the good and bad decision. This new ability will definitely help you to succeed in anything you do!
It's just like having angels to watch over your shoulders, whererever you are and in whatever you do!

Powerful affirmations repeated over 1,300 times!


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Develop Focus & Success - Beta Series

This recording will help you focus on your goal, and program your subconscious mind to carry out neccesary tasks to achieve your ultimate goal.


You will start to realize that you are able to focus and able to prioritize important tasks that are important for you to succeed.

Powerful affirmations repeated over 1,300 times!


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Clients' Testimonials

"I have been your customer since
2007, I always trust the quality
of your work and I simply love
your creations."
Lionel CX - Australia



"I've bought many other
subliminal music, I would say that
yours is of a higher and better
quality as compard to others."
Ryan Hingley - United States

"Affordable and great quality.
Most importantly, it works!
I've been using the Ultimate
abundance system for the last
1 year, simply fantastic!"
Kenneth Goh - Singapore



"Hi, I am feeling at peace and I could feel that your audio is working for
me. Unlike most audios that I have purchased from stores and on other websites, most really over claimed
on their effectiveness. There's really
a difference between yours. I went into a deep sleep and I didn't realise
it until I woke up. Please keep me informed of any future products, I will be first to try them out."
Tim - Singapore - HypnoticTunes Studio
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