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We offer customization!


Email and tell us what you need.


Our team of experts will compose and create personalized affirmations based on what you need!


Want to kick a habit or a customized recording to influence others? We'll do it for you!

Each order will take approximately 2 weeks to complete.


Please email to


Please email us the details of what you want to achieve!



Price per track: $67.00 USD - 60 minutes duration.

Subliminal 4-layer series



Price per track: $99.00 USD - 60 minutes duration.
Subliminal 5-layer series


Discuss with our team of professionals today!

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Clients' Testimonials

"I have been your customer since
2007, I always trust the quality
of your work and I simply love
your creations."
Lionel CX - Australia



"I've bought many other
subliminal music, I would say that
yours is of a higher and better
quality as compard to others."
Ryan Hingley - United States

"Affordable and great quality.
Most importantly, it works!
I've been using the Ultimate
abundance system for the last
1 year, simply fantastic!"
Kenneth Goh - Singapore


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