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HypnoticTunes - FAQs

Q: How should I listen to the audios?
A: We recommend the use of earphones or headphones for maximum effectiveness.

Q: What is the difference between your subliminal music and others found on the internet?

A: All our recordings are lab-tested and recorded by licensed hypnotherapists. Every affirmations, words, sounds used in the recordings were tested for effectiveness in our lab before launch. We have pioneered in 4-layer and 5-layer subliminal recordings that have proven better effectiveness than regular subliminal recordings. Most of the other subliminal recordings found on the Internet today are 99% junk with almost zero effectiveness when tested by our group of experts.

Q: I realized that you do not post the affirmations used in some of the titles. Why?
A: For it to work effectively, affirmations used in the recordings should not be known to the conscious mind. We guarantee that all affirmations used are safe and 10x more effective than any other regular subliminal recordings you see elsewhere.

Q: I do not feel safe if you do not tell me what affirmations are used. Tell me!
A: We have received several demands like above from users about the affirmations used in our recordings. Well, let's put it this way, would you know what type of affirmations are safe for your mind anyway? All affirmations used in our recordings are professionally created by hypnotherapists in our lab. All we can say is that the affirmations in our recordings are totally different from what you have ever seen. We researched into thousands of combinations of single emotion triggering words and phrases before implementing into each recording. We guarantee that we are one of the most professional and ethical subliminal music provider out in the market today. We simply don't produce junk, we create safe and effective subliminal music that works!


Q: How do I obtain the music after purchase?
A: As each of our file is pretty large. We recommend that you use a download manager to manage the download. A download manager software will enable you to resume your download in case you get disconnected from the Internet.
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Clients' Testimonials

"I have been your customer since
2007, I always trust the quality
of your work and I simply love
your creations."
Lionel CX - Australia



"I've bought many other
subliminal music, I would say that
yours is of a higher and better
quality as compard to others."
Ryan Hingley - United States

"Affordable and great quality.
Most importantly, it works!
I've been using the Ultimate
abundance system for the last
1 year, simply fantastic!"
Kenneth Goh - Singapore


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