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Based on the Masaru Emoto Theory - The Hidden Messages In Water
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Based on the theory of Emoto Effect. several experiments carried out by Dr. Masaru Emoto has provided factual evidence that human vibrational energy, thoughts, words, ideas and music could affect the molecular structure of water.

When a prayer was made for an hour over the polluted water in a lake in Japan, the crystalline structure of the water changed from malformed to one of immense beauty and power. The lake was transformed into a healthy source of pure water. A distinctly visible aura appeared around the water crystals in photographs.

Since 70% of our body is comprised of water, the external energies that surround us will greatly affect the quality of our lives.


"Thanks for the excellent work once again. This is really powerful I must say! It's working for me and life changing. I hoped for a better financial month and it really happened!
I cleared my outstanding credit card bills (over $4,000) this month from an unexpected call from a client whom I have lost contact for over 3 years! Amazing! I'm looking forward to try this further with other new wishes! "
Keith Dickson

"Thanks for allowing us to be the first few to try out your new production. I've underestimated the quality of the Ultimate Abundance, it's powerful! The first 10mins of playing the Galaxy Heal puts all my students in deep trance!!!
20 of 26 students feedback with different positive changes by the 7th day and 1 particular student said that it's like installing a genie in his life! I totally agree with that! Excellent work!"
Alison Rose (Clinical Hypnotherapist)


"This is really amazing! I could now realize almost every of my thoughts when I focus on them, realization of my thoughts took just about 3-4 days to happen. This is something that is not what science today could explain. Powerful programming! Thanks!"
Jason Nelson - United States

New Testimonials

"Hi, I am feeling at peace and I could feel that your audio
is working for me. Unlike most audios that I have purchased
from stores and on other websites, most really over claimed
on their effectiveness. There's really a difference between
yours. I went into a deep sleep and I didn't realise it until
I woke up. Please keep me informed of any future products, I
will be first to try them out. Regards, Tim"

"Hi Hiroshi, thanks for your prompt reply and the information.
I love the effect and I feel my mood changed and less
frustrated after the 2nd day of using Releazer. I felt so
much energized now. Keep in touch. Gordon"

Dear Hiroshi, I'm so excited to go on to Galaxy Heal now. Is it possible to move on
to part 2 now? It's my 3rd day at Releazer
now and it makes me feel calm and relaxed. Your audio is ten
times more effective than others I have collected. Please
let me know if it is okay to jump to part2 GH now. Thanks in
advanced. Cynthia"

GALAXY HEAL Helps Stroke patients!
"Dear Hiroshi Kane, your audio is magical! I have to tell you that it is so good that it is even beneficial for stroke patients!!!!!!!!! My grandmother's right arm is able to move now after 5 days of listening to Galaxy Heal! I can't believe it! She was so affected after a stroke 3 years ago and her right arm was not able to move at all since her stroke. She refused to go for physiotherapy as it doesn't seems to help improve much at all. She even attempted suicide twice due to her right arm giving her all the frustration. I didn't expect that your audio can do so much!!!!! This audio was meant for myself and out of doubts and curiosity, I played the Galaxy heal in my granny's room and the whole magic took place in just about 5 days. My family and I were delighted when we saw her lift up her right arm attempting to pull her blanket up to her neck. My granny is looking forward to more improvements now and this has given her hopes! THANK YOU SO MUCH for your creation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so greatful about it! Thank you! Glenn"


3 Intense Years Of Testing and Experiments


Production of our Ultimate Abundance system is finally ready after 3 intense years of experiments and testing. We have carried out several experiments over the last 3 years before this site came live. Experiments were carried out with 300 people separated into 3 different groups with the aim to find out how different vibrational waves of sound and words used will affect the emotional state of humans. Findings show that emotional state of human can be greatly affected by different words and types of sound/music that will lead to sudden behaviorial changes, positive or negative. Different behaviorial changes will lead to different quality of attraction. Experiments have also shown how wishes can be realized through use of our very own mind programming system. (Ultimate Abundance System)



Brainwaves - Different States Of Consciousness



First of all, let’s discuss how different states of consciousness and how our brainwaves at these different levels handle information. In our ordinary waking state, we primarily experience BETA brain waves. As you can see from the brainwaves graph above, during BETA state, the high fluctuations of brainwaves shows the high levels of activities being processed(More fluctuations mean more brain activities, alert state) the moment we are in our normal awake state.


It has also been estimated that an average person processes 12,000 thoughts a day and a deeper thinker processes 50,000 - 60,000 thoughts a day. These thoughts involve how brain makes up images, sound, situations we encounter everyday. Just imagine how much our mind goes round and round over the thousands of thoughts of worries, concerns and many relevant and irrelevant things each day, leaving us with no space at all for our ultimate desired thoughts to take place.


The graph above shows the limited gaps in between each wave when our mind processes thousands of information during our BETA state and making it impossible for new commands to enter, unless if certain new commands or information creates an impact that triggers your subconscious library, (Subconscious library that includes both postive/negative thoughts and emotions.) and new commands or information will be processed actively during this state. Whenever such emotions are triggered, the triggered type of emotion will be strengthened and overwhelm the weaker emotions/thoughts. For example, if new information induces worries, the worrying part in your subconscious library will be strengthened and if the impact induces positive emotions, (i.e happiness, satisfaction etc.) this part of your subconscious will be strengthened.


In ALPHA state, still conscious, our fore mind only vaguely processes the images, sounds we see and hear . Or you may perceive this state as in a daydream state. During this state, our mind are more receptive to suggestions. However, this is still a conscious state and will gain full consciousness back to BETA if great impacting information is received. (i.e: sudden loud noise, signs of dangers etc.) In Part One of the system Releazer works on this state of consciousness, along with affirmations that first triggers and strengthens positive emotions in users and thus releaeses negative thoughts/beliefs by overwhelming them with triggered positive emotions. Inducing at higher level of ALPHA and lower level of BETA, and it is safe for day and night use.


Going deeper into the next state, the THETA state where brain activities become slow is the ideal state for healing, super-learning, heightened creativity, extrasensory perception skills and mind-programming. This state is also known to be the state of divine connection. Part two of our system Galaxy Heal starts off at this state to help enhance overall health of users and gently guide the user’s mind into DELTA stateto ensure sufficient sleep for healing to process subconsciously during sleep.

How It Works?


PART 1: Releazer (From BETA - ALPHA)
The Ultimate Abundance System first part audio (Releazer Approx. 23mins) will help remove all negative thoughts built over the years and reprogram your mind with positive programmings leading to a new positive emotional state. This first part audio will bring you into an altered state of consciousness and single positive words embedded in the 3rd and fourth layer of this audio will be slipped right into your subconscious mind triggering positive emotions. Even understanding how the universal law of attraction works is not enough without first removing your negative thoughts rooted within you!

PaRT 2: Galaxy Heal (THETA)
As we believe that having optimum health is important for releasing strong focus energy when focusing on desired goals and wants. Quality of energy established very much depends on the overall well-being of a person. Part 2 of the Ultimate Abundance System (Galaxy Healing Approx. 1hr 8mins) will energize and help improve the listener’s health.

A holistic healing with the vibrational sound waves of Tibetan Bowls. These sound waves will greatly affect the your body cells, harmonizing and energizing them. Special produced background deepener along with the foreground music will help release a great amount of endorphins in you and thus help alleviate illnesses. You should expect to go into a deep trance in the first 5-8mins of listening to this part. Positive affirmations (Phrases and single words) in the 3rd and 4th layer will be slipped into the subconscious that will trigger postive emotions leading to new positive behaviorial changes at the same time.

PART 3: Attraction (Approx. 1hr 18mins)
(Starts at ALPHA, Back and forth at THETA - DELTA)


The most powerful part of the Ultimate Abundance System!

Starting at ALPHA state, part 3 Attraction: users are asked to create and vividly imagine their desired end results for the first 5 minutes of listening. This part will gently bring the listener to the next THETA state that establishes divine connection which allows the users’ desired thoughts to be processed. It is also normal for listeners to experience "floating" or "spinning" during the first ten minutes of listening to this part and extreme drowsiness or deep trance would also be experienced as this part brings users' mind back & forth in THETA and DELTA states for desired wishes to be worked out at THETA(Divine/Universe connection) and positive thoughts to be processed subconsciously at DELTA state.


Specially produced strong deepener that will put you in a very deep trance in the first 10 minutes of listening. Strong triggering words/phrases embedded in 3rd and 4th layer repeated thousands of times into your subconscious mind along with a special produced sound wave that energizes your thoughts and automatically establishes a connection with the universe.

It is as simple as making your wish, imagine the end results and allow this part of the audio to make a connection with the universe that will make your wish come true!

Several experiments have shown that test subjects are able to realize their desired goals in a matter of days just by imagining the end results they desire during and after listening to this part of the audio! From a simple wish to the wildest dreams can be now realized easily!

More Testimonials

"I couldn't believe that your audio really works! It's wonderful!
My wife and I are reallying enjoying more of our lives now.
Thank you for your great work!"
George Lee

"I have read alot about the Universe Law Of Attraction but I could not really put it
to work until now! I never know it is this easy! Thank you so much.
Regards, Randy Jones

"This is the only subliminal audio that that really works!"
Thank you! Xavier K

Is It Really Possible To Attract Anything I Want?
Just By Thinking?

Well, the answer is a BIG YES! It is a natural ability in humans. We all were already born with this ability. Not only that, we are even capable of predicting the future and many other super human abilities.

Due to the everday negative programmings from happenings around us, worries, fears, anger that flooded our minds over the years have kept our minds so busy that several of our natural super abilities were under-ultilized and thus lost over time.

Many studies have shown that many buddhist monks could make future predictions and realize wishes for devotees from around the world. The difference with us and the monks is that they have detached themselves from the worldly matters that sets their mind free of worries and this has given them sufficient room for ultilizing their natural ability through meditations. Their positive thought focused on another person can greatly affect and create positive aura around the person.

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