How to Perform Self Hypnosis

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  • Mik Mas

    “You need to be 100% behind it. Don’t just half heartedly give it a go. Really try it properly. Adapt it to what works best for you and what you want it to do for you. Stick to the advice given above. I was skeptical at first, but once I gave in and let go, it really worked for me. It’s not a miracle cure for all your problems, but I’m amazed it worked for me & how useful it’s been.”…” more

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  • Janet Yam

    “It has given me hope that it might help me with my panic attacks, which are a terrible and frightening experience. I have not finished reading the article, which will take time to understand and digest, but really hope I can learn to hypnotize myself to get rid of the attacks.”…” more

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  • Ned Oracle

    “I found it very helpful, especially during the second set of steps. The information was precise, presented clearly, and very helpful to me. After reading this article, I immediately tried its method, and found it very effective. I am very glad I read it!”…” more

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  • Paul Halt

    “I found all the article was very good. I have just been for a session with a professional for the first time, and I was astounded how it worked. I have anxiety problems, and am booking another session, looking forward to it.”…” more

  • Jan Lee

    “I’m a hypnotist and psych RN. Good article that “suggests” the benefits of this incredible intervention! You must get rid of misconceptions about hypnosis; you must want to change behavior or delete habit.”…” more

  • Al S.

    “The article was very informative and I found it an easy-to-use format. I reached my goal of visualization for the first time. I would like to thank the wikiHow team for such an informative piece.”…” more

  • Madden Sadows

    “Gave me reassurance that doing these medications and self hypnosis do provide a change in thinking, thus providing me a better lookout of life leading me to a better life.”…” more

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  • Mehrdad Malek

    “My English is not very good. My wife really needs hypnosis for her phobia. Soon, I will translate this and help myself and her to improve our life and love. Thanks a lot.”…” more

  • Harshini Honey

    “It really helped a lot. But before going to start this, we must completely believe it. We must be confident and do this. Only then there will be some kind of use.”…” more

  • Animesh Mishra

    “As the article is about bringing positivity in life, I feel positive about the method written here. I 100% believe that I would achieve my goal through it. “…” more

  • Christy Belton

    “The calmness that exudes from every sentence of the article and the absolute lack of any suggestion of pressure. This is a neat trick, by the way.”…” more

  • Lee Bowers

    “The wording used so that I could understand what was written helped. It also reaffirmed what my own registered hypnotherapist has told me.”…” more

  • Sobhan Yas

    “I did self hypnosis for a year, but this is awesome and full of details for everyone that wants to do it. “

  • Kel Ross

    “Use positive suggestions, use present or future tense, don’t give up if it doesn’t work the first time.”

  • Marcus Hanson

    “I’ve needed a way to help me get rid of bat habits and addictions and this article really helped.”

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  • Ela V.

    “Very well-explained, and very useful in today’s world, where everyone is stressed or anxious.”

  • Karl Willborn

    “What helped me the most was it was in plain English and not big words you can’t understand.”

  • Ravinder Singh Shekhawat

    “It made me feel so soothed and by reading this article I have lost 11kg of my weight.”

  • J.R. McMillin

    “Very interesting challenge to the anticipated results. Looking forward to results. “

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  • Brianna Voorhis

    “I was trying before I read the article and failed, but I can now do it. Thank you.”

  • Vijay jaswal

    “Thanks for a simplified way to make us understand about hypnosis. Really nice one.”

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  • Amanda Rees

    “It all helped me. I feel very relaxed at the moment, very interesting article.”

  • Rachel Muradov

    “Very informative and helped me understand better the process of hypnosis.”

  • Hayfa Al Saleh

    “It was nice, simple, and clear information attached with a good picture.”

  • Balwant Singh

    “Very good and helpful, may be of real help for self determination. “

  • Deena M.

    “So much information and a road map to entering trance. Thank you.”

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  • Jake Capracio

    “This works! Hypnosis is very powerful. I made myself motivated.”

  • Bambo Kuhle

    “It was paradise itself, it was indeed relaxing. Thank you. “

  • Anonymous

    “Nice. Makes sense. I recommend doing it at night.”

  • Tharindu Dilshan

    “I think this must work, I hadn’t tried this yet.”

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