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Hypnosis for Success

Success Hypnosis and NLP can help alter your life. Your beliefs. Your habits.NLP Solutions NLP supplies the greatest readily available tool to alter unwanted habits. Combining NLP Power Tools with Success Hypnosis provides you the double affect. Neuro Linguistic Programs is the most current and most updated life altering tools. We concentrate on assisting you reach your personal goals and begin today developing the way of living you really desire.Correct Unfavorable Routines Through Success Hypnosis Stop Concern, Tension, Tension And Stress And Anxiety, Fears/Phobias, Smoking, Procrastination, Addictions, Reduce Weight,

Build Confidence and Gain Motivation.Through Success Hypnosis Center you will have the ability to establish your subconscious power to end undesirable routines, and alter them with brand-new, favorable ones.How Success Hypnosis and NLP Powerfully Interact By using the effective tool of Success Hypnosis, we connect directly with the subconscious and

make it end up being aware of all the undesirable qualities of the bad regimen, and of all the favorable advantages of stopping that practice. Then the next time you would have done the bad habit, your subconscious will quickly change your mindset so you no longer even wish to do the bad routine, due to the fact that this time the subconscious no longer describes the beneficial experiences you previously were getting from the bad practice. Quickly the bad routine will no longer even exist for you.Success Hypnosis and NLP Minimize Stress And Anxiety As soon as the factors for the anxiety are found, frequently through age regression, desensitization can be used. Direct exposure to the concern producing event through Success Hypnosis will lead to both the subconscious mind and the mindful mind having the ability to handle it without excessive stress and anxiety reactions. Through Success Hypnosis, individuals have the capability to discover and after that handle previous distressing experiences and end negative effects. Comprehend that no matter how many years you have experienced undue tension and anxiety or maybe with anxiety attack, Success Hypnosis will help you.Hypnosis for Stress Decrease Success Hypnosis with deal you with Stress Management tools no matter the external conditions that were activating your tension. You will develop new methods to manage Tension and Worry and experience significant relief. Through Success Hypnosis you will discover brand-new, efficient techniques to handle and fight tension that will be implemented by your subconscious mind immediately

. You will generate new psychological habits and use new approaches that will minimize, and sometimes even absolutely get rid of, tension in locations where it formally was controling and hindering your satisfaction of life. Stress will no longer have the capability to stop you from living a positive, satisfying life you want for yourself.Using Hypnosis to Establish New Resources for Handling Tension Sometimes inadequate ways of dealing with tension are in fact found out previously in life from those around us like moms and dads and teachers, who in the end, have actually given us weak and insufficient approaches of relating with, and handling, the outdoors world. With hypnosis these poor practices will quickly and rapidly be changed to more trustworthy and powerful ones. Your preliminary poor responses will be easily altered to more resourceful ones. Things that were officially producing devastating quantities of stress in your life, will more quickly be dealt with, and no longer activate damage to your mental and physical well-being. The Specific Advantages with Hypnosis With Success Hypnosis you will enjoy relief from lots of tension caused signs: stress and anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, overindulging and the requirement for drugs, such as alcohol, nicotine from smoking, pharmaceutical drugs such as tranquilizers, anti-depressants and stress and anxiety reducers, and undoubtedly, controlled substances such as marijuana or drug. Naturally, the need for drugs might emanate from other things too, nevertheless where tension is the primary aspect, you will find that the requirement for these things has significantly diminished.In addition, you will have more confidence and self-confidence and be more resourceful. When the requirement establishes, you will have the ability to act and make modifications in your environment. You will see those things which are capable of being altered and modify them so that they develop less stress in your life. With work concerns and relationship problems, you will have the resources to produce beneficial change in your life environment.Click here for next page:

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Hypnosis Reviews: The Very Best Hypnosis for Sleep & Insomnia

Self hypnosis is an exceptionally reputable sleep aid. Hypnosis is made use of to move your mind’s focus far from any roaming concepts of concern or tension, rather developing and putting your attention on loosening up ideas and feelings that slowly drift you off to sleep.For a full description of how hypnosis works, see the brief post How Hypnosis Can Assist You Sleep.Hypnosis is only as effective as the hypnotherapist performing it. All of the hypnosis downloads I have actually listed here are from certified hypnotherapists who have had extensive experience helping people with issues sleeping.Below I have assessed 3 hypnosis sessions from the 2 significant service providers of hypnosis download. Each of these 3 sessions are established to assist you relax faster and go to sleep quicker. At the bottom of this short post I have actually provided a list of specialized hypnosis sessions developed to handle specific sleep problems.Sleep Now Awaken Fresh And Alert Sleeping Disorders Beater Hypnosis Pack Professional sleep hypnosis sessions Sleep Now

  • Sleep Now is produced
  • to help you

    Sleep Now

    < img src="" alt =" Sleep Now "/ > beat insomnia in a single 18 minute long hypnosis session. It’s voiced by Barry St John, a specialist hypnotherapist and therapist who has 10,000 hours of experience working one to one with customers in his London Harley Street clinic.It’s amongst the best selling hypnosis sessions of,

    among the web’s leading companies of hypnosis products. at first started offering a number of hypnosis cassettes in 2002. Now it has more than 100 hypnosis sessions to pick from.Sleep Now is particularly designed to put you into a state of deep relaxation. The same unwinded state you

    naturally participate in minutes before you wander off to sleep. It utilizes specialist strategies to unwind all the muscles in your body. It takes you through a variety of hypnotic visualizations, putting your awareness on loosening up tranquil thoughts to remove any tension or anxiety so you can quickly wander off to sleep.Pros of Sleep Now Instantly puts you in a state of deep relaxation Accomplishes a lot in just 18 minutes Cons of Sleep Now I personally discovered his

    • voice a little difficult to relax to( talked a little
    • too rapidly )– listen to his audio sneak peek prior to buying and judge on your own Puts you
    • in a state of deep relaxation nevertheless doesn’t supply any insight into bad routines that can set off insomnia. In basic Sleep Now is a quickfire service if you want to fall
    • asleep much quicker or to use for nights you find it challenging for sleep. It’s not extensive enough to deal with a full blown sleeping conditions issue

    but is otherwise a great natural option to taking a sleeping pill.Price:$ 14.99|Download from Get up Fresh And Alert Get Up Fresh & Alert consists of

    an effective technique that allows you to get up sensation completely

    revitalized the specific minute your

    Wake Up Fresh And Alert

    < img src="" alt="Wake Up Fresh And Alert"/ > alarm clock goes off. Perfect if you feel stunned when you get up in the morning or you’re susceptible to oversleeping because you constantly struck snooze in the morning. It’s available from and voiced by New york city hypnotherapist Donna Lee.Most people use their conscious self-discipline to attempt and get up in the early morning. This does not work exceptionally well due to the truth that this part of the brain is just half awake when your alarm goes off. Rather, this hypnosis session uses your unconscious mind. It teaches it to associate the sound of your alarm clock with the action of getting up right away as rapidly as it goes off and the feeling of being large awake and alert.I have in fact listened to a wide range of hypnosis sessions for sleep and similarly for many other things. This hypnosis session is among the most reputable hypnosis sessions I have actually ever listened to. Normally hypnosis sessions take a number of days to sink in and work. This one started working the extremely first early morning after I listened to it.Pros of Awaken Fresh And Alert Quickly forms the habit of getting up feeling alert as quickly as your alarm goes off Totally special– I have not found any other hypnosis session that covers awakening Cons of Get Up Fresh And Alert Just focuses on awakening

    and not other aspects such as going to

    • sleep at the appropriate time In general There’s no quicker and simpler method to break the habit
    • of oversleeping and to naturally awaken in the early morning experience energized.Price:$ 14.99|Download


    • . Complete Review Sleeping Conditions Beater Load This is a completely featured extensive hypnosis pack developed to beat sleeping disorders by training your mind to go to sleep quickly and making you knowledgeable about the bad sleep habits that can cause insomnia.It stems from Hypnosis Downloads, a hypnosis service established in 2003 which has considering that grown into the world’s largest provider of hypnosis downloads.The Sleeping conditions Beater Load contains 5 hypnosis sessions: Drop off to sleep Quick– How to use

      assisted visualization to quickly send you off to sleep Wander Off To Sleep– Usage you innate natural capability to drop off to sleep Sleep Like a Kid– Produce the right mindset to permit yourself to rest deeply and drop off to sleep Cure Sleeping Conditions– Understand what triggers the concern of insomnia and how you can easily unwind and go to sleep during the night Go back to Sleep– Relax back into sleep and discover how you can sleep throughout the night The combined length of these

      • 5 hypnosis sessions is 2 hours and 11 minutes. Each session includes standard on how to get better

      • sleep and a host of hypnotic relaxation methods created to leave

      • you in a deeply relaxed state on the edge of sleep, if you haven’t drifted off already.Pros of the Sleeping conditions

      • Beater Load Probably the most detailed hypnosis product used to help you sleep much better Addresses a complete series of problems that

      • may trigger sleeping conditions Teaches you the efficient method of ingenious visualization Cons of the Sleeping Disorders Beater Load Would have benefited sleeping conditions tips to stay different from the real hypnosis session for repeat listening Overall The Insomnia Beater Load is the most extensive hypnosis choice for sleeping disorders that I have ever discovered. It’s the perfect service if your mind simply will not turn off at night or if you feel dissatisfied that you just can’t seem

        • to be able to fall asleep at night.Price:$ 49.95|Download from Hypnosis Downloads|Complete Examination Expert Sleep Hypnosis Sessions Here are some more particular hypnosis sessions created to assist a particular location of sleep: Hypnotic Power Nap

        — Rest rapidly and deeply to get the most out of your 20 minute power nap Night Issue– Remove requiring mind chatter during the night so you can unwind and go to sleep Anxiety Treatment– A comprehensive

        healing program for eliminating anxiety Eliminate Sleepwalking– Get rid of the psychological triggers that can activate a sleepwalking episode Stop Recurring Nightmares– Learn how to take control of issues and modify so they’re no longer frightening Sleeping Tablet Reliance– Overcome the habit of taking sleeping tablets and discover how to drop off to sleep naturally

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    Affirmations for sleep

    Spread the love Today I wish to share some affirmations for sleep with you and some concepts to assist with better sleep in general.I like my sleep and I understand if I do not get enough then I’m exceptionally bad-tempered and my concentration levels drop substantially. So basically nobody wishes to be around me and I do not get my work done.I love affirmations and I regularly feed sleep affirmations into my mind. Below I have in fact given some sleep affirmation examples nevertheless first I wish to provide you a couple of ideas on how to successfully use these affirmations.

    How to utilize your sleep affirmations As you’re preparing yourself for bed you can begin filling your mind with messages that support you in getting a fantastic night’s sleep. Continue as you’re falling asleep.When you wake

    up in the morning, I encourage you to state something along the lines of I’m so grateful for a tranquil night sleep. I feel rested and all set for a terrific day.I recommend that you have a bedtime regular and switch off from screen time a minimum of half an hour prior to you want to go to sleep.I encourage you to read my affirmations direct– How to utilize affirmations

    Affirmations for sleep

    Here are some sleep affirmation principles. Use these and produce your own particular to you.Sleep is so

    • simple for me
    • Sleep is so great for my body
    • I rapidly fall under a relaxing and healing sleep
    • I sleep well and wake sensation rested ready to in fact enjoy the day ahead
    • My mind is calm and I am unwinded
    • I launch any tensions of the day
    • I turn any concerns over to deep space
    • My body heals as I sleep
    • I sleep quietly
    • I’m falling under a peaceful sleep now
    • I sleep peacefully
    • My dreams are happy and serene
    • As I sleep deep space is working to support me in manifesting the life I have actually requested (a reliable law of tourist destination affirmation)

    I will be adding all of these affirmations individually to my Pinterest Board AFFIRMATIONS on Pinterest.

    Affirmations and the law of destination As a law of tourist attraction specialist, I see affirmations as an effective tool to assist manifest the important things we want. The law of destination responds to our concepts and therefore I feel it is so vital to deliberately put concepts that support us in our mind. By filling your mind with this type of affirmation, you are informing deep space you desire an actually exceptional night’s sleep and you wish to get up sensation amazing.Also, have a look in the evening Affirmations Hypnosis for sleep I desired

    to similarly include this note about hypnosis downloads for sleep. I do want to describe that I’m an affiliate for HYPNOSIS DOWNLOADS and if you acquire anything from the website, I’ll get a commission.I have actually been utilizing hypnosis download for all examples for many years and enjoy them. I personally find all of the downloads exceptionally useful so although I think downloads especially to help with sleep are terrific. I also inspire you to attempt other downloads that will help in other areas of your life. I’ve constantly discovered that if I pop a download on when I’m settled in bed, I nearly constantly drop off to sleep really quickly.Check out the Sleep sessions however also have a look at other downloads that could help you in other areas.Sleep and a great life I utilized to try and make it through on around

    5 hours sleep a night and I was burnt out and not that terrific to be around. I now get around 7 hours of sleep most nights.naturally, there are nights when that’s just not possible however I understand I feel so much better, healthier, more efficient, nicer … when I get enough sleep. Affirmations have absolutely helped me make this a healthy part of my life.Can you think of anymore sleep affirmations? Share in the remarks below.If you’ve found this post valuable, I ‘d actually like you to share it anywhere you can. Thanks a lot. Wendy– Your online life and service coach. Please follow and like us:

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    Manifest Miracles

    8hrs of Law of  attraction affirmations to manifest wonders and turn you into a marvel magnet while you sleep.Part of the’Reprogram Your

    Mind (While You Sleep)’ series, these manifest affirmations will SUPERCHARGE your power to manifest anything you desire.Listening to this track

    is among the most effective symptom strategies you can use– it reprograms your subconscious mind to immediately manifest all the goals you have set and draw in abundance in all kinds to you.Listen as much as you can and you will manifest while you sleep

    and highly bring the manifestation of MANY PRESENTS (both expected and unforeseen )into your life.With love, Jess

    I am connecting with the energy of abundance now.I am contacting the abundance around me.I am getting in touch with the abundance within me.I am connecting with the infinity of abundance

    readily available to me at all times.I am going beyond all limitations.I am ending up being expansive.I am enabling myself to be the definitely abundant being

    that I am now.I am allowing my total capability to be understood now.I am accepting and permitting unlimited abundance to be mine now.I am accepting that I am limitless.I am accepting my power as the

    designer of my reality.I am broadening my consciousness.I comprehend my incredible potential.I am enabling

    wonders into my life NOW.I am seeing wonders occur now in every place of my life.Miracles stand for me in anticipated and unpredicted ways.The miracles I manifest bring huge delight, love and abundance into my life.I am sensation so blessed by the variety of

    miracles manifesting in my life.I am excited.I am rejoicing.I am elated.I am ecstatic.I am filled with love.I am filled with gratitude.I am filled with appreciation.I am filled with a sense of completeness.I am filled with a sense of fulfillment and calm.I am getting whatever I want.My life is being showered with a fantastic collection of miracles.I am accepting my miracles.I am commemorating my miracles.I deserve my miracles.I deserve my good.I deserve my happiness.I deserve love.I deserve my abundance.The wide variety of wonders appearing in my life are

    in positioning with my greatest outstanding and most significant joy.I am counting on the wonders occurring

    in my life.I am aware that the supply of wonders

    is endless.I know that a growing number of wonders

    will continue to manifest for

    me.I am understanding my endless power to manifest miracles.I am feeling plentiful every day.I am sensation cheerful every day.I am feeling grateful every day.Every day, I end up being more and more plentiful and happy.Every day, I see more blessings appear in my life.I am enabling myself to dream.I am allowing myself to make many wishes.I am enabling myself to set all the

    objectives I might ever desire.I am enabling myself to dream BIG.I am aware of the unlimited supply of abundance available to me.I am allowing

    this unrestricted supply of abundance to pour into my life now.I am standing in the rainbow of abundance as it beams down on me in its myriad of different colours.I am winding up being extraordinarily abundant.I am using my big power as the developer of my reality and I appear all of my dreams.I appear unbelievable wealth.I appear big success.I appear all the high-ends I may ever want.I am manifesting my dream home.I am manifesting perfect health.I am manifesting total well being.I appear authentic self love.I appear great relationships of all types.I appear harmony.I am manifesting happiness.I am manifesting inner

    peace.I appear the fulfillment of

    my life’s purpose.I appear positioning with my greater self and a connection to all that is.I appear excellent, pleased experiences.I appear all my dreams.I understand

    that I can have whatever I want.I am conscious that I can do whatever that I want.I am aware that I can be whatever I want.As my abundance grows, I comprehend that I CURRENTLY AM and ALREADY HAVE ALL I seek.I am mindful that I currently have enough.I understand that I currently am enough.I am enough.I comprehend that understanding that I already am and have all I look for makes me a wonder magnet.I am filled with gratitude.I am so grateful for who I am.I am so grateful for what I have.I am abundant.I am limitless.I am vibrating at the frequency of pure abundance.Whenever I request a miracle, it manifests.I am a powerful miracle manifestor.I should have miracles.I merit

    of joy.I are worthy of success.I am worthy of happiness.I are worthy of contentment.I deserve peace.I deserve love.Whatever I believe and feel, I attract.I am selecting concepts and sensations of love, kindness, delight and peace.I am choosing to see the wonders all around me.I am selecting to see the marvel of life.I am choosing to see the wonder that I am.I am manifesting marvels in every moment.I am a wonder magnet.I am seeing every true blessing around me.I am blessed.I am grateful.Thank you.Thank you for my abundance.Thank you for my blessings.Thank you for my ability to manifest all of my desires.Thank you for my endless supply of abundance.Thank you for my unrestricted supply of miracles.Thank you for all I have.Thank you for all my

    experiences.Thank you for all I am.Thank you for the unbelievable marvels I manifest into my life.Thank you for

    the wonder of life.Thank you for the wonder of me.Thank you for my joy.Thank you for my peace.Thank you for my happiness.Thank you.

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    10 Bedtime Affirmations for a Deep and Peaceful Sleep

    Envision closing your eyes after conclusion of a long day and NOT taking the stress to bed with you. How good would it be get up in the morning feeling refreshed– mind, body, soul? You need that! You must have that rest. Utilize these favorable bedtime affirmations to direct you into a peaceful state of mind so your body can get the rest it deserves.Remember … With each new favorable idea, you make location for what you do want.Every time you repeat amongst these favorable bedtime affirmations, you make peace your issue. And you make tranquil sleep more of a reality.If you need assistance going to sleep most nights, get my book Sleep Affirmations

    : 200 Phrases for a Deep and Serene Sleep.So lots of readers have actually sent me e-mails and messages on social media notifying me just how much this book has really assisted

    them(or whoever they talented it to)… not just sleep much better, however heal better.Affirmations are fantastic tools for interfering with old or unfavorable concept patterns. You can use this type of beneficial self-talk to form brand-new neural courses in your brain, enhancing the beliefs that serve you and providing less attention to what worries you out and keeps you up at night.Repeating these bedtime affirmations resembles notifying your body that it’s all right to rest. It’s alright to think in something handy and kind. You’re enabled to feel competent at the end

    of a long day.” Sleep is the very best meditation.”– Dalai Lama A number of concepts to assist you maximize your bedtime affirmations: Select whichever affirmation feels closest to your present truth.

    You can say “I want to think …”if that assists.

    Repeat it a handful of times right prior to you’re prepared to drop off to sleep. Repeat

    • just the main affirmation, or choose which expressions most resonate with you. Read gradually and enjoy. Feel the energy of the
    • words and the spaces in between. Envision what the words suggest to you. Try thoroughly pushing down each finger to your thumb on one hand, and after that the other, till you have actually completed 10 repeatings. Whichever bedtime affirmation you select tonight, use it again tomorrow, and the next night.
    • Or, select one affirmation each night and rotate through them all prior to beginning as soon as again at # 1. When you have the book(with an incredible 200

    affirmations!)you can do what most of individuals make with it: turn to a random page and trust that the words you arrive at are indicated for you ideal now.Most considerably, believe in yourself.Think you can sleep better and fall asleep feeling excellent. It’s your nature and you’re getting back home, to the peace that’s constantly been within you. 1. I launch today.I release worry, issue, anger, and blame. I release tension and stress and anxieties and tension. I introduce the heaviness these days and the weight on my shoulders. I release unfavorable ideas, and keep the pleased ones.In my sleep will I find the liberty to understand delight and peace again

    .2. I forgive it all.What has actually happened has actually been so, and there is no other method I might have or should have let it be. For that reason, I let it go and I let life be as it is. I forgive the people, I forgive the scenario, and I forgive myself. I depend on life and I am safe.3. I have approval to fall asleep.I deal myself approval

    to close my eyes tonight, and awake renewed tomorrow. I am allowed to drift into an exceptional night’s sleep. My body, mind, and soul deserve their rest. What I’ve done today is adequate. I am and have enough, and now I enable myself time to rest.

    4. I now enter into a location of deep and unwinding sleep.My bed room is a place of

    peace and relaxation. When I enter this space, and crawl into bed at night, today’s concepts naturally start to soften. My concern lightens and sleep is coming.5. I am grateful.I am grateful for this life.I am grateful for the people who have actually been my instructors. I am grateful for the lessons life has in fact brought. I am grateful for love that I get, use, and share. I am grateful for the light of day. I am grateful for the darkness of night, in which I will sleep silently this night.6. I accept my dreams.As the night gets dark, my worries fade. I sleep silently understanding I have actually done all I could provide for today. I invite my dreams, for tomorrow will feature a new light and brand-new strength. I fall asleep with my dreams near my heart, and all is well. 7. May my sleep be peaceful.May my sleep be peaceful. May my dreams be filled with love

    . May my soul awaken to the boundless possibilities for delight in my life.8. I welcome the qualities of great sleep.I welcome peace into my home. I invite light into my heart. Love, happiness, and convenience abide in my soul.My spirit is content and my mind is still.I become relaxing, unwinded. With gratitude, I invite an excellent night’s sleep.9. I select peace.I choice peace rather. I close my eyes and select to see once again with new eyes, beyond what my physical eyes can see. Peace is my concern.Peace starts with me, and there is peace in my soul. “Nothing can interfere with the calm peace of my soul.”– Jiddu Krishnamurti 10. I agree with the universe.I match my heart beat with the beat of deep area. I concur with the night and the sleep that will include it. There is no separation now,

    just one heart beat that beats slowly, in harmony … Inform me: Which of these bedtime affirmations is your favorite?Tell me in the remarks. I take a look at each and every single one, and I wish to know!Love, Jen P.S. Want 190 more affirmations to assist you drop off to sleep much easier? Get a copy of my book, Sleep Affirmations: 200 Expressions for a Deep and Peaceful Sleep. It’s hope you can keep in your hands. You’ll love it.

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    Quantum – Frequency Recovery

    What is Quantum or Frequency Healing?While most of Western Medication concentrates on the body in regards to its chemistry and biomechanics, optimal health may not provide due to energy, frequency, electrical or”voltage”problems. Quantum or Frequency Healing addresses the bio-electrical aspects of health and wellness.Frequency is the term utilized to describe the rate at which all things vibrate. All matter is energy. Whatever has a vibration frequency, which can be measured in Hertz(Hz). As an example, in Western Medicine, EKG’s for the heart, EEG’s for the brain, and MRI’s for injured cells are frequencies which are well comprehended and documented.Complimentary or alternative medicine likewise utilizes frequencies with ways of shipment to the cells and tissues of individuals and family pets. Advanced innovation matches frequencies of symptoms to support much better health and uses the concepts of quantum physics.This is set-up as a different session and service.Customized remedies are also readily available.

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    Progressive Hypnosis Downloads

    I am a formally qualified Hypnotherapist with over 10 years experience helping people, including

    – counselling and hypnotherapy in private practice
    – online coaching with clients around the world
    – meditation guide
    – writing and recording hypnosis and meditations for YouTube,
    Spotify and Apple

    I am trained in Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Ego State Therapy, Time Line Therapy, Past Life Regression, Emotional Freedom Technique and Stage Hypnosis.

    I am would be honoured to help you improve your life. Contact me to create a personalised hypnosis or meditation recording for positive change.

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    AuraScape – 360 VR Deep Relaxation Music – Deep Meditation Music

    Ultra depth relaxation music that puts your mind into deep relaxing meditative state.
    Experience Virtual Reality Surround that cause your mind to dive deep into deep relaxation.

    This is a 360 VR surround meditation music that will help create higher awareness and induce an altered-state of consciousness. Meditation music will bring your mind to deeper relaxation. You can listen to this relaxing music to aid sleep. It is perfect listening for anyone suffering from insomnia.

    A relaxed state of mind will help healing too, listen to this relaxation meditative music during bedtime will help you to go into deep sleep. Hope you enjoy!

    Subscribe to our Youtube Channel:
    Youtube Channel Link:
    Contact us on Facebook:

    Album: DreamScape VR


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    Quantum Frequency Healing


    What is Quantum Frequency Healing?

    Quantum Frequency Healing addresses the bio-electrical aspects of health and wellness. Frequency is the term used to explain the rate at which all things vibrate. Cutting-edge technology matches frequencies of symptoms to support better health and uses the principles of quantum physics. A quantum sensor device called the Healy© (a small, wearable medical device that analyzes your individual frequency) has been developed for the treatment of chronic pain, skeletal pain and migraines as well as for the adjuvant therapy of mental illness such as depression, anxiety and associated sleep disorders. The Healy© delivers customized specific frequency programs to promote bio-energetic balance, vitality and overall well-being.

    What conditions can Quantum Frequency Healing be used to treat?

    The Healy© can be used in these applications:

    • Help you achieve your athletic goals
    • Bio-energetically support your inner and outer beauty
    • Bio-energetically support your skin through special applications
    • Promote your bioenergetic balance, vitality, and wellbeing
    • Promote the bioenergetic balance of your organs and balance disturbances in your energy field

    What happens during a Quantum Frequency Healing session?

    The Healy© device is connected to a smartphone with a Healy© App installed, then interacts with your body via electrodes that are worn on the wrist, ear clip electrodes, or adhesive electrodes. By introducing currents into the body, Healy© is designed to bring the cell voltage back into the healthy (physiological) range. These currents are very low, in the range of a few microamperes.

    In order to further enhance the positive effects of frequency applications, it is recommended that you integrate the following routines into your everyday life:

    • Drink at least one 32oz. of pure, healthy water in the morning and 16oz. in the afternoon (do not drink water 30 minutes before and after meals)
    • If possible, release bioenergetic potential by earthing: walking barefoot outside for at least 15 minutes (this ensures natural electrical potential equalization)
    • Exercise in fresh air to activate the energy flow
    • Natural and balanced nutrition

    What are possible outcomes of a Quantum Frequency Healing session?

    Outcomes can depend on several factors, but based on testimonials from all over the world, people are experiencing amazing results with Quantum Frequency Healing. Some examples are improved sleep and overall emotional and mental wellness.

    * Please note: The application of the systemic Healy© programs does not represent any treatment or therapy in the medical sense. It serves exclusively the bioenergetic support with the treatment of complaints and chronic illnesses as well as the pain relief. It should improve some important physiological parameters which can contribute to an improved healing process. The use of the Healy© does not negate the correct diagnosis by a doctor or therapist. This should therefore always be sought first.

    Who is this type of healing suitable for?

    Quantum Frequency Healing is suitable for all adults, except for the following:

    • When metallic foreign bodies are in the area of treatment, pacemakers or implanted defibrillators are present, bleeding, risk of bleeding or embolism are present
    • Treatments must not be performed on areas of the skin which have been treated radio-therapeutically or have a sensory disorder, or if the user has a fever
    • Not for use by pregnant women
    • Not for use by those with epilepsy
    • Too little data is available for the treatment of infants/small children

    If you would like to know more about Quantum Frequency Healing, or to see if it’s a good fit for you, schedule a Free Consultation Call with me today!


    * Disclaimer: Healy is a microcurrent medical device that has been cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for relief of acute, chronic, and arthritis pain and muscle soreness due to overexertion. Healy also has non-medical applications that use individualized frequencies to help balance your mind and body and relieve stress. Always use your Healy in accordance with its Instructions for Use.