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It has been proven countless times that the way you think and perceive things influences your health tremendously. Anxiety, stress, tension, pessimism, negativity, a victim state of mind, self-pity, bad lifestyle choices such as addictions, poor nutrition, and more, physically change your body’s health condition.
In many cases, poor health is not ‘bad luck’, it is a direct result of one’s subconscious programming.

Once your subconscious patters are naturally positive (without forcing yourself to feel good), it physically effects your cell structure, immune system and overall healthy state.

This subliminal meditation does not contain sound therapy (Binaural Beats and/or Isochronic Tones), which means – there is no time limitation. You can listen to this subliminal therapy in a loop in the background during the day and during the night. Headphones are not needed, but you are welcome to use them if you want.

You can listen to the Getting Healthy session as well and other subliminal meditations, as long as they are relevant to your healing process.

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