5 G Healing Energy

The beauty of a true therapist is the recommendation and commitment to gain from one’s own life injuries and experiences, to appreciate the vulnerabilities and difficulties that clients face, and to find joy and gratitude in every recovery circumstances. The true therapist is soaked in custom, however bold adequate to trust and develop her own modalities. Brit Johnson is a devoted healer and teacher who plainly does her own work. A continuous student and dedicated practitioner, she has a company foundation in the customs of Hatha Yoga (OM Manhattan) Kundalini Yoga (Kripalu) Integrated Energy Therapy, Quantum Recovery Hypnosis, Reiki, The Human Style, and Numerology. She has actually likewise been mentored by Professor Ze’ev Kolman the blue diamond bio energetic healer. Brit has a deep understanding of the soul diamonds, the collective diamond and the sacred heart diamond. She shares this with her clients. With years of research study and practice, mentor and continuing education, together with being an outstanding yoga trainer, Brit has actually emerged as a Quantum Frequency Therapist. Her embodiment of many downloads, and the course of the Kumaras (heart beings) developed Quantum Frequency Healing tm

Quantum Frequency Recovery is thought about the cumulative whole of an individuals existing frequency, and the bridge to the greater vibrational frequencies. This recovery is on all levels, and all bodies. Brit attunes to a persons present vibrational patterns and clears old injuries by linking or bridging an individual to a greater vibration. Normally healing sessions offer a sense of clearness, lightness and well-being which enables a person to vibrate at and preserve a higher frequency. This can deal with past or existing injuries, trauma, and pretty much anything else that you’re dealing with.

In her Yoga classes and private sessions, Brit produces a safe and sacred space. Her classes are challenging and strengthening yet fun and happy. A beautiful trainer who shines perfectly from within with humor and pleasure to provide a sweet and compassionate reflection for her students.

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