Subliminal Messages

The number one reason that makes subliminal messages so powerful, is that they have the ability to influence your psyche. Their purpose is to bypass critical awareness and logical reasoning to promote fast, long-lasting transformation.

See, most of us try to make changes by behavior alone, which is quite effective in some cases. But, if the same old problems repeat themselves over and over again, then you simply have patterns underneath the surface that control every aspect of your existence.

You know – you just can’t seem to lose weight, afraid to start your first business, struggle financially, keep dating losers, giving in to anger, facing depression and so on.

Subliminal messages are ultimate to untie those blockages that hinder you from making significant progress.

Subliminal messages can shift your old conditioning

I turned to subliminal messages after trying for years to heal old wounds on a conscious level. Sure, it worked, for about a week.

But after a little while, my default programming kicked in.

Here’s the thing – our subconscious is much stronger than our will-power. No matter how strongly you want to turn around your circumstances.

But when I’ve utilized the advantages of subliminal messages, I was able to gain confidence, build meaningful connections, and increase my income. Suddenly,  I found myself in a state of flow, rather than resistance.

And most importantly – I’ve internalized that I deserve to have good things… to be surrounded by caring people and attract wealth. Before using subliminal messages, I didn’t feel worthy of any of it.

Subliminal influence is one of the most efficient and friendly technique that deals directly with the root – your unconscious limiting beliefs.

Subliminal stimuli have been researched extensively. This is an excellent method to generate profound changes that almost anyone is qualified to perform. Its effectiveness and simplicity make it extremely popular and most studied.

From a little-known tool that was utilized by the elite, subliminal messages have become widespread among millions around the world.

I want to share with you 4 powerful ways I personally used subliminal messages that truly altered my life:

1. Play subliminal tapes during sleep

Subliminal audio during sleep is my preferred way of all. With minimal effort, you can turn your 6-8 hours of sleep window into a personal development seminar.

By exposing your brain to subliminal messages, it’s easy to invest 1/3 of your day to eliminate the most stubborn issues you’re dealing with and get rid of the toxic inner voices.

With only a few moments in, you’ll start to feel the stress leaving your body and immerse yourself in pure relaxation.

Besides all the goals you install in your mind thanks to subliminal messages, they have been found to improve the quality of your sleep and wake up energetic, fresh, and vital.

I remember when I first started using them, I no longer had to drag myself out of bed unwillingly. I just got up with tons of energy, without hitting the snooze button.

That really surprised me, because if you had known me back then, I’d just tell you I’m not a morning person. So it was very refreshing to start my day early and be productive.

That’s why I dedicate myself to provide you with specially designed subliminal messages for almost any possible obstacles you experience. Check out the entire collection of subliminal self help here at Vortex Success subliminal library.

2. Watch subliminal flashes on your computer screen

As you know, subliminal messages can be also be transmitted visually.

The visual subliminal messages will appear as quick flashes on your computer screen. By using this method of subliminally flashed words and images, you can invest only a few minutes a day.

The subliminal messages consist of positive affirmations and being exposed to them over and over can do away negative chatter.

The meaning of all of this is that you can become the person you want to be. You can literally shape your reality and become a deliberate creator!

The subliminal affirmations have the potential to become your new world. You can at last, enable yourself to become the strong, self-assured individual you’ve always wished to be, and reach your dreams!

It’s very simple to set the subliminal messages on your PC; watch this video, scroll down and click on the ‘live demo’ button, to see how it’s done.

3. Play MP3 subliminal messages during daytime

Although it’s advised to listen to subliminal tapes before or during sleep when the mind is in a receptive mode, there are other ways to enjoy subliminal exposure during the day.

Can you actually benefit from subliminal messages while we are awake? Absolutely!

During waking time, you function with beta waves, but new information can still enter the subconscious. In fact, it receives data non-stop! But it filters it based on its conditioning.

The only difference is that we can communicate with our subconscious easily duringalpha and theta waves production. During the day, we don’t have to communicate with it deliberately; we can simply let it absorb the subliminal messages automatically.

In addition to subliminal flashes, another great way to use subliminal messages during the day is to play MP3 subliminal meditations in the background.

You can boost your self-esteem while reading the daily news online;  cultivate spectacular social skills and learn to stop people pleasing tendencies while checking out recipes of your favorite pie.

You can benefit from subliminal exposure to feel happier when checking your email box or get over your ex while sharing posts on Facebook…

How can I still absorb the subliminal messages when I am awake

Like subliminal advertising that were embedded in commercials (thankfully, banned today), the repetition is the key factor that made people purchase the products.

Even when you operate on beta waves, you can still receive ALL of the subliminal messages. Why?

According to leading research, the RAS system processes 40 million bits of information every second! Having this magnificent power, you are capable to pick up the empowering subliminal messages during the day.

Reshape Your Brain With Persistent Practice

Thus, aim to play the MP3 subliminal audio over many hours and keep a flowing stream of messages. But, if you have a tight schedule, it’s fine if you limit it to15 to 60 minutes a day.

Consistency and repetition are two major keys to physically rewire the neural pathways and succeed in this journey.

Let the audio with the subliminal messages play as much as possible. You can be sure that you will capture ALL of the suggestions and affirmations that are being conveyed, even if you can’t hear it.

This is such a fun way because you don’t need to wear headphones in order to benefit from subliminal messages (though headphones are recommended, but are not a must.) You can still maintain regular routine and alter your programming simultaneously!

I call subliminal messages the lazy method because it doesn’t require you to do anything!

However, please note: do not be passive about using subliminal messages. You should reflect on your paradigms. If you want to pursue deep healing, on a cellular level, then raising awareness of your patterns is a piece of the puzzle. I explain it in detail here.

When not to listen to subliminal messages

Even though they are completely safe, refrain from subliminal self help in the following cases:
-30 to 60 minutes before driving
-In a moving vehicle
-When operating heavy equipment
-When doing tasks that require focus and attention

Mix and match

To maximize results, you can play the MP3 subliminal messages ALL day long. (as long as the subliminal sessions do not include brainwave entrainment. Then, limit it to one hour.)
In addition, watch the visual flashes on your PC screen and listen to audio subliminal messages at night as well.

You will not even notice the subliminal messages are there. Simply do what you’re used to doing and allow your system to receive all the hidden messages from around you. It’s fun and easy.

Soon after, you’ll start sensing something going on, but you will not really know what it is or how to describe it.

You will feel something good is going on inside you. Weeks later it will be clearer: You’ll stay calm, relaxed, grounded and centered. All of a sudden, a new wave of heightened vibration will wash all over you.

My subliminal messages cover almost any subject that you’re struggling with. You don’t have to choose only one or a few programs. Now you can enjoy unlimited downloads of the best subliminal meditations available today.

4. Place Subliminal Notes

At home, while doing your regular activities – like brushing your teeth, or washing dishes – you can pick up new concepts without focusing on them at all by placing notes in different locations in your house.

When you’re busy with your own activities during the day, your consciousness doesn’t focus on those notes you wrote, so their content can find clear access to your mind and, eventualy, shift it.

I personally put them on the top right corner of my laptop, because I use it a few hours everyday. Being in front of it consistently, gave it a subliminal effect that helped me embrace empowering beliefs.

A successful example of using subliminal notes

Bob Proctor, The Law of Attraction guru who participated in the movie “The Secret” said (when asked for one successful lesson that can help somebody to go from poverty to prosperity):

“Focus on what you want and not what you don’t  want. I wrote on a card that I was going to have $25,000 in my possession by 1970. I wrote that on  the card in 1961. I gave myself almost a decade to do it.  Early on, I didn’t think that would happen.  But I’ll  tell you what I learned – that if you write a lie on a card and you read it often enough, you start to believe it. Reading that card got me thinking of earning money. Prior to that I was only thinking of debts. Write what you want in the present tense, and then keep on reading.  It’s the repetition that fixates the idea into the subconscious mind. That’s what a paradigm is.”

What do I need to do to maximize the subliminal influence

Set a goal

Before practicing subliminal messages, you need to decide that you want and are ready to transform your life. Then, set a clear goal or intention. You need to know exactly what you want and why you want it. Be specific, but not too specific.

It should trigger a tiny bit of fear, but not overwhelming anxiety. If you’re tuned in with your emotions, you’ll find the right affirmations for your own personal needs that spike the right amount of excitement.

Focus on that goal only

Avoid scattering and using multiple subliminal recordings at the same time. For example, if losing weight is the most important desire you have, put your energy in it and avoid the temptation of using ten other subliminal messages on different topics.


Listen to subliminal messages every day between 4 weeks to 90 days. If you notice a clear change after 4 weeks, listen when needed to enhance it. Some people need more than 4 weeks and you might be one of them.

But that it ok. That doesn’t mean you don’t fully absorb those repeated subliminal affirmations. It’s just taking a bit longer to construct a new neural network in that particular area.

It took me about 2 weeks to start feeling that I am good enough and that my needs and wants are valid. But it took me several months to overcome emotional traumas from childhood.

Leave stress out

Enjoy the process. Trust it, rather than worrying about the outcome. Apart from the fact that subliminal messages are super convenient to implement, try to have fun with it.

Avoid falling into despair if you don’t manifest the things you want right away. Things take time, that’s just how it is, you can’t go around it. It will happen eventually – and be certain that you take in ALL of the positive subliminal messages.

Are you stuck? Unfulfilled? Afraid to take action and move forward? I want to offer you a practical, yet simple solution, to achieve your desires faster than you can even imagine!
Get my recordings now

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