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At Enlightened Audio we specialize in royalty free background music that will open your heart, clear your mind and unwind you to your core. Our royalty free music downloads are perfect for hypnosis recordings, guided meditations, holistic recovery, spa or any kind of media production that needs a soundtrack that will relax, heal and inspire your listeners. You can use our royalty free music to create and sell an unrestricted number of products, and you can play our music in your organisation without ever needing to pay carrying out rights costs of any kind.Learn more about how(and why) people utilize our music.More FAQs Christopher Lloyd Clarke is

the director of

this website and the sole composer of all the music you’ll discover here. He concentrates on music for deep relaxation, recovery, hypnosis and enhanced meditation. From his studio in Apollo Bay on the southern coast of Australia, his continuous mission is to produce stunning music that helps people live happier, healthier and more tranquil lives. State hey there

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