Goal-Oriented Mindset– Set Objectives, Arrange your Life

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Set Goals & Arrange your Life

GIVE IT A TRY FREE! < img width="135 "height ="40 "src ="https://goalorientedmindset.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/AppStoreBadge.png"alt=" "/ > If you are a goal-oriented individual, then the Goal-Oriented State of mind app is for you. I was encouraged by Napoleon Hill’s book “Think and Grow Plentiful “to produce this app. After reading the book, I decided to get truly major about accomplishing my goals, so rather of writing them on a piece of paper or tablet that I may lose, I picked to develop this app. That method I would always have my goals with me and might read over them many times a day to keep me focused.How is Goal-Oriented State of mind different?What makes this app various than the average goal-setting app is that in addition to keeping a list of your goals, you can similarly track your Daily Order Of Business, Quotes, Affirmations, Journal, and Month-to-month Review. Also, there is a Way of life Evaluation that you can require to reveal you what is working out and to help you decide what objectives to set.How can Goal-Oriented State of mind assistance me?What I like about this app and why I produced it is so whatever I require is in one place. I don’t need a different app to track my quotes and affirmations, agenda, journal, and so on, whatever I require is one place. It makes it easy for me every morning because as rapidly as I get up, I like to go through my affirmations and quotes for motivation, make use of a journal to set my mindset and issue for the day in addition to practicing gratitude, review my non-negotiables(Daily Agenda), and examine my Objectives. Now I can do all of this with the Goal-Oriented State of mind app.Goal-Oriented Mindset Summary: Here is an introduction of different areas in the Goal-Oriented Mindset app:

Goal Use the Goals

area to

keep a list of the Goals you wish to achieve. You can add information about your objective, including a description of the goal, your motivation for accomplishing it, any resistance or blocks keeping you from achieving the objective, how you will feel after you attain the objective, and a due date. Also, for each Goal, you can add a an Action Plan (actions that you need to require to accomplish that goal).

Daily Order Of Business Use this section to keep a list of your non-negotiables – items that you require to do every day (meditate, workout, etc.). As you finish a product, you can inspect it off. Each early morning, you can uncheck all the items so that you can begin fresh.

Quotes & Affirmations Utilize this location to keep a list of your Quotes and Affirmations. When including a Quote or Affirmation, you have the option to add a photo from your image library or include text.

Journal The Journal area includes the Morning Journal and the Night Journal. For the Early morning Journal, you can set your Frame of mind and Concern for the day and list 3 things you are grateful for. Similarly, there is a Note area that you can use however you desire. For the Night Journal, you can monitor What you prospered that day, What you discovered, What you might have done differently, and the 3 things you are grateful for. As in the Early morning Journal, there is also an area for Notes.

Month-to-month Review Usage this area to analyze your performance month-to-month(or as frequently or occasionally as you want ). The Monthly Evaluation consists of an area to Rate your efficiency, note your Most significant Achievement, What you prospered, What you found out, Strengths, Weaknesses, and What you may have performed in a different method. There is also an area the bottom for Notes.

Lifestyle Assessment You can take the Way of life Evaluation to assist you figure out what is working out in your life and where you need to boost. There are 14 areas, including Health, Diet strategy, Fitness, Occupation, and so on). You can finish as lots of areas as you desire. Similarly, you can select to rate each area, simply compose notes/comments, or both. It’s up to you how you utilize this location


  • Sync Data Between Gadgets: you can sync data in between gizmos using iCloud or Dropbox
  • Set a Password: You have the choice to set a password for the app. The password can be in between 4-10 characters. As soon as you set the password, you can use TouchID or FaceID to lo into the app.
  • YOUR DATA ORIGINATES FROM YOU: Our business believe your information should originate from you. We do not collect or conserve any of your information (text or photos) on our servers.

If you have any concerns, please call me.


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