Progressive Muscle Relaxation

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In this very first session, I am going to help you through a process of relaxation.All hypnosis is really self-hypnosis, so I am simply going to use you some directions that hopefully can assist bring you to a point of both physical and mental relaxation.What I ‘d like you to do is merely make yourself as comfy

as you possibly can.It’s all right to change your convenience at any time.This is actually your time to experience what it is that you want to experience, while we

reveal some approaches of hypnosis.I’m going to offer you some concepts in issues to relaxation that I think can help you to experience total serenity, total peace.This is called a Progressive Muscle Relaxation Experience.It is relatively simple.I’m going to ask you to start by just making yourself comfy and closing your eyes.If you see any locations

in your body where you are bring the stress of the day, choose to let go of that tension.You wish to permit

all the muscles in your body to wind up being more relaxed.Notice that your breathing has actually ended up being a bit slower already, which is good.Take a deep breath.Breathe in … and exhale.Deep slow breaths assist bring us to a point of hypnosis

and hypnotic trance easily.Very good.As you relax and as you discover a comfy location, envision the muscles in the top of your head, the muscles in your brow, the muscles along your eyes and cheeks, the muscles in your lips, and simply let go of

any tension in the muscles of your face or in the top of your head.As you enable your body to experience a state of relaxation physically, it’s great to

let the mind

wander and consider anything that brings you satisfying thoughts.Continuing now and loosening up the muscles in your body along your shoulders, in the arms, and in your upper back … Permit the stress to

merely start to disappear.In reality, it’s as if you can feel stress or tension from the muscles in your upper back and in your shoulders and in your arms start to move to your lower arm and through the

hands and out the fingertips.In your mind you can picture all of the stress of the day … leaving

your body … as you relax.Pay attention to the muscles in your chest and stomach … and in your lower back.If any of these muscles are tense, just let go of that tension.Your muscles become limp and loose … like a big stack of rubber bands.You experience serenity and peace.This brings you into an even much deeper state of relaxation.Relaxing the mind is an easy thing to do also.As your body ends up being relaxed, your mind winds up being more unwinded, as well.Our legs do a great deal of work for us.Sometimes the stress of

the day can be conserved in the muscles along the hip or butts or in your upper leg.If you


any stress in these places, let that stress just flow from the top of your leg though your calves and through the muscles of the feet and ankles and out of your toes.At this point, you seem truly relaxed.In this state of relaxation, we can experience tranquility and

peace.If you require to swallow, that’s okay.If you adjust

for comfort, that’s fine, as well.From your head to your toes, you have actually made it possible for

yourself to end up being completely and absolutely relaxed.Your mind also has

the ability to relax.These are abilities that you will be able to use in concern resolving in a variety of different areas in life.This experience of relaxation is exactly what hypnosis is.Perhaps you feel like you might open your eyes if you wanted to, however relaxation feels so outstanding that you merely continue to select to keep them closed.Enjoy this experience for a moment.( Time Out) As you permit your entire body to

become limp and loose and feel relaxed, this time will end up being significant to you.It winds up being substantial due to the fact that you have gotten a new skill; the ability of taking physical control over your own body and emotions.( Pause) As you unwind, I want you to establish in your mind a mental image of a grand staircase; a grand staircase that either curves to the

left or curves to the right.It has a grand banister with elaborate artwork.( Pause) This extraordinary flight of stairs has 10

steps.( Pause) You are at the top of the 10 stairs

.( Time Out) In a minute, you are going to gradually move, in your mind’s eye, from the tenth stair, to the ninth stair … From the ninth stair, to the 8th, all the method down, till eventually

you get to the truly last stair.When you get to the bottom of the staircase, you are going to step off into a substantial relaxing plume bed; a place of overall harmony and benefit and peace.( Pause )As you relax,


yourself at the top of the grand staircase. Moving now from the tenth stair, to the ninth stair …

With each slow movement from

one action to the next … you end up being more relaxed.This experience of relaxation not just doubles or triples, but is 10 times more effective than the previous step.Now moving from the ninth action … to the 8th action … And from the eighth … to the seventh … Relaxing even further … Allowing your mind to drift … And your body to relax.From seven to 6 … 6

to 5 … Doing good … 5 to four … Almost there … Quadrupling the feeling of relaxation … Peace and calmness … 3

… 2 … One … In your mind’s eye, down on that bottom step.With the

next action, you are going to step off this divine flight of stairs into a state of overall relaxation, and easily rest on a plume bed, or a comfy pillow that you have produced in your mind.One … No … All the

way down now, absolutely unwinded … Opening the subconscious mind to brand-new concepts, creativities

, and brand-new experiences. (Time Out )

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