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Quit Cigarette Smoking for the Last Time( Complete Program ): This total self-hypnosis hypnotic stopped smoking program includes a comprehensive workbook and links to 4 MP3 files developed to assist you wind up being a TOLERANT non-smoker. It is an evaluated method, based on over 35 years of experience assisting clients give up cigarette smoking with hypnosis. You have the choice to smoke in some cases as an alternative choice, and this program teaches you how! It is now readily offered in electronic format. The printed variation is provided at Amazon.Printed version

: $88.88 at amazon.com (click this link)

Electronic format: EF01 – United States $88.88 ** (See notice near bottom about EU property owners)

To download, email Roy for specific guidelines (roy@royhunter.com). Handle Your Weight by Managing Your Mind This total self-directed self-hypnosis program comes with links to 4 mp3 audiofiles for use in conjuction with lessons produced to help you manage your mind. Diet plans deal with the body, nevertheless not the mind. Roy’s program, developed in 1984, has really helped many clients to be succesful over the years.Available at Amazon.com( click to acquire). Appreciated Self-Hypnosis Book: Mastering the

Power of Self-Hypnosis by C. Roy Hunter, M.S., FAPHP( 2nd Ed., 2010, Crown House Publishing )$ 34.95 with tension management CD!First Edition was provided out!( 15,000 +copies)

U.S.A. Purchase For a purchase outside the U.S.A.: This is a rookie’s book, written in an easy-to-read style, with a preface by a medical psychologist, and Foreword by globally renowned author Kevin Hogan. It is praised incredibly by significant hypnosis associations, and takes the reader through the basics in “how to” format, with a prolonged chapter tracing the history of hypnotic trance induction from ancient times to today. Reviews are exceptional. To acquire, push the suitable button above.What to Do When Your Buttons Get Pressed (Tension Management conversation): This experiential conversation supplied at an across the country hypnosis convention in 1990 is still offered for an element. Roy Hunter needed to stroll his talk when unanticipated occasions happened throughout his talk. Although some people believed the demonstrations were prepared, they were absolutely unexpected. The lecture was followed by a group meditation (3/4 hr. ). DVD Item Number: DVD01 -US $ 39.00 CD’s: If ordering a CD from outside the U.S.A., the MINIMUM order= 2 CD’s or 1 CD +another product!Self- Empowerment for Weight Management, CD/MP3: Modified from a 1984 script that has helped great deals of customers with hypnotic weight loss throughout the years. This assisted hypnotic meditation with Roy Hunter consists of gentle background music.( 20 minutes.) If you use food to deal with tension, CD101 on handling stress is a fantastic pal for this CD.CD Item Number: CD124-US$ 19.95 ** MP3 file, Item
Number: MP124 – United States $19.95

To download mp3 file, email Roy for specific standards ( roy@royhunter.com). ** See important note for Europe residents.Managing Stress: What to Do When Your Buttons Get Pressed( CD): This hypnotic meditation guides you to your serene location, and after that helps you establish triggers for choice when others push your buttons. It goes well with the video tension management discussion( DVD01 ). 18 +min.CD Item Number: CD101-United States $19.95 ** MP3 file, Item Number: MP101-United States$ 19.95< img alt= "" src=" https://www.paypalobjects.com/en_US/i/scr/pixel.gif" width=" 1" height=" 1"/ > To download mp3 file, email Roy for particular guidelines (

roy@royhunter.com). ** See vital note for Europe homeowners.

The 10-minute Mindpower Nap( CD ): Take a short hypnotic nap with an assisted meditation and mild

background music. This award-winning message is

developed to recommend the benefit of a 1-hour nap in 10 minutes. Bear in mind that this tape is NOT indicated as a replacement to routine nighttime sleeping practices!( 10 minutes.) CD Item Number: CD104 -United States $19.95 KEEP IN MIND: Out of compassion for victims of weather condition catastrophes( tornado, cyclones, earthquakes, and so on) all over the world in existing months, the mp3 variation

is FREE for a very little time. You may hear the audio by click on this link … Celebrate Your Success( CD): Develop your trigger for peak performance as you utilize this self-hypnosis CD to keep in mind past successes!( 20+ minutes.) Item Number: CD105

– US$ 19.95 (Not readily offered in mp3 format) Memory and Research Study Regimens( CD): Based upon ideas that have actually helped consumers over the

years, this CD is
developed to assist you in your research study routines. It complements CD101 on tension management.Product Number: CD125- United States $19.95( Not readily available in mp3 format )< img alt="" src= "https://www.paypalobjects.com/en_US/i/scr/pixel.gif" width= "1" height=" 1"/ > Introduction to Inductions( educational CD) Overview of induction types, summarizing details detailed in Chapter 5 of The Art of Hypnosis: Mastering Basic Methods. The reverse side of this hypnosis CD shows a Progressive Relaxation induction with the very same suggestions for tension management that are on CD101( What to Do When You Buttons Get Pushed ). CD, Product Number: CD111-US $24.95( Not readily offered in mp3 format) ** 30 Insights from 3+ Years of Client Centered Hypnotherapy (e-book )This ebook became fact after Scott Sandland asked Roy to share my professional insights for both veteran hypnotherapists and hypnosis professionals who are more current to

theoccupation … along with hypnosis students alike.E-book from the previous HypnoStore– United States$ 16.00 ** REMEMBER: New tax policies in the European Union concerning BARREL need collection of BARREL on electronic downloads. Collection of VAT is an accounting headache for small companies, so neither any mp3

download purchases nor the e-book for EU people will be honored.DVD’s on Standard Hypnosis: Inductions: Conversation & Presentation( More recent version): This DVD was tape-recorded at a workshop in Iceland in 2013, and features high examinations. It replaces the older variation. Roy demonstrates numerous induction strategies explained in the text, The Art of

Hypnosis: Mastering Basic Techniques. It is created to help

you master many hypnotic inductions. Due to the fact that it is delivered from a different location, it can not be integrated with other items for a free item. DVD Item Number: DVD08-United States$ 59.00 Do Customers THINK They are Hypnotized?( Hypnotic Convincers): This DVD demonstrates trouble suggestions( or hypnotic” convincers” )explained in The

Art of Hypnosis: Mastering Standard Techniques.

It was videotaped at a nationwide hypnosis convention, with an intro by world-famous author, Kevin Hogan, Ph.D., approximately 3/4 hr. in length. DVD Item Number: DVD03-US$ 49.00 OWN a piece of HYPNOSIS HISTORY: Ormond McGill’s 2-Day POWER Hypnosis Workshop( consists of a part of the phase hypnosis standard

taught by the late Ormond McGill, a world professional during his life!) This was videotaped in front of a live workshop class at the 1990 Pacific Northwest Hypnotherapy Conference, withthe famous “Dean of American Hypnosis “sharing some special ideas, brimming with many discussions.( During his life, Dr. McGill got a part of these sales.) Please allow 3 to 5 weeks for shipment for this item in the U.S.A., and 4 to six weeks outside the U.S.A. Shipping/handling is a flat charge of$ 35 anywhere.Product Number: TD03-United States $255.00

Efficiency of Hypnotism: Actual Phase hypnosis effectiveness offered by the late Ormond McGill
Ormond McGill supplied his “Efficiency of Hypnotherapy” efficiency at a regional hypnosis conference in Seattle, Washington, on Might 5, 1990. See a piece of hypnosis history from a 20th Century legend! Dr. McGill was called the “Dean of American Hypnotists” throughout his life because of his exceptional profession and contributions to hypnosis. Hypnosis specialists around the world held him in reverence throughout his life time. He gave consent to Roy Hunter for this efficiency to be recorded and dispersed. Bear in mind that the recording rested on a video for a number of years before being moved to DVD, affecting the sound and picture; so the old video rate was reduced to $75.
Product Number: DVD102 – United States $75.00

* Description of shipping/handling charges, and FREE item deal: My
cost for shipping/handling of a single item is either more expensive or somewhat less than what I pay to my supplier to fill the order, relying on your country of house; however it is less on a numerous order. To compensate you for the unfair part automatically charged on global numerous orders, you may select one FREE CD, DVD, or mp3 for each 2 DVD’s purchased (worldwide orders just). The complimentary product needs to be the most affordable priced one. In order to make the most of this deal, you need to email me instantly the same day of purchase with your option( s) … or surrender this deal (no exceptions).

** KEEP IN MIND: New tax regulations in the European Union associating with BARREL need collection of BARREL on electronic downloads. Collection of BARREL is an accounting headache for small business, so neither any mp3 download purchases nor the e-book for EU house owners will be honored.TO ORDER ONLINE:

Simply CLICK the
” Add to Cart “( PayPal) buttons. Your details is not provided (read our privacy policy).

Indicate by postal letter which product( s) you wish to get. Make a list of the cost of each, and total the amount. Please include 10% for shipping/handling inside USA (minimum $5), or 25% for Global orders ($ 20 minimum). Choose your complimentary product if relevant (see explanation of shipping charges above for info). Money sent out by post needs to be in US funds; and items will NOT be delivered till AFTER the check clears the bank. You may pay by VISA or MASTERCARD just for online orders. Send out postal orders to:

Alliance Self-Empowerment, Inc.
2748 Milton Way, Suite 120-B
Milton, WA 98354
( 253) 927-8888

Again, please be sure to clearly suggest WHERE you want the course items delivered. A number of years ago I got an order with a postal money order for a book, nevertheless it consisted of NO shipping instructions!NOTE: Telephone orders are DECREASED, with the exception of pre-approved quantity orders.30-day product guarantee: If your products are harmed

, you may return them for replacement within thirty days of the date of your purchase, or 15 days of the date of invoice, whichever comes later. No refunds will be offered. Last update: March 27, 2019

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