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Welcome to Progressive Therapy & Hypnosis! There are no problems that are too big for relief! My hypnosis services can assist you with a wide variety of problems including (but not restricted to) weight reduction, smoking cessation, sleeping concerns, handling discomfort and autoimmune disorders, worries & fears, and eliminating unwanted routines. I also offer psychological health therapy where I focus on women’s problems. I proudly serve Columbia, MD., Ellicott City, MD, and all surrounding locations. Call now for your totally free 20-minute consult!

“Within every lady there is a Healer, a Lioness, a Wild Woman, a Priestess, a Goddess … Always remember that … Give yourself WINGS!”
-Margo Awanata

How would your life appearance if you understood in your heart that:

You are typical

You are good enough

You have value

You are required

You are loveable and loving

That you are special and intriguing

That you are naturally lovely and whole?I work with women to assist them connect with their instinct and hearts so that they can proudly shine their light and help heal the world by using their unique gifts (small or large) to the world. I assist ladies embrace all elements of themselves (“the excellent, bad, and the awful”) with love and approval. I assist ladies find out to speak their facts and supporter on their own. I help ladies find out how to put themselves initially and how to lead their lives with more balance. I help females get in touch with their passions or their inner “wild lady.”

In addition to offering counseling services, I also help ladies and guys reach their life objectives through making use of hypnotherapy. If you are all set to take the primary step towards improving your life, then I am here to offer support and guide you on your journey!Warmly, Jennifer Initial Video

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