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What if you might awaken in your dreams and live out your wildest dreams, every night?What would you do?The Lucid Dreamer is live on! In order to bring the Lucid Dreamer into mass production we require your support on Kickstarter. With your aid we can make the Lucid Dreamer a reality.Just stick on the electrodes, choose your Dream settings from the phone app and wander off to sleep. Let the Lucid Dreamer

do the rest and … quickly you’re awake, nevertheless the world around you has actually changed. This isn’t reality– this is your sub-conscious universe. And now, it’s your play ground! Simply connect the electrodes to the gizmo, get rid of the

protective covering and stick the spots to the designated locations. The Lucid Dreamer is created to be used quickly all through

the night.Choose your settings on the Lucid Dreamer App, and that’s it!Enjoy any experience you may ever long for. Meet any person, fly through the stars, meet your wildest dreams. No limitations! No consequences! No holding back!You’re getting direct access to your subconscious mind. Every being you encounter is an extension of yourself. Ask concerns and explore to get important insights into your deepest worries and desires

. This is your secret to an expanded awareness and higher self-understanding! Inside the dreamworld, the unusual is the norm. A place like this uses the best environment for out-of-the-box thinking and creative revelations. Dream up story concepts, business options, brand-new insights and various perspectives.Studies have actually exposed that mental wedding rehearsal improves your capabilities almost as much as physical practice. By managing your dreams, you can practice anything from archery to snowboarding to public speaking– and begin to see genuine lead to the waking world!Become part of a large area of lucid dreamers from all over the world. Take part in on the Online online forums, share your settings in the Procedure database, and discover brand-new settings to pursue yourself.There are 3 variations of the app to choose from: Crucial Select your stimulation procedure for the night(25Hz or 40Hz)Set range of minutes for Lucid Dreamer to wait prior to stimulating your lucid dream Set the duration of stimulation(in between 30 and 120 secs)Manage strength of stimulation(in between 50 and 250 μA)Set max variety of stimulations per night(roughly 3)Pro Whatever from the Important app Access to the Protocol Builder, which lets you experiment with various stimulation frequencies( 1-100 Hz)Not every frequency between 1-100 has actually been tried yet– discover what works best for you! Try out different mixes Alter the intensity(in between 50 μA and 500 μA)Increase– Ramp down timer allows you to slowly increase and lower the quantity of μA at the start and end of the stimulation Link Whatever from both the Vital and Pro apps Access to the Lucid Dream Together Portal Contact a Dream Good

buddy and attempt to dream together– your Lucid Dreamer will sync up with the time of stimulation and settings of your Dream Pal With the Pro and Link apps, a world of experimentation is opened up to you! Enter into a Crowd Research study Phenomenon as hundreds of dreamers test different frequencies, strengths and timings.Who

  • knows, potentially you’ll even sign up with
  • the ranks of educated lucid dreamers such
  • as Maria Isabel Pita, who has reported to have actively shared lucid dreams with other people!Is dream sharing actually possible? The answer is out there, and thanks to new innovation
    • , we have the power to discover it for ourselves!The mild electrical stimulation that the Lucid Dreamer uses is called “trans-cranial rotating existing stimulation “or tACS. The very first clinical research study that utilized tACS was released in 2006. Since, countless research study studies have actually been launched using this technique, concluding its safety.The period and

    strengths used by the Lucid Dreamer are even lower than those signed in published clinical research studies. Not simply that, however the device consists of hard-coded limits in concerns to existing, voltage and period that fall well below the recommended security constraints of electrical stimulation to the brain.Lucid dreaming will not harm your sleep quality.However, prepare to experience fantastic journeys into your subconscious dream world. Derk Mulder André Keizer Established by drs. Derk Mulder and Dr. André Keizer, 2 accomplished neuroscientists from the Netherlands, the Lucid Dreamer has been performed its paces.We offer a complimentary Lucid Dreamer to one fortunate person every month for a limited time! Enter your email address below to get involved. Stay current on news relating to lucid dreaming and the Lucid Dreamer, subscribe now!

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