Hypnosis: An Alternate Technique to Insomnia

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Can Fam Doctor. 1982 Apr; 28: 768– 770. Insomnia, the sensation of inability to go to sleep or to remain asleep, is a pervasive medical issue. This paper takes a look at the relationship and resemblances in between sleep and hypnosis. Research on the research study of EEG patterns during hypnosis reveals that many authors feel hypnosis is a waking phenomenon. Why hypnosis enables the induction of sleep is not clear.Primary and secondary sleep disorders are categorized. Primary disorders have an autonomous function in the main nervous system while secondary disorders can arise from depression, discomfort, anxiety, way of life change, etc. Secondary conditions are more than likely to be enhanced by hypnotherapeutic techniques, that include progressive relaxation and ego-strengthening. Complete text is readily available as a scanned copy of the initial print variation. Get a printable copy (PDF file)of the complete post( 625K), or click on a page image below to search page by page. Links to PubMed are likewise offered for Selected References. 768 769 770 These references are in PubMed. This might not be the complete list of referrals from this article.Evans FJ

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Articles from Canadian Family Physician are offered here courtesy of College of Family Physicians of Canada

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