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Free Self-Hypnosis Audio

< img src =",%20,%20,%20 "alt="audio"width=" 312 "height="174"/ > Listen in peaceful location while sitting or laying down conveniently

Decreasing Stress And Anxiety with Relaxation– 15 minutes!.?.!  Reduce Tension and Manage Anxiety Audio– 11 minutes!.?.!  NEW Anxiety Decrease and Tools– 13 minutes!.?.!  NEW Worry Less and Staying Calm– 11 minutes!.?.!  NEW Guilt Release and

Structure Self-confidence– 12 minutes!.?.!  NEW Letting Go of the Past– 11 minutes!.?.!  NEW Discomfort Reduction & How the Mind Functions– 12 minutes!.?.!  NEW Pain Relief Utilizing Discomfort Dial– 10 minutes!.?.!  Progressive Relaxation– 18 minutes!.?.!  Guided Relaxation Audio– Self-Hypnosis– 11 minutes!.?.!  Self-Hypnosis for Improved Imagination Audio– 17 minutes!.?.!  Basic Weight-loss and Enhanced Self Image Audio– 18 minutes!.?.!  Relaxation and Sleep Induction Audio(for use in

bed prior to sleep)– 11 minutes!.?.!  NEW Anxiety Decrease and Sleep Induction

(for usage in bed just before sleep)– 23 minutes