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Hypnosis For Sleep– Love Your Self– Inner Child

My name is Jafeth Mariani, I am a italian Hypnotherapist living in Berlin, Germany. I have made many videos, many in german or italian language, and couple of in English, with meditation and hypnosis. The english comments were so favorable that I chose to bring them to udemy too. I make sure they will help you relax, get you to sleep, and wake you up entirely calmed and stronger.You will:.

Drop off to sleep

  • each night with ease.
  • Have more energy when you awaken.
  • Release stress and anxiety
  • Feel more present and grounded
  • Calm your mind and your body
  • Recover your inner child
  • Love your self more

Great for:

  • Anyone who can’t sleep
  • Individuals soffering of insomnia or restlessness
  • Anyone interested in going to sleep faster

Some remarks from other Platforms:

“You’re English is completely great!! I enjoy your accent it makes your videos more euphoric:–RRB- Do not change a thing and definitely keep making them you have a gorgeous gift!!”

“Your accent is so lovely too. It includes more appeal to your words “

“your voice as well as the content is really soothing, thanks”

“Thank you a lot for this stunning listening your voice and words are such convenience in this recording”

“Love it! Love it! Love it! Thank you when again I get the very best nights sleep listen to your videos … true blessings to you:–RRB-“

“Thank you, I truly needed and value this viewpoint. Lovely words felt very recovery and real. I eagerly anticipate searching thru more of your work. Peace and love”

“That was wonderful! Thank-you!!!!”

“Your awesome your calmed my soul LOL”

You get:2 Sleep assisted Hypnosis (english)

Bonus:2 Sleep guided Hypnosis (italian)– it can help to let go, to hear my voice in original language (or perhaps you can italian?)

  • Anybody who can’t sleep
  • Individuals soffering of insomnia or restlessness
  • Anybody interested in going to sleep faster
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Choosing a New World (Sleep Story) recovery sleep story for grownups is a bedtime story for grownups about a female on a galactic spaceship which left ear generations earlier, travelling out towards the stars. The spaceship contains a large colony of humans. It is taking a trip at nearly the speed of light, however due to the vast distances in area, it takes a very long time to arrive anywhere. As they pass a star they launch probes to scan the planetary system of this star, slingshotting around the star, heading on to the next star. The spaceship is taking a trip upwards from the stellar plane, out of the galaxy. The female is curious about what life would be like elsewhere. She invests the next 6 years exploring the concept of leaving the ship with the probes when it encounters its next star. After 6 years the ship identifies a signal which appears to be from a smart civilisation. As they approach the star, they release their probes and slingshot around the star. As they do, they discover a small craft heading their method, which sends them a signal. The female and a little team, volunteer to remain behind with these aliens. On the alien world the female feels the real gravity of a world, see a real view. They interact and engage and learn from and about the aliens and this world. The woman makes pals with the aliens and suits to their society.All of my recovery hypnotic sleep stories for grownups use restorative storytelling to help you drop off to sleep while minimizing tension, worry and anxiety. If you wish to learn about what makes my sleep stories restorative and what I am doing you can learn in this video here: Dan Jones Hypnosis Sleep Stories Podcast(Over 200 Sleep Stories– My alternative to Patreon for those who want to support my work ): Find Dan Jones Hypnosis Directed Sleep Meditations on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music and Google Play(you can discover my meditations on numerous other services too): Dan Jones Hypnosis YouTube Channel: Dan Jones Sleep Stories Facebook Group: Dan Jones Sleep Stories Books: Dan Jones Autism & Mental Health Blog Posts: Dan Jones eCourses (Hypnotherapy, Autism, Parenting, Meditation, Restorative Storytelling, Mental Health ): Dan Jones Autism Books: Dan Jones Hypnotherapy Books: