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Hypno Sleep!

  • < img src=""/ > Can you hypnotize somebody while they sleep?
  • Is the subconscious mind listening to the words you say as a person sleeps?
  • Will the ideas have an impact on the sleeping person?

Learn how to utilize HypnoSleep to help your partner, good friend or even your kid to make deep modifications.

This is a powerful process, and can be utilized for numerous functions.

  • You can develop fun and sensual experiences for your lover by recommending they have more desire, sensations and even lusty dreams.
  • You can help your good friends to conquer worries, have more confidence, let go of anger and so much more.
  • Assist your kids to feel more confident, release worries, be better and braver. HypnoSleep works great for kids in developing behavior changes.

Find out HypnoSleep and find a fantastic way to affect the subconscious mind

Eight Audio Hypnosis Inductions-

Tape-recorded inductions that will teach you the fundamentals of putting a person into hypnotic trance, and how to utilize your recommendations while they remain in trance.

And a complimentary gift!The Hypnotize Your Fan audio hypnosis session. $29 worth. This session has my voice putting your partner into trance, then directing you to create your recommendations when they are in trance. Directions are consisted of for using this equally enjoyable sensual process with your lover.

This is a fun way to spice up your love life! I know you will take pleasure in HypnoSleep. Have fun! ~ ~ Wendi