10 Self-Hypnosis Affirmations That Relax You By Goulie Scheer

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Can self-hypnosis work for you?

Imagine this.

You come back home after a long day at work or you are at home all day juggling between the kids and the chores you have to do. It’s dark before you noticed it and you still haven’t had your much needed relaxation time yet.

What to Do When You’re Feeling Tired and Stressed Out

There may be times when you feel like things are out of your control, but you will be surprised how 20-30 minutes could change your evening and set the ground for a good night sleep.

One of the ways to go about this is through self-hypnosis.

What is Self-hypnosis?

Self-hypnosis is a technique wherein you induce yourself to a hypnotic state so commands can be heard and delivered to your unconscious mind.

There are a variety of commands and suggestions that can be delivered to your mind while under a hypnotic state, but some of the most effective of these are positive self-affirmations.

How to Listen to Affirmations While Under Self-hypnosis

To make listening to affirmations during self-hypnosis more effective, it’s greatly recommended that you follow the steps below.

  • Visualize or imagine a beautiful golden, soft light that surrounds your body, protecting you and it’s getting into your body, and spreads within you.
  • Feel it moving into those areas where you carry tension or need healing. You can move it wherever you wish or need.
  • You feel so happy and protected and its energy is so great. Add some affirmations and feel them as if it’s happening right now.
  • You’re in a time and place that only lets goodness come in.
  • It’s up to you if you want to drift into a blissful sleep or enjoy the rest of the evening.
  • If you don’t drift to sleep, you will feel awake, alert, happy, but relaxed at the same time, and in full control of your body and mind.

Apps That Can Help Reinforce the Power of Self-hypnosis

Positive thinking apps can be a great help when sending affirmations to your brain during a self-hypnosis session.

A great example of this is the ThinkUp app which will allow you to record powerful affirmations in your own voice that you can later listen to while under self-hypnosis.

As an NLP and Hypnosis Practitioner, I’ve seen amazing changes occur over and over again in people’s lives using these methods. The greatest part is that it seems effortless but yet is very effective!

Try to practice with the list of affirmations below to find out how it will work for you.

10 Great affirmations to try While Under Self-hypnosis

  1. As I look back on today I’m grateful to have lived this day.
  2. My mistake is becoming a learning opportunity.
  3. My challenges are the paths for growth.
  4. Joy and calmness are taking over.
  5. I see how far I have come and believe I am willing to go further to reach my goals or dreams.
  6. I let go of wasteful thinking or dwelling on the past.
  7. I let go of any anxiety or fear and welcome peace of mind.
  8. I trust that everything in my life is a divine order.
  9. I am grateful for all I have in me and the potential to use it to the best I can.
  10. I feel so great and I will enjoy this feeling for the rest of this evening.

If you would like more powerful affirmations to use while going through self-hypnosis, you can download the ThinkUp app to gain access to their wide array of positive self-affirmations. You can also leave a comment for me down below if you have any questions about this topic.

With Love,

Goulie Scheer


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