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Anyone ever try sleep hypnosis videos to assist stop weed? I have in fact been listening to one in specific on YouTube that obviously has actually been assisting me A LOT with yearnings and establishing a brand-new belief that I am “absolutely free” of my dependency to weed. I like that concept. Free. Like it no longer manages you. Anyhow, it has moved into day 9 (and one hour) for me !!! No THC!!! Last time I stop I was striking my shatter vape pen as a replacement. Kinda silly as I never truly got to detox, and just altered one practice to another … and shatter was method even worse on my lungs. This time picked to try something new, self hypnosis! I am a strong think in hypnosis since I had the ability to beat a driving phobia by listening to a hypnosis video every night for a month. I went from being terrified to drive, like a feeling of life or death when I required to drive … To getting my license and now I love driving! If I could beat that worry, and it was a BIG one, I feel that hypnosis simply might be the secret to hacking my mind, and beating this weed dependency once and for all! Likewise gave up alcohol over 2 years back (3years in July!) So damn it I can do this too !!! If any person else questions appearance up hypnosis to stop weed/cannabis on YouTube and use it a shot. The regularly you listen, the more you start to think, we are absolutely complimentary! We are more powerful than we understand. We can do this! Can’t think it’s day 9, cold turkey! Ive been smoking daily for 20 freaking years individuals! I ensure I’ll miss it nevertheless damn I’m feeling much better already therefore happy with myself! Social tension and stress and anxiety is at a minimum and I’m currently obtaining new jobs! Feeling influenced, influenced therefore happy. Also a substantial thanks to the Quit Weed app. So valuable having the ability to sign in and track my advancement, and get encouraged all over when again. I’m done rambling now. All the best all, you are more powerful than you understand!

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