How Lucid Dreamers Say They Manage Their Dreams

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Lucid dreaming, when one ends up being mindful of the reality they are dreaming while still asleep, is a popular experience due to the truth that the dreamer can choose what they want to experience and try to guide the dream to their desire. Lucid dreamers regularly have the ability to do things that are difficult in the waking world, like flying.However, the actual level of control offered in lucid dreams differs extensively: Often it is challenging even to handle one’s body or to keep lucidity, whereas other times individuals can actually make individuals or places appear in their dreams on command. Anecdotally, lots of techniques have really been reported to increase one’s ability to handle aspects of a lucid dream, however only simply recently a research study was performed to systematically survey these” lucid dream control methods.”A current study collected surveys from a sample of

107 adults who reported having at least one lucid dream every year. Significantly, the survey inquired about methods to increase “top-level”control, which implies having the capability to control the dream in a manner that would be hard in waking life, e.g. flying, going through walls, managing the dream scene, making things or characters appear or vanish, and so on. This type of high-level control is more difficult to master than regular dream control, which can include choosing of how to act in a dream and managing one’s own ideas or physical habits– for example, picking up a things, opening a door, talking to a character, etc.The study included a series of questions, however a great deal of crucial was the following open-ended issue:” In the past 12 months, have you utilized several methods that enabled you to apply a top-level control in a lucid dream or lucid headache? If yes, explain in detail. “The scientists then completed a content analysis of the reactions used, describing 5 various categories of lucid dream control methods reported by individuals. These 5 classifications consisted of: Verbal strategies. Verbalization might be directed toward other characters, the dream

  1. , or possibly the subconscious mind. For instance, a lucid dreamer might inform another dream character” you are my guide, right?”or the dreamer could call out for a particular character to appear, such as a pal or member of the family. Other lucid dreamers reported mentioning expectations or screaming commands, like”around the corner I will discover …”or “Time out … Freeze! “Dream product or environment techniques. Dreamers reported
  2. utilizing sites or opening doors or going through walls to modify dream settings. Another dreamer reached into their pocket to pull something out, or a dreamer might use a magic wand to make products appear. This technique could be encouraged by movie or TV reveals the dreamer has really seen, where comparable magical objects or websites appear. Physical techniques. This consisted of one report of”making jumps greater and greater
  3. , “which gradually leads to the ability to fly, and another dreamer reported flapping their arms regularly, which triggered dream flight. Other dreamers reported making use of hand motions to move items as if by telekinesis. Feeling management methods. This is a typical approach used in bad dreams, where the dreamer produces favorable feelings to manage the dream narrative. Some reported sending out beneficial feelings towards threatening dream characters, hugging characters, or facing a danger without any response. A variety of people mentioned that utilizing this control technique led to the resolution of recurring headaches. Other approaches. Numerous strategies pointed out did not precisely fit into the above categories. Some people used imagination/visualization, e.g.,” I remained in an informal celebration and I added guests merely by thinking about them. I would believe and they would turn up through the door.”One individual reported simply pretending to be an animal in order to become it absolutely. In addition to the above control techniques, participants also reported strategies to support lucid dreams, and strategies used in waking life that they specified assisted to make it possible for subsequent lucid dream control.Stabilization Methods. 13% of individuals reported using methods to stabilize the dream or to protect lucidity. These consisted of focusing on stimuli in the dream, such as by visually inspecting dream things,

    • or concentrating on the circulation of breathing. Waking Techniques. Finally, several participants reported setting clear goals prior to sleep and practicing the wanted goal in visualization prior to sleep. In addition, 10 %of the sample specified having faith was
    • essential:”The more you are authentically convinced that it will work … the more it works easily and naturally. “In general, the research study is the very first to collect such a large sample of lucid dream control methods. Having control allows lucid dreamers to use their lucid dreams as they prefer, possibly simply for having fun (e.g., flying, making love

      )or for mental well-being(e.g., eliminating headaches ). It will be important to evaluate whether lucid dream control approaches can be taught, for example in the context of lucid dreaming treatment for problems(see this previous post). Even for frequent lucid dreamers, controlling the product of a dream can be tough if the dreamer is not prepared with an objective and techniques for realizing that objective. Therefore, having a variety of lucid dream control techniques on hand may allow people to harness lucid dreams for private functions.

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