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No hypnosis control group was consisted of in our study and hypnotic induction of’ blindness’ has not, to our understanding, been reported.From the Cambridge English Corpus It is a condition near hypnosis, perhaps- nearly magical.From the Cambridge English Corpus Methodical browsing and appraisal has actually demonstrated that

hypnosis has prospective as a clinically important intervention for procedure-related pain and distress in pediatric cancer patients.From the Cambridge English Corpus Rather, they normally experience the phenomena of hypnosis as taking place by themselves.From the Cambridge English Corpus Each patient supplied baseline information and received 4 weekly sessions

of hypnosis that followed a standardized transcript.From the Cambridge English Corpus Lastly, possibly the most long-lasting tradition ofthe memory-film association was the practice of forensic hypnosis. From the Cambridge English Corpus

With such a foundation, it is unexpected to note the hesitant tone with which hypnosis is greeted today.From the Cambridge English CorpusEfforts to identify predictors of hypnosis success were not worthwhile with one exception.From the Cambridge English Corpus To this end, some therapists have actually engagedin methods such

as age regression and hypnosis, which

encourage imaginary expedition ofone’s ownpast.From the Cambridge English Corpus Now, it is clear that the hypnosis hypothesis might be

a better explanation than the witness hypothesis.From the Cambridge English Corpus Forensic practitioners sought to utilize hypnosis to”refresh”crime victims’memories.From the Cambridge English Corpus Although a popular, long-standing

, principle in thepsychiatric literature and in hypnosis theories, dissociation has no counterpart in traditional theories within cognitive psychology.From the Cambridge English Corpus Studies worrying the effects of, for instance, hypnosis, biofeedback, and acupuncture, are of insufficient quality to draw conclusions.From the Cambridge English Corpus

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