30 Guided Meditations for Sleep and Insomnia (Deep Relaxation) 2020

Do you struggle getting good nights sleep? Do you lay your head on your pillow hoping to drift off peacefully, only to find yourself tossing and turning? Sleeping well shouldn’t be a struggle. If you suffer from sleep problems there’s something that can support you. A guided meditation for sleep and insomnia can help to…

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Do you struggle getting good nights sleep? Do you lay your head on your pillow hoping to drift off peacefully, only to find yourself tossing and turning? Sleeping well shouldn’t be a struggle. If you suffer from sleep problems there’s something that can support you. A guided meditation for sleep and insomnia can help to quiet your mind and deeply relax your body, so you can actually go to and stay asleep all night long.

It seems as sleep problems are an epidemic these days. In fact in a study conducted by Wakefield Research, found a whopping 51% Of adults worldwide don’t get enough sleep. In america alone the numbers are clear as well. With 50 to 70 million people suffering from one (or several) sleep disorders, with around 30% suffering from Insomnia. (1)

I too have suffered from sleep related issues, like a restless night paired with a dash of nightly reoccurring insomnia.  It started after the birth of my first (and only) child. Then got worse after my divorce and the stresses of being a working single mom.

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to my health and wellbeing, I personally I prefer to use a more natural approach. And I tried it all, from over the counter sleep aids, to more natural aids such as melatonin.

Nothing worked as I had hoped (hello melatonin hangover). I would get an uneasy nights rest, and wake up the next day feeling stressed, lethargic and lacking motivation. Can you relate?

Then I tried listening to a guided meditation for sleep. It changed everything for me. Finally I was able to get a good nights rest. I also would fall asleep and stay asleep. Now, when I wake up in the morning, I feel well rested . And have all the energy I need to be a mom, work and have a productive day.

How Prepare For Your Guided Sleep Meditation

First, before you start your meditation, find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. For going to sleep the bedroom is the perfect place.

Secondly, decide on a comfortable position to sit or lay down. You can lay in your bed, or sit up and place a pillow behind your back to support you.

Third, if you prefer to listen to your meditation while wearing headphones, put them on.  For sleep, these headphones come highly recommended and are available on Amazon here.

Finally, when you are ready to begin, hit play and allow yourself to let go and ease into your session.

30 Best Guided Meditations for Sleep

Finding the right guided meditation for you can be a process. What works for one person, another might find distracting and not relaxing at all. That’s why I’ve researched the best free sleep guided meditations on youtube and compiled them here into one place for you.

To help you choose which one you want, we’ve put them into four categories for you:

  • Progressive Relaxation Meditation
  • Binaural beats Sleep Meditation
  • Guided Sleep Hypnosis Meditation
  • Sleep Meditation with Nature Sounds

Deep Progressive Relaxation Videos

1. Guided Meditation for Sleep… Floating Amongst the Stars by Jason Stephenson

Length: 1 hr and 2 min.  Voice: Male, Jason Stephenson  Theme: Deep Progressive Relaxation

Close your eyes as Jason Stephenson takes a you on a journey into the depths of deep relaxation. Let this soothing meditation lull you into a restful state of blissful calm, where you can let it all go.

Release the worries, fears or thoughts that keep you up at night. And feel them fade a way as you’re guided to float amongst the stars. So you can, wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and energized for a great day.

2. Letting Go Guided Meditation – Subconscious Journey For Sleep & Deep Relaxation

Length: 1 hr and 9 min. Voice: Male, Meditation Vacation Theme: Deep Sleep and Relaxation

Do you find yourself holding on to negative thoughts and emotions? Being able to release negative thoughts and worries is essential to creating a life of harmony and inner peace. This Letting Go Meditation will help you master your mind, and calm troubling thoughts.

You will be guided let go of everything that is holding you back. Helping you to fall into a deeply tranquil sleep. Then wake up the next day feeling happy and positive.

3. Guided Sleep Meditation for Insomnia (Calm Your Mind)

Length: 2 hrs. Voice: Female , Lina Grace Theme: Progressive Relaxation, Rain

If you struggle with insomnia, this Guided Sleep Meditation for Insomnia might just be your ticket to a deeply relaxing slumber. With a voice that is soft and soothing, Lina Grace, expertly guides you to switch off your busy mind and let you anxiety go.

Feel the world fade as you follow along, getting lost in the beautiful music and gentle rain sounds. Followed by feeling totally at peace with the world, as you sleep the night away. 

4. Deep Progressive Relaxation A Guided Meditation For Sleep

Length: 1 hr. 4 min. Voice: Female – Lauren Ostrowski Fenton Theme: Progressive Muscular Relaxation 

Deep progressive relaxation is an excellent technique for reducing stress and anxiety. Which can be helpful for anyone who is plagued with sleep problems or insomnia. Progressive muscle relaxation (1) is based upon the simple practice of tensing your muscles one at a time. Thereby allowing a release and relaxation phase.

This meditation session offers quietly spoken guidance for sleep.  As well as a mantra for deep sleep and positivity. If you’d like to fall asleep faster, sleep soundly and easily, then give this PMR meditation a try.

5. Guided Meditation For Sleep Problems And Insomnia

Length: 43 Minutes Voice: Female – Freebird Meditations Theme: Deep Relaxation

Overcoming insomnia and sleep problems is no easy task.  After all, its not exactly easy to quiet your mind if it won’t stop racing. In this beautiful meditation you’ll be encouraged to quiet your busy mind. So that you can drift off into a calm and peaceful night’s sleep.

Narrated by Katie of Freebird Meditations, her voice has an uplifting and positive quality. However it’s still gentle enough to be soothing to the mind. Use this guided meditation to fall asleep fast and stop insomnia in its tracks!

6. Sleep Meditation for Positive Energy Healing by Michael Sealey

Length: 40 Minutes Voice: Male, Michael Sealey Theme: Deep Progressive Relaxation, Energy Healing

Would you like to wake and feel full of positive energy? In this guided meditation by Michael Sealy its possible. Snuggle up and dream into a peaceful night of quiet sleep. Relax every muscle, as you’re guided to connect with your own positive healing energy. Wake up happy, renewed and connected to your inner truth.

After all, a great day starts with a great nights sleep!

7. Yoga Nidra – Meditation & Guided Relaxation Training Script

Length: 25 minutes (16 min. of speaking) Voice: Female ,Yoga Nidra Guide Theme:  Yoga Nidra, Progressive Relaxation

Yoga Nidra is a practice that mixes deep progressive relaxation, breath-work to take you into a deep hypnotic state between alpha and theta waves. (2) This ancient practice is used to calm the nervous system, reduce stress and aide with sleep problems and insomnia.

Feel at peace while you listen to a soothing female voice gently guide you into a hypnotic state. Somewhere between the waking and the dream world. With clarity and mindfulness you’re able to gain access to your subconscious mind .

In doing so, you release stress and anxiety. As well as any negative patterns that might be holding you back from getting what you want in life.

8. Spoken Sleep Talk Down For Healing and Insomnia

Time: 60 minutes Voice: Male Theme: Progressive Relaxation, Talk Down, Healing, Insomnia

Gently go to sleep as you listen to this beautiful guided meditation for insomnia. This free youtube video contains a visualization to assist in  easing a restless mind and body. Perfect for anyone who would like to overcome their sleep problems and sleep through the night.

9. Guided Sleep Meditation For Insomnia & Anxiety By Deepak Chopra

Time: 5 minutes Voice: Male, Deepak Chopra Theme: Deep Relaxation, Anxiety, Insomnia

Sleep is essential to a happy, healthy body and mind. When we don’t rest properly, every area of our life from home, to work to our personal relationships suffer. In this quick 5 minute sleep meditation, from acclaimed author Deepak Chopra, will help you overcome your insomnia. So you can have a restorative and restful night.

As you listen to his voice, you’ll begin to feel the barriers to resting ease. Any worrisome thoughts and anxiety begin to quiet and disappear. As you find yourself relaxing, you’ll feel grounded and safe. Knowing that you can wake up in the morning feeling well rested and full of positive energy.

10. Fall Asleep In 5 Minutes

Time: 5 Minutes Voice: Male Theme: Progressive Relaxation + Visualization, No Music

In this short 5 minute meditation with progressive relaxation, you’ll gently power down your muscles and calm your body and mind. Preparing you to have a restful nights sleep.

As you move through your meditation you’ll release all the tension in your body. And find yourself sinking comfortably into your bed. This is good for anyone who wants a short meditation without any music. Or  for those who would like to fall back asleep in under 10 minutes.

Binaural Beats Sleep Videos

Quick reminder, that if you want to get all the benefits from Binaural Beats you’ll need to grab a set of headphones. For tips and top picks for the best noise cancelling headphones to wear while meditating check out our post here. For headphones you can wear falling asleep, see what’s available on Amazon by clicking here.

11. Guided Meditation Relaxation Music, Delta Binaural Beat – Dissolve Overthinking

Time: 60 minutes Voice: Male, PowerThoughts Meditation Club Theme: Progressive Relaxation, Binaural Beats

Does getting a good night’s rest seems like a never ending battle, that you just can’t win? Do you wake up in the morning feeling drained because you spent half the night trying to get to sleep? Then you might want to try this blissfully calm, and relaxing guided meditation.

Sleeping soundly and getting the rest you need shouldn’t be a battle. This meditation has been designed with that in mind. This video contains delta waves, tranquil music and a soothing voice,. All of which is useful for training your brain to effortlessly drift off and get the rest you need.

12. Guided Meditation for Deep Relaxation, Problems Sleeping, Insomnia, Binaural Beats

Length:. 25 minutes Voice:  Female, Linda Hall Theme: Binaural Beats, Insomnia

Feeling safe and at ease is an important part of a night time bed routine. And listening to a guided meditation with binaural beats can assist in releasing tension before bed (3). Besides binaural beats, this meditation also contains several other techniques, to help you nod off peacefully.

Including mindfulness, self-hypnosis, progressive relaxation, breath work and affirmations. All useful for managing the stress and anxiety that come with sleep problems and insomnia.

Use this free guided meditation for sleep and anxiety to rest soundly. Then wake up tomorrow feeling peaceful and at ease.

13. Guided Meditation for Sleep and Healing with Binaural Beats and 3D sounds

Length: 40 min. Voice: Male – Meditation Vacation Theme: Binaural Beats, Visualization

In this guided meditation you will be guided to visualize relaxing under the stars, on a fine sandy beach and surrounded by 3d sounds. As you begin to calm, you’ll heal and clear negative energy in a tranquil atmosphere, with soft soothing ocean waves.

Feel serene and supported in your healing journey as you sleep deeply,  knowing all is well.

14. Talkdown with Delta Wave Isochronic Tones & Binaural Beats (The Honest Guys)

Length: 30 min. Voice: Male, The Honest Guys Theme: Deep Relaxation, Binaural Beats, Delta Wave Isochronic Tones

The Honest Guys put out some of the highest quality meditation videos on youtube and this one is no exception. Allow yourself to be gently lulled into a perfect nights slumber. In this talk down meditation, that also includes Isochronic Tones and Binaural Beats.

Start off in the Theta zone, and then taken down into the Delta wave zone, Which is the zone where you can finally say goodbye to your insomnia, and sleep through the night. 

15. Fall Asleep In 30 Minutes, Talk Down Visualization + Theta Binaural Beats

Length: 30 min. Voice: Male, Jason Stephenson Theme: Progressive Relaxation, Binaural Beats

Trying to shut off stressed mind a night can be hard to do. Lucky for us, there are some safe and natural techniques available. Meditation, visualization and binaural beats are powerful tools in the fight against stress, anxiety, sleep problems and insomnia.

In this track you’ll be softly guided  to release your blocks to getting a sound nights rest. As you start to feel the tension in your body dissolve, your mind calm. So you can wake up in the morning feeling energized and fully rested.

16. Insomnia Guided Sleep Meditation Deep Sleep Binaural Beats

Length: 1 hour Voice: Female, Kim Carmen Walsh Theme: PMR, Binaural Beats

Wouldn’t it be great to just lay back, and sink into a tranquil and deep sleep? This meditation from Kim Carmen Walsh, contains binaural beats to calm your busy mind.  And also includes a progressive muscle relaxation technique, to help you naturally and easily sail off to dream land.

17. Progressive Muscle Relaxation Guided Hypnosis, Binaural Beats Meditation for Sleep

Length: 46 min. Voice: Male  Theme: progressive Muscle Relaxation, Binaural Beats

Are you up all night tossing and turning? A progressive muscle relaxation (or PMR)  guided meditation that will help you power down your whole being, your body and your mind for a restful sleep. You’ll be taken on a journey from to sea to land, slowly letting all the tension in your body go. Feel your mind calm as you slowly drift off to a peaceful dreamland. 

Guided Sleep Hypnosis Meditation Videos

18. Sleep Hypnosis to Fall Asleep Fast | Circadian Reset for Deep Sleep

Length: 47 minutes Voice: Male – Michael Sealey Theme: Deep Sleep, Hypnosis, Circadian Rhythms

In this hypnosis meditation from renowned hypnotherapist Michael Sealey you will be guided to fall asleep fast. To naturally reset your circadian rhythms for a highly restorative sleep.

This track contains spoken hypnotic suggestions and guided visualization for complete relaxation. And is also accompanied by soft soothing sounds of meditation music and calm ocean waves. Listen along and feel yourself float effortlessly into a tranquil night filled with positive dreams.

19. Hypnotic Sleep Meditation & Guided Talk Down for Insomnia with Soothing Female Voice & Ocean Waves

Length: 1 hour Voice: Female Theme: Hypnosis, Insomnia, Talk Down

Would you like to fall asleep fast? Be gently lulled into a serene dreamland as you listen to this soothing talk down hypnosis meditation. This track has been designed to support anyone who suffers from insomnia or sleep problems to unwind and fall asleep fast.

As you listen to the hypnotic suggestions, and the gentle ocean waves, you’ll find worries diminish. Allowing you quickly drift off into a peaceful and restorative sleep.

20. Just Sleep Guided Meditation, Calm Hypnosis for insomnia

Length: 51 min. Voice: Male, Meditation Vacation Theme: Sleep Hypnosis, Insomnia, Visualization

If you have trouble getting to sleep due to stress, anxiety or insomnia, then you might want to try this hypnosis from meditation vacation. With a slow and gentle pace, release and your calm worries. Contains peaceful background music, a body scan and a visualization that I’ll have you nodding off in no time.

21. Sleep Hypnosis for Anxiety Reduction + Reversal

Length: 41 min. Voice: Male – Michael Sealey Theme: Sleep Hypnosis, Anxiety Relief

Let’s face it, life can be stressful and overwhelming sometimes. Its seems like there is always a never ending to do list waiting for you. With the pressures of work, family and our personal lives taking up most of your time and energy.

Being able to rest well so you can wake up rejuvenated can be a challenge. That’s why it’s crucial to take advantage of tools like hypnosis and meditation when you most need it.

Simply listen before bed or while laying in bed, and let your subconscious mind be infused with powerful suggestions. All of which will help to calm and ease any anxiety. Listening to this track nightly, will help you make lasting changes. And assist you in feeling more positive, calm, and anxiety free all day long.

22. Guided Sleep Hypnosis to fall fast asleep with Delta Wave Brain Entrainment

Length: 8 hours Voice: Female, Lina Grace Theme: Sleep Hypnosis, Insomnia

If you have insomnia or sleep issues, guided sleep hypnosis is a wonderful way to get some zzz’s. This 8 hour guided sleep hypnosis from Lina Grace is one of the longest ones on our list. And is good for anyone who would like to have a meditation playing all night long.

Lina gently leads you though a visualization that combines hypnotic suggestion and delta wave music to relax you. Head to toe. Find yourself releasing all the days tension and easing into a peaceful slumber.

23. Deep Sleep Hypnosis to Fall Asleep Fast

Length: 1 Hour 30 Minutes Voice: Male Theme: Hypnosis

Wouldn’t it be nice to fall asleep fast? If you find it difficult to wind down before bed, this hypnosis track many help you to calm an overactive mind. Simply float through space and feel your body and mind at ease. While you release any residual tension and anxiety, You will soon find its morning, and you’ve slept peacefully through the night.

24. Hypnosis for Deep Sleep and Relaxation With Positive Affirmations

Length: 30 Minute Voice: Male Theme: Hypnosis, Positive Affirmations

This free sleep hypnosis youtube video, was created to support you to quickly fall into a peaceful and restorative sleep. This journey is ideal for restless sleepers, sleep problems, anxiety or people who suffer from insomnia. Positive affirmations help you wake up feeling confident, rejuvenated and ready for a productive day.

25. Power Sleep Guided Meditation: Sleep Hypnosis for Falling Asleep Fast

Length: 1 hrs. 4 min. Voice: Male – Jason Stephenson Theme: Sleep Hypnosis, Mindfulness, Affirmations

If you find it a daily challenge to get out of bed and maintain your energy throughout the day, you probably aren’t sleeping enough. Unwind your mind and let it all go in this guided sleep hypnosis by Jason Stephenson. Use this meditation to fall asleep fast, so you have all the energy you need for tomorrow.

Sleep Meditations with Nature Sounds Videos

26. Gentle Rain Guided Sleep Meditation by The Honest Guys

Length: 1 hour Voice: Male, The Honest Guys Theme: Deep Relaxation, Rain

Hearing calming natural sounds, like falling rain can be  one of the most relaxing sounds to sleep to. Feel the tension in your body release as you ease into a dreamy and peaceful state.  Led by The Honest Guys, this meditation is one full hour and ends with a slow fade.

27. Whisper Meditation: Guided Floating Visualization for Insomnia or Those Who Can’t Sleep, Soothing Ocean Waves

Time: 1hr 5min Voice Male – Jason Stephenson Theme: Deep Relaxation, Whisper (AMSR), Visualization, Ocean Sounds

If you want to improve the quality of your sleep and drift off as gently as possible, this meditation from Jason Stephenson just might be perfect. Jason expertly guides you through a dreamy visualization  to help you feel calm and supported.

As you are guided along, any overthinking, worries and concerns you may have seem to vanish. Ultimately supporting you to nod off soundly, and wake up revitalized and ready for an amazing day.

Highly recommended if you can t sleep, and want to listen to a gentle sleep talk down.

28. Hypnosis for Life Healing Sleep – Manifesting Health & Cleansing Chakras (Rain Sounds Sleep Music)

Length: 2 hours Voice: Male, Michael Sealey Theme: Healing, Chakra Cleansing, Hypnosis, Rain Sounds

When your chakras are out of balance you energy is out of balance. Use this guided meditation to connect with  your deepest subconscious healing responses as you slumber. Michael Sealy gently guides you to open and cleanse your seven chakra energy centres for a more balanced, and better well-being.

Find yourself dozing off without a care, as you listen to his soft spoken words. All while gentle rain and tranquil music play in the background. Suitable for anyone suffering from insomnia, depression, over-thinking and anxiety.

For an added dose of relaxation, crystals make an excellent addition to any Chakra Meditation. You can either put them on your chakra points or place them on your bedside table.

For more about using crystals in a meditation. Check out our post here. We also have a great tutorial on meditating with Amethyst here.

29. Yoga Nidra A Guided Meditation With Rain Sounds for Sleep

Length: 1 hour Voice: Female – Lauren Ostrowski Fenton Theme: Healing, Yoga Nidra, Rain Sounds

Yoga Nidra, also known as yogic sleep, is that trance like state between waking and falling completely asleep. In other words, it’s that moment of peace when your mind and body are in a fully relaxed state. This Yoga Nidra meditation for sleep and insomnia is highly restorative. Good for anyone who wants to fall asleep fast and wake up the next morning on top of the world.

30. Guided Meditation Euphoric Sleep and Deep Relaxation

Length: 1 hour 5 Minutes Voice: Male Theme: Healing Sleep, Chakra Cleansing, Hypnosis, Ocean Waves 

Would you like to fall into a deep and heavenly nights sleep? You don’t have to toss and turn all night, you can sleep well. Let this meditation help get you there. Visualize yourself on a beautiful beach as the waves gently flow in and out of the shoreline. Then drift slowly into a highly euphoric sleep.

Knowing that as you get more peaceful you’re also healing the past, calming anxiety and releasing all the tension in your body and mind. 

At the end of the day…

I’ve said it before and I’m going to say it again. Sleeping well shouldn’t be a struggle.

It should be the most natural thing in the world.

Whether you’re suffering with sleep problems, anxiety or insomnia, a guided sleep meditation is there for you. It’s there for you to help you unwind and release the days stress. It’s there to quiet your sleep anxiety and calm your mind and body. If using this amazing tool can help me and millions of others sleep better, I believe it can help you as well.

So why not give a guided sleep meditation  a try a try? After all we believe that sleep is the best medicine. Sweet Dreams!

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