Lucid Dreaming

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Yes! Many individuals consider Keith Hearne in England, as the very first researcher to supply scientific evidence for lucid dreaming. In the mid 1970’s, he fulfilled a lucid dreamer, Alan Worsley, who declared to become lucidly mindful in his dream. As a graduate student, Hearne wondered how you could offer scientific proof for that claim– then he had a brilliant concept:

What if you brought a lucid dreamer into the sleep lab, put rapid eye movement (REM) pads on him to tape eye motion, and told him to move his eyes delegated ideal eight times when he became lucid? Because a lot of REM patterns appear like random rubbish, a dreaming individual who moves both eyes left to best 8 times would certainly supply proof for being ‘aware of dreaming’ and able to make conscious choices while in the dream state.On the morning

of April 12, 1975, Alan Worsley ended up being lucid and moved his eyes left to ideal eight times in his lucid dream, while other steps showed that he stayed in the sleep state. The first proof for lucid dreaming was there on the Rapid Eye Movement readout!

The scientist, Keith Hearne, later on said, “It was like getting signals from another world. Philosophically, scientifically, it was just mind blowing.” A couple years later, Stephen LaBerge, independently completed a comparable experiment, and published it in 1980. LaBerge turned into one of the early leaders in the scientific investigation of lucid dreaming.

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