What Not to Do in a Lucid Dream

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This post and the photos within it might include affiliate links. If you purchase something through the link, I might receive a commission at no additional charge to you.Do you wish to

learn how to lucid dream?If you are

a newbie, and you simply started having lucid dreams (or you still didn’t experience it, however you want to), there are specific things that you it’s best to avoid doing, at least in the beginning.So, what NOT to

carry out in a lucid dream?– Particular actions that will excite you extreme, and end the lucid dream nearly right away. Other actions can trigger confusion, or undesirable (and frightening)feelings.Now I will show you what not to do in a lucid dream and the 15 ACTIONS

that you must prevent doing inside your dream world.The reality is that absolutely nothing horrible will happen if you do them. Nevertheless, they may cause unpleasant minutes, and all of us wish to avoid that, right?After all, lucid dreams are for having FUN, exploring your SUBCONSCIOUSNESS, finding and enhancing abilities, etc.This short article will help you on how to reduce unfavorable outcomes.Now, let’s begin! * KEEP IN MIND: It is possible that you tried a few of the actions listed below and absolutely nothing really happened. The important things is that this may not correspond to 100%of you

, nevertheless it is just

something normal that a lot of people are experiencing. 11. Do not check out the mirror Another challenging action that

you may want to be prepared.Looking at a mirror in your dream may be a very remarkable experience, nevertheless it may be likewise a scary one.If you choose to do it, that’s entirely okay.However, understand that the majority of typically, you won’t see yourself and how you normally look, however a numerous variation of you, based upon how you feel about yourself.So, it might be a great experience, nevertheless it is possible to be the accurate reverse, too.Just want that prior to try out dream mirrors. You might wish to wait up until you know you feel great, delighted and positive, rather of unfortunate or depressed.The sensations will evaluate the mirror, so make certain they are excellent. 12. Do not concentrate on unfavorable, frightening ideas It appears obvious, right?Don’t think of frightening and unfavorable things, while you lucid dream.If you begin having all this tension, it might become a lucid dreaming

nightmare.For circumstances: You might FEEL captured in the dream, and the time

you invest in might look like

an eternity or some frightening animals may start popping up.Your subconscious mind

is a really effective thing. So trust me, you do not wish to feel like you stay in a dream forever.The reality is that you can not be stuck in a lucid dream, nor absolutely nothing physically bad can occur to you.So you actually need to not stress over that. However, psychologically, you might awaken all afraid, tired, and puzzled, which is not the point of lucid dreaming.Just ensure to prevent any unusual ideas or unfavorable lucid dream commands, and you will be alright! < img width="614 "height="924 "src="// www.w3.org/2000/svg'%20viewBox='0%200%20614%20924'%3E%3C/svg%3E"alt ="WHAT NOT DO TO IN A LUCID DREAM(13 Things )Lucid Dream Society"/ >< img width=" 614 "height=" 924"src= "https://www.luciddreamsociety.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/pexels-photo-1385285.jpeg%20614w,%20https://www.luciddreamsociety.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/pexels-photo-1385285-199x300.jpeg%20199w"alt="WHAT NOT DO TO IN A LUCID DREAM(13 Things )Lucid Dream Society"/ > 13. Do not fly(too soon) Do not get me

incorrect, flying is great, and you REQUIRED TO do it! Nevertheless have a bit of determination.2 unfavorable things can take place if you attempt to fly TOO SOON.If you attempt to fly in your first lucid dreams, you might not succeed, which will just irritate you and possibly wake you up.Second thing, you may be able to fly, however that will get you sooo thrilled, that will also activate awakening.Just effort to stabilize the dream prior to trying anything.14. Do not set This one is connected to number 6, which was”do not believe of your genuine body”. It’s pretty obvious, nevertheless if you lay inside your lucid

dream, it is possible

to feel more linked to your body. Why that’s bad?It’s not a fantastic idea

simply since that will increase the chances of getting up enormously. Putting down can at first help of losing lucidity, and then you may awaken. And this is something that you want to avoid.So, simply do not set or if you want to do it, attempt to do it for not too long, and focus on the environment around you.< img width ="750 "height ="501" src="// www.w3.org/2000/svg'%20viewBox='0%200%20750%20501'%3E%3C/svg%3E"alt =" "/ >

15. Do not leave things for later If you fulfill someone or see something that you wish to check, do it! Do not leave it for later.If you select that you will initially do something else and after that you will return, believe again.See, in a lucid dream, whatever is moving and modifying The minute you go

far from this specific person or a place, the opportunities of discovering it once again are … well possible, nevertheless low.What’s more, inside the dream world, we

do not remember whatever for too long, too.So, you will more than likely forget the important things you wanted to do.Simply specified

, if you want to do a particular action at a specific minute, do it. If you wish to speak with someone, go and talk. Otherwise, you risk of losing the moment!Conclusion Remember that these 15 actions are merely recommendable

to prevent; nevertheless, if you wish to, you can do them.Maybe the result will be various for you or you wish to check out a few of these acts.The point of this brief post is to inform you of the unfavorable outcome that some actions may happen if you choose to do them.If you want to discover more about how SAFE is to lucid dream and if there are any threats, read this post where we

cover the most normal questions.Have you ever tried a few of these actions? What was the outcome?Share in the remark area listed below!

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