Produce your own Favorable affirmation mp3, subliminal Audios,

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With your own affirmation texts
Personalize from 1000+ affirmation texts


2000+ premade affirmations mp3
1500+ premade affirmation videos

According to the law of Tourist attraction, If you listen to affirmations daily before you sleep, you will bring in that thing into your life.-Abraham Hicks
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user get 15 Mins free consultation and 10 premium affirmation audio definitely free.Below are Demo audios produced from our website.Voice: Female Soft(

USA)Music: Calm Your Mind My body knows how to recover itself

, and isdoing so even now. My body
has thepower to recover itself. I

feel strong and energetic. My body informs me what it requires. Every part of my body carries out its tasks quickly and naturally.EDIT Voice: Male Soft(USA )Music: A New Starting I am rich and wealthy I attract huge amounts of money to me I deserve to have a

great deal of money I am grateful

for allthe wealth in my life right now

The more I give

, the richer I end up being Every day, in every method, I am ending up being richer and richer EDIT Voice: Female Excellent News Music: Filled with inspiration I am gorgeous, strong and effective I am feeling healthy and strong today I am feeling excellent My day is terrific I feel favorable in every cell of my body I am client and calm I welcome today with peace and confidence EDIT

Choosefrom range of voices for your

Audio Choose

from various background

musics for your Audio Read your affirmation while you listen Full screen background images while you read affirmation Enable Subliminal mode to increase symptom power Synchronise to Earth’s 7.83 hz while you listen.Customise or Recycle 1000+affirmation text for your audio Create audio once and gain access to anywhere, desktop, mobile or tablet Download access to 1000 +affirmations audios and videos(only gold and platinum members)Utilize coupon 25OFF now to declare your offer CLAIM NOW Produce your Affirmation audio and Listen

to it in any device.Offer Ends In Minutes Get Your First Audio in Simply 30 Seconds

Silver $9/ Month Gold$19/ Month 1 User 100 mp3 10 GB storage No

Downloads Unlimited Users 200 mp3 Unrestricted storage Free Downloads

SIGN UP You can update, downgrade, or cancel your

membership anytime.No agreements, no covert charges.

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