All I Desired

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Canadian ace Andrew Lang goes back to our Progressive Home Worldwide imprint with another two big deals on the program. Known for his true melodic and energetic blend of progressive and hypnotic trance vibes, he now brings on these rocking appeals advising us what an outstanding producer he is.

“All I Desired” is a true gem, bending from progressive to trance vibes, consisting of that rich vocal adds that is to cause a complete on journey with that included on throbbing bass lines. He is a terrific music designer, understanding how to give us a real reward and he undoubtedly does.

“Hypnosis” is another energy jam-packed production, affected by both progressive and hypnotic trance. With evolving melodic layers, crisp sound style and everything in between, he induces another massive one for you all that we can’t get enough off.It’s always a satisfaction having Andrww back, not only for his superb music, but for the person he’s been to us throughout the years. He’s constantly got a spot with the PHW household!

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