Affirmation Meditation: 7 Daily Powerful Affirmations

Spread the love and make the world a better place!Table Of Contents For This Page. Click To Show Or Hide >>> show1 Why I Use Affirmation Meditations To Improve My Life2 Positive Affirmation Meditation And The Background Of Your Life3 The Truth About Affirmations and How to Make Them Work4 Consider the Benefits of a…

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Spread the love and make the world a better place!

Table Of Contents For This Page. Click To Show Or Hide >>> show

1 Why I Use Affirmation Meditations To Improve My Life

2 Positive Affirmation Meditation And The Background Of Your Life

3 The Truth About Affirmations and How to Make Them Work

4 Consider the Benefits of a Positive Affirmations:

5 Learn a Few Easy Rules about Affirmations:

6 7 Effective Positive Affirmations To Say Every Day

7 Reprogramming Your Subconscious Mind Using Affirmations

8 How Affirmations Work In Your Mind

9 How To Use Affirmations To Change Your Life

10 Tips for writing your own affirmations:

11 What does it mean to empower yourself with affirmations?

12 Create Empowering Affirmations with 3 Simple Steps

13 How To Use Positive Affirmations For Happiness and Success

14 Simple Tips For Using Empowering Affirmations In Everyday Life:

15 How many times should I say affirmations?

Why I Use Affirmation Meditations To Improve My Life

It’s really quite a simple concept, the more positive thoughts throughout your day will lift your energy to consciously move your life in a positive direction building your momentum to function at a higher level. Our lives can quickly be overcome by constant negativity and experiences in our lives.

When you can create within yourself a positive mental dialogue using an affirmation meditation, you will be able to handle the inevitable tough times that everyone experiences in life. These are opportunities to grow if you have the tools and apply the principles of positive affirmations consistently in your personal life.

Creating positive thoughts daily such as this affirmation meditation will allow you to live a much more positive life. It’s easy to be overcome by negative thoughts and experiences, and it’s important to create a positive dialogue in the form of positive self-talk with yourself to get you through those tough times.

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Understanding The Power Of A Positive Affirmation Meditation Mp3 In Your Life

You can use positive self-talk as a way of responding to habitual negative thoughts that will work themselves into your mind and attitude during the day. We all have theses thoughts from our social conditioning and the media.

You know the thoughts: the ones that have you thinking, “you can’t” instead of “you can,” or “it’s too hard” instead of “you can do it.”

When you replace such negativity with positive thoughts, you can bring about astounding changes in your life and the way you feel about yourself.

For instance, when you’re starting a new job, and your mind says, “There’s no way I’m going to fit in here. I don’t deserve to have this good of a job in my life” you can stop this dialogue in its tracks.

It’s easy to let your mind go on like this because it’s become a habit, but you can learn to respond with positive thoughts once you realize they have popped up in your mind. A positive affirmation meditation is simply a tool to create a new reality and allow you to become more in control of your habitual reactions to your life.

Positive Affirmation Meditation And The Background Of Your Life

It can take a lot of practice to make the change to positive self-talk when you’ve always experienced negative self-talk. Maybe you can’t even remember a time in your life when your negative thoughts weren’t constantly playing like a broken record in the mental backdrop of your life.

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You may need to put some effort into responding to the negativity with positive thoughts, but by using positive affirmations, the effort required is an easy task. Positive affirmations allow you to replace your negativity, one thought at a time!

Using positive affirmations such as the ones at the end of this article, you can develop your own personal positive response to the negative events in your life. You can find some of these affirmation lists on self-help websites or in bookstores and libraries.

At first, you may wonder if it can be this easy to change your life with a positive affirmation meditation. Take a serious look at this fact: have you not allowed this parade of negative thoughts in your mind, forged the life path you are on, and brought to the very place you are today? Are you happy with the outcomes you have created in your life?

What type of positive future could you create with the right thoughts moving forward? Answer this question truthfully and you’ll see the need for positive thoughts!

So, if you have managed to arrive at a fairly good place in your life so far, can you see how much further could you be in your life if you had a full tool chest to replace negativity with a confident mindset such as using a positive affirmation meditation?

Now you see why I use positive affirmation meditation every day. Positive thoughts really can change your life! It’s really very straight forward, to lead a productive, positive, and fulfilling life, you must unlearn the negativity and accept responsibility for a positive mindset to lead yourself into a personally filling future.

If you want to lead a positive and fulfilling life you must have a positive mindset. In order to think positively, you must replace the negative thought processes that are already running through your mind.

A positive affirmation meditation like the one above can reprogram your mind’s thought process with the correct positive mindset. Plus, they’re so easy. Once you become used to using affirmations on a daily basis, you’ll wish you’d started with them sooner.

For ease, convenience, and great results, positive affirmation meditation is extremely effective as a success tool. Today is the day to take action by using positive affirmations in your life today, today is the day to begin living the life that you desire and dream of having!

The Truth About Affirmations and How to Make Them Work


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If you’re new to affirmations, you’ve picked a good time to get started. These positive statements can be powerful.

A recent study confirmed the effectiveness of affirmations. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University found that people under high stress did about 50% worse on a problem-solving test. However, when the participants used a brief positive affirmation before the test, they did as well as the other participants. This guide explains the benefits of using these affirmations and how to get the most from them.

Consider the Benefits of a Positive Affirmations:

1. Improve your personal performance. In addition to reducing stress from daily living, a positive affirmation meditation can help you release your past mistakes and overcome them. Your thinking becomes focused on what you want to accomplish and helps you formulate new habits for living effectively.

2. To Just Feel better. This is medicine for you that tastes good. Skillful self-talk cheers you up instantly. It’s like giving yourself a hug.

3. Enjoy better relationships. It’s easy to slip into defensiveness when you feel tense. Because you are self-assured in what you want in life, you are more open to what others have to say and you will deal with difficult issues more effectively.

4. Protect your physical health. Chronic stress triggers inflammation and interferes with your metabolism. By using an affirmation meditation and calming down your nervous system, you can reduce many stress-related health conditions including effective weight loss.

5. Draw on your strengths. Maybe you’re a great parent to your children but have an out of control fear of speaking in public. A positive affirmation meditation reminds you of your most important strengths and helps build your confidence in weaker areas.

6. Take them everywhere.  You can recite uplifting messages out loud or silently wherever you go.

7. Discover more meaning. Affirmations are a perfect method to bring more meaning into your life as you are creating the life you want. You’ll be more mindful of your choices and how your actions contribute to fulfilling your purpose.

Learn a Few Easy Rules about Affirmations:

1. Time your affirmations right. Prepare yourself for challenging tasks. Say an affirmation before you give a presentation at work, or before you depart on a long flight to calm your nerves.

2. Clarify your values. A positive affirmation meditation can be applied to literally any area that you want improvement in your life.

Clear and positive affirmations will impact your life the most when you apply them to your top priorities in your life, from better relationships with your family to create a better world for yourself and others.

3. Write it all down. Writing down your favorite affirmations in a journal and even rewording them to help you connect on a deeper level in your journal helps to make them feel real and personal to you. Spend about five minutes jotting your thoughts down. Identify what matters most to you and figure out the reasons behind your values.

4. Take supporting actions. Naturally, your behavior needs to match your words. If it’s important for you to be a great tennis player, work on your backhand. To care for sick animals, enroll in veterinary school.

5. Use a combination of resources. Blend your affirmations in with other sources of assistance and encouragement. You can also create affirmations to enhance your spiritual practice or any other area of your life. Create affirmations for all the major areas of your life and review them daily or as often as possible.

6. Develop a strong intention. Forceful wishes can create mighty affirmations. Reflect on your motivation for the changes you want to create in your life and give your full attentive energy to the affirmations as you say them. Bring all the emotions for creating powerful and effective changes.

7. Be sincere. Rewrite your affirmations so that they feel authentic and genuine to you. Go ahead and proclaim you’re a top salesperson if you really believe it. You can always build yourself up with confidence by using your affirmation before each call or sales visit you make.

Affirmations will lead you to bigger and exciting breakthroughs in your personal and professional life. Just be sure you are clear about your core values and let the affirmations guide your daily actions.

7 Effective Positive Affirmations To Say Every Day

I believe I Am accomplishing my dreams each day.
I am focused on living the very best life I can every day.
I love myself for who I am and what I am becoming.
I am in complete charge of my happiness.
I accept 100% responsibility for all my decisions in my life.
The best is yet to come, I will keep stacking my success every day.
I am truly grateful for everyone in my life journey.

Reprogramming Your Subconscious Mind Using Affirmations

You might already be familiar with the power of affirmations. They’re short, positive statements that you can, repeat to yourself, or listen to using a positive affirmation meditation mp3 download like the one above.

Here’s an example of a positive affirmation “I am completely calm and relaxed in each task I do.” You can repeat this even if you don’t feel like this at the moment, just keep repeating and believing the affirmation. Your subconscious mind will pick up on the statement and bring forth new feelings.

Powerful Daily Affirmations Can Change Your Life

When it comes to the world of affirmations, the only requirement is to approach it with an open mind. Take the time to allow the affirmations to lift you into a new reality of confidence and peace and bring the change you desire into your life.

This may feel awkward and difficult in the beginning, however, the key to understanding and getting results is to allow the affirmation to become your new and effective subconscious mind for achievement. This is where an mp3 such as an affirmation meditation can bypass your conscious mind and reprogram the subconscious mind.

I may feel strange and seem difficult in the beginning. This is easiest when you’re just waking up or when you’re drifting off to sleep. This is the time when your mind is in the Theta state for effective change and when your conscious mind is less likely to interfere with the process of lasting positive change.

If you use the affirmation, “I am calm and relaxed” for example without an open and relaxed mind, of course, your conscious mind will say “Hey! I’m not even the slightest bit calm and relaxed.” Don’t get frustrated when your conscious mind jumps in; with practice, the messages will make it to your subconscious mind to create lasting and positive change.

How Affirmations Work In Your Mind

You should now be realizing how your mind works, and you will start to notice how often your mind reverts to negative thoughts about your life and other situations that you really want to excel in. Using a positive affirmation meditation will allow you to communicate with your subconscious mind and change those thoughts.

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Affirmations have the power to recode your mind in the same manner that a computer program can be written. You actively spend time saying and concentrating on these short positive statements and, eventually, your subconscious mind picks upon them. It may take some time and practice for affirmations to work for you.

Some people report that they see positive results and changes right away, others will find that it takes longer for them to change the subconscious thought patterns into positive thought patterns.

How To Use Affirmations To Change Your Life

Using a positive affirmation meditation is a practice of recognizing and changing your thoughts on a daily basis. With consistent effort, positive thoughts can literally change your cognitive brain patterns and negative thoughts can over time become less prominent in your life. The more you can consciously choose your thoughts, the better your life can be.

There are a few ways that you can choose to use your affirmations. First, concentrate on the things in your life that you want to change. Try to keep it simple by focusing on one at a time. Common topics are usually health, wealth, and relationships.

You might use these affirmations to get started such as “I feel energized to complete my work on time” or “I enjoy my job to create value for my company.” Be sure and personalize your affirmations to the area of your life and you will experience positive change into the future for yourself.

Then choose a specific time such as first thing in the morning or at night to repeat the sayings to yourself every day. You can even make a recording of yourself repeating the affirmations or use an affirmation meditation with soothing music in the background.

This is especially helpful for using affirmations in the morning and at night when you have a stronger link and a more relaxed mind to create change in your subconscious mind.

Tips for writing your own affirmations:

* Write them in the present tense, because that’s the only way to improve your life in the present moment.
* Be short and concise to keep things simple.
* Read and write your affirmations in your journal when you’re relaxed and away from any distractions.
* Remember to stay positive and look for the changes in your life.

Wash, Rinse, Repeat!

Make sure you keep up with your affirmations. If you don’t see results right away, try sticking with it for a while longer. In no time, these affirmations will create an improved outlook on your life by just moving forward just one positive thought at a time. What do you have to lose?

What does it mean to empower yourself with affirmations?

Empower yourself to succeed. Empower yourself with our positive affirmation meditation and create a better path to your own personal success. But what is self-empowerment? This is all about giving you the personal power and control of your real destiny and to live a better way to live your life.

Create Empowering Affirmations with 3 Simple Steps

Creating empowerment within your life is essential for success and achieving your goals. Whether you believe you are an empowered person or not it is important to bring empowering thoughts and feelings into your mind, body, and spirit.

Creating In The Present Moment – By being in the present moment as much as possible you will not be thinking about or dwelling on thoughts of the past that robbed you of your self-confidence. This will allow you to stop filling your mind with things you do or do not have in your life at this time.

Stop Comparing Your Life To Others – We lose our confidence and personal power when we compare ourselves to others. There will always be somebody with more than you. That is OK and perfectly normal. Let go of comparisons and live a more empowered life.

Be thankful – Creating gratitude in your life empowers the self because it allows you to be grateful for who you are and what you have. Creating personal empowerment can be simple with the right tools such as being in the present moment as much as possible, stop comparing yourself to others, and live a life of gratitude.

How To Use Positive Affirmations For Happiness and Success

  • Take three deep breaths, inhaling, and exhaling to a count of 10.
  • Stand in front of a mirror and just gaze into your eyes. Smile, if possible, and if it feels natural.
  • Say your affirmation (or list of positive affirmations) slowly, meaningfully, and clearly speak the affirmations with confidence. Even if you don’t feel confident at that time.
  • Repeat the affirmations 3-5 times, really focusing on the meaning of each word.
  • Take another three deep breaths slowly, allowing your body, mind, and spirit to absorb the deeply positive feeling and allow the positive emotions of the affirmations to come forth into your life.

So, let’s take a closer examination of affirmations and how to formulate a personal affirmation and how you can use them in an affirmation meditation then manifest them into your personal life.

There needs to be as much truth when creating and using affirmations as possible. You need to be honest with yourself and know which affirmations you can genuinely believe in.

For example, you are going for an important job interview and you want to do well, say to yourself “I am confident in my abilities, I am strong and ready for this interview”. Maybe you don’t feel this way at all and you start to feel overwhelmed by the interview and not so confident.

I would encourage you to change your affirmation so it resonates more with you and really listen to your intuition about what feels right. You may start with an affirmation like “I believe in my ability to connect with people during an interview” or “I radiate friendliness, sincerity, and enthusiasm.”

It’s really important to create affirmations for yourself which genuinely reflect who you are and what your strengths are, then you can build on those affirmations from there.

Simple Tips For Using Empowering Affirmations In Everyday Life:

  • Write your most powerful affirmation that you personally identify with on a piece of paper and stick it somewhere you will see it at least every day
  • Use an encouraging affirmation during exercise to help you keep going
  • When you look in the mirror, use a self-compassionate affirmation
  • Save your affirmation as a screensaver on your phone
  • Think about your affirmation before you go to sleep at night
  • Instead of going on social media, take some time to acknowledge your own strengths by thinking “I am (insert strength)”
  • Choose one or two simple affirmations to support you during times of stress or overwhelm

In addition, note that it’s important to set aside a specific time that you dedicate to your affirmations. They are much less powerful if you rush through them on the way out the door rather than taking the time to truly visualize what you are saying!

How many times should I say affirmations?

The general rule is 3 times each day for at least 30 days or more if needed. Remind yourself to say your affirmations first thing in the morning, at least once during the day and you can use an affirmation meditation at night before you go to bed. It never hurts to say your affirmations more than this, but no less than this.

“I Am Perfect Exactly As I Am” – You are neither too much nor too little. You never have to prove yourself to anyone or anything as to who you are. Be content to be who and what you are in this life. You are perfect as you are, right here and right now. You are sufficient. You are one with all of Life.

“I am worthy.” – Simple but powerful. This affirmation reminds you that you have every right to ask to receive everything you want, no matter what undermining messages you may have received in earlier life.

“I have all the power I need.” – Sometimes, we think we need to rely on others in order to get what we want. While other people can be great resources and supporters, it’s important to understand that you have everything you need inside.

“I make my dreams my reality.” – A statement like this is a good way to quickly reflect on the truth of the Law of Attraction. And to turn your attention to your endless ability to shape the world around you.

“I bring my unique gifts into the world every day.” – Don’t compare yourself to anyone and don’t feel like you are not enough, no one can give the world what you do. Rejoice in the fact that you are enriching that world every day.

“I contain multitudes of expressions.” – You will sometimes have mixed feelings, and you will change and evolve over time. Both of these things are okay! They simply reflect your complexity. Respect and honor your many facets, and all they have to teach you.

“I will be my own best advocate for my needs and goals.” – You already have all the power you need to improve, feel confident that you know what is best for your life. You don’t need to apologize to anyone for pursuing respect and success. This affirmation helps you stay in tune with that idea.

“I have the strength to succeed in anything I want to do with my life.” – These words are empowering to move you towards abundance, romance, and love, a fulfilling career, or anything else you desire in your life. This is a powerful quick affirmation to use when you’re feeling a little wobbly.

“I am the author of my own destiny.” – No one else gets to decide what’s best for you, what you want, or how you pursue it. Claim this truth about yourself when you feel like you need to please other or you are intimidated by their expertise in matters of your personal happiness.

“I am totally responsible for my own happiness in my life.” – No one can take away your personal joy in creating the life you truly want. Plus, no one can be blamed for preventing you from having it. Happiness is a choice, and it’s one you can make today and every day.

“I give love and receive love each and every day.” – Love and compassion for others will boost your personal vibrational frequency and will attract better things and people into your life, this is a great morning affirmation to set up a positive and loving day and open you to receive these into your life as well.

“I will triumph over all my personal challenges.” – There is nothing with the right mindset you can’t overcome! However, sometimes you need to hear yourself say this out loud before you remember that it really is true.

“I have the power to choose the best life for me.” – Yes, sometimes you can feel like people are forcing you into a corner or circumstance. However, your own manifestation abilities mean that you can always choose to do something different. Plus, realizing this is freeing.

“To take care of others, I need to take care of myself.” – Whenever you feel like you’re draining your own resources to meet the needs of others, this affirmation can push you to see that you need to put your self-care first

“I believe in myself.” – Finally, sometimes the simplest affirmations are the very best. If you verbalize your trust and belief in yourself often enough, it will become the bedrock upon which all your other decisions are made.

So, there you go, a great place to start incorporating positive change in your life. Be sure and download the affirmation meditation above so you can start to program your subconscious effectively at night for lasting change. You can master all these steps, just keep after it and keep yourself focused on the positive outcomes and positive change into your future. You deserve this!

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