Royalty-Free Music for Hypnosis (5 Hours)

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Thes are the background tracks you can use to create subliminal recordings, hypnosis and guided meditation recordings and even use in your in person treatment sessions.Are you ready to develop your own broadcast quality hypnosis recordings? This is the best music to use. In this resource set there are 5 complete background track mp3 files, each about one hour in length. Utilize this if you desire a professional sound with tested outcomes. Three files with ingrained binaural sound files. The very first 3 track have relaxing music and embedded gamma, alpha and beta tones. Additionally, you will be supplied a link to develop your own binaural files and you can modify in any specific extra tones you want! Imagine being able to produce exactly what you desire by utilizing these files as your base.Copyright concerns? These are initial recordings produced by Larry and Joni. By purchasing, you are given a license to use

these with or without attribution in your recordings. Now you can release without fear of legal consequences or rejection from iTunes or Amazon.Two “naked” tracks. There are two non-binaural files. You can leave then naked, or embed any other files you desire consisting of heartbeats, breath noises,

or your own custom binaural noise files. Two various sounds, two total hours of music you can use.

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