Hypnotherapy Training & Certification

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Start Your Hypnotherapy Training Today to Become a Certified Hypnosis Practitioner or Certified Hypnotherapist!

iNLP Center Hypnotherapy Training at a glance:

  • 100% Accredited and Online Hypnotherapy Training & Certification delivered through a state-of-the-art blended learning platform
  • 67-unit Hypnosis Practitioner Training
  • 59-unit Advanced Hypnosis Training
  • Work entirely online – no travel required
  • Includes Unlimited Live Hypnotherapy Training Sessions in our online classroom with a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapy Training Instructor
  • Practice and Learn at Your Own Pace with trainer and other students
  • 24/7 access to your hypnosis learning material
  • Expert support when you need it via email, online chat, phone and online classrooms
  • Private, student-only community to meet others, practice and grow
  • Hypnosis course developed from over 30 years of international hypnotherapy training
  • Simple, intuitive online learning platform makes it easy to study
  • Certificate mailed to you at the completion of course
  • No hidden fees!

iNLP Center Hypnotherapy Training – The Most Effective and Efficient Way to Learn Hypnosis

Our Hypnotherapy training is accredited by:

  • California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists
  • National Association for Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors
  • Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors
  • International Hypnosis Federation
  • International NLP Association
  • CEE & CEU credit available for licensed professionals

Two Training Options to Choose From:

• Hypnosis Practitioner Training Level 1 (40-hour course)

• Advanced Hypnotherapy Training (90 hours course – Includes both our Hypnosis Practitioner Level 1 & Hypnosis Training Level 2 and Certifications!)

In our Hypnosis Practitioner Training course, you can expect to learn the fundamental hypnosis skills such as hypnotic voice, suggestibility, inductions, and deepeners,  as well as learning the presenting problem protocol to assist you with your hypnosis session. Successful completion of this training qualifies you to hold the title of Certified Hypnosis Practitioner.

Understand what’s crucial to become a successful hypnotherapist.

This module gives you the hypnotherapy training foundation you need to begin to build your success and wrap your head around the concepts you’re about to learn.

Unit 1

Live Session Requirements

Unit 2

Hypnosis Classroom Link

Unit 3

Introduction to Hypnosis

Unit 4

Hypnosis Theories

Unit 5

Levels of Trance

Unit 6

• Assignment: Levels of Trance

Unit 7

The Unconscious Mind

Unit 8

Facts of the Unconscious Mind

Unit 9

• Assignment: Unconscious Mind

Unit 10

Conscious/Unconscious Conflict

Unit 11

• Assignment: Conscious/Unconscious Conflict

Learn where hypnosis got its start & it’s common myths.

See how hypnosis has evolved, the challenges it’s faced, and what practices are still in use today. This module helps to educate you so you can educate your client. An educated client is a successful client.

Learn the truth about hypnosis in this module. You’ll also learn about what hypnosis can do and what it cannot do. This is great information for helping out those skeptical clients and questioning family members! Understanding these common hypnosis myths is mission-critical to our client’s success.

Unit 1

Hypnosis in Ancient Times

Unit 2

Hypnosis in Modern Times

Unit 3

Hypnosis in the 20th Century

Unit 4

• Assignment: History of Hypnosis

Unit 5

Hypnosis Myths

Unit 6

• Assignment: Myths

Develop a Hypnotic Voice

Learn what to do to help someone achieve the hypnotic state. Discover how the subconscious mind reacts to tone, pitch, speed and banter. Master this skill with the content in this module and the rest will write itself.

Unit 1

The Elements Involved in Voice

Breakdown the Structure of a Session.

Seeing all the pieces come together will help paint the picture on just how critical each piece is. Consider what you know about hypnosis to be the edges of a vast jigsaw puzzle. This module will actually show you what the puzzle looks like, so you can put the rest of the pieces together.

Unit 1

The Session Overview

Unit 2

• Assignment : The Session

Get to know your client.

Learn to build genuine rapport, following the client, educating the client, eliciting their true presenting problem and writing their goals will become natural for you with our Presenting Problem Worksheet. You will not find this hypnotherapy training and coaching tool anywhere else. It makes it easy to coach and discover the information to create real change for your client.

Unit 1

The Purpose of a Pre-Induction

Unit 2

Rapport Building & Real Reflection

Unit 3

• Assignment: Pre-Induction

Unit 4

The Pre-Induction Model

Unit 5

Presenting Problem Breakdown

Unit 6

Related Feelings

Unit 7

Involved Behaviors

Unit 8


Unit 9

Presenting Problem Demonstration

Unit 10

Creating Goals

Unit 11

How to Form Goals

Unit 12

• Assignment: Presenting Problem

Understand the subconscious mind and how to work with it.

This module teaches you the ins and outs of the subconscious mind and how to work with it. Learn how to address it, the language patterns it prefers and how to incorporate that into your client’s needs. Detailed instructions as well as scripts for inductions are provided for you here in this module.

Unit 1

Determining Suggestibility

Unit 2

Suggestibility Tests

Unit 3

Purpose of Suggestibility Tests

Unit 4

• Assignment: Suggestibility Tests

Unit 5

Induction Overview

Unit 6

Induction Types

Unit 7

• Assignment: Induction

In this module, you’ll learn not only how to perform a deepener, but you’ll learn it’s importance, how to structure one, how the subconscious mind reacts to it, and how to write one based on your clients preferred modalities.

Unit 1

Deepeners Overview

Unit 2

Types of Deepeners

Unit 3

• Assignment: Deepeners

This is the Climax of a Session.

It’s where a client gets what they came for…a shift, a change, a completely new perspective. In this module, you’ll learn how to take a client’s goal and turn it into a suggestion that the subconscious mind will accept as reality. This is where all your training and all the time spent with the client up to this point will come into play. Learn how to utilize that time to create suggestions that are so powerful the client surpasses their goals.

Unit 1

Post-Hypnotic Suggestions Overview

Unit 2

Types of Suggestions

Unit 3

Delivering Post-Hypnotic Suggestions

Unit 4

Creating Post-Hypnotic Suggestions

Unit 5

• Assignment: Post-Hypnotic Suggestions

Unit 6

Intervention Scripts

Unit 7

• Assignment: Custom Intervention Scripts

How to Wrap Up Your Session.

Learn the language style that is needed to help solidify a successful session. You’ll learn and understand the importance of positivity at this point of the session and why it’s so critical. You’ll learn how to structure the discussion after the hypnotic session is over. Discover how to handle questions and how to move onto the next step.

Unit 1

Awakening Overview

Unit 2

Awakening Information

Unit 3

Post-Talk Overview

Unit 4

Elements of Post-Talk

Ethics are critical at every point of client interaction.

To bring more credibility to the field, we rely on each other to adhere to a high level of ethics. In this module, you’ll learn what the general ethics are, scope of practice, as well as being provided a sample of a Clients Bill of Rights to use yourself.

Unit 1

General Ethical Principles

Unit 2

• Assignment: Clients Bill of Rights

In our Advanced Hypnosis Training course, you will learn how to delve deeper into your client’s subconscious using Regression and Breathwork protocols as well as how to assist in pain management using Hypnosis.  Successful completion of this training qualifies you to hold the title of Certified Hypnotherapist. Completion of our Hypnosis Practitioner Training is required prior to beginning this course.

This advanced course will include the study into regression, a deeper understanding of the subconscious and how it ticks, and how to fully utilize its abilities to better the client and help them achieve their goals.

Advanced Hypnosis and the techniques taught focus on the transformation of a client’s deep subconscious beliefs about themselves and their perception of reality. You will learn how to integrate many tools (which we will teach you) to help elicit the best outcome for the client.

Unit 1 Welcome
Unit 2 Live Sessions
Unit 3 Who & What It Can Work With
Unit 4 Your Role as the Practitioner
Unit 5 General Guidelines for Practitioners
Learn our Universal Model to help your clients understand how their symptoms manifest.

Learn how Self-esteem is a part of their identity and helps shape how they see and react to their reality, which, in turn, helps your client recognize their inner critic.

Unit 1 How Symptoms Manifest
Unit 2 • Psyche Builder: Symptom Manifestation
Unit 3 The Impact of Self-Esteem
Unit 4 • Psyche Builder – My Self-Esteem
Unit 5 • Stealth Mission – Self-Esteem in Others
Unit 6 Understanding the Inner Critic
Unit 7 • Psyche Builder: My Inner Critic
Unit 8 • Stealth Mission : Inner Critic

Deep states impact the client at the deepest level of their subconscious. You are helping a client to tap into the event or belief that is causing the problem they are seeking help for.

Learn how to take your clients into deeper states using instantaneous inductions and advanced deepeners.

Unit 1 What are Deep States
Unit 2 • Psyche Builder – Deep States
Unit 3 • Hypnosis Exercise – Guided Meditation
Unit 4 How to Obtain Deep States
Unit 5 Deepeners
Unit 6 • Deepener Activity
Unit 7 Deepener Styles
Unit 8 Language Patterns
Unit 9 • Stealth Mission: Language Patterns
Unit 10 Communicating While in Deep States
Unit 11 Instantaneous Inductions
Unit 12 • Hypnosis Exercise – Instantaneous Inductions
Unit 13 Induction Styles
Unit 14 Live Session

Helping a client with pain control can have a myriad of benefits – not just the specific pain they came to you with. It can help to minimize or resolve fears, which can relieve stress and anxiety.

Learn how to help your client with pain management, dissociation, and pre-pain regression.

Unit 1 How Does it Work
Unit 2 Explaining Pain Management to Your Client
Unit 3 Considerations for Pain Management
Unit 4 • Hypnosis Exercise: Pain Managment Intake
Unit 5 Pain Management Techniques
Unit 6 The Pain Dial or Lever
Unit 7 Dissociation
Unit 8 Dilution
Unit 9 Pre-Pain Regression
Unit 10 Anesthesia
Unit 11 • Hypnosis Exercise: The Clamp Test
Unit 12 • Hypnosis Exercise: Pain Management Session

Regression & Breathwork

Unit 1 What is Regression?
Unit 2 Tips, Tricks, and FYI’s
Unit 3 Past Life Regression
Unit 4 Current Life Regression
Unit 5 Past and Current Life Regression Steps
Unit 6 Past & Current Life Regression Protocol
Unit 7 Inter-Life Regression
Unit 8 Inter-Life Regression Protocol
Unit 9 Breathwork to Regression
Unit 10 Educating the Client on Breathwork
Unit 11 Breathwork to Regression Protocol
Unit 12 • Psyche Builder: Breathwork
Unit 13 Live Session

Learn about the business and administration considerations for your hypnotherapy practice.
Unit 1 Contraindications
Unit 2 Ethics
Unit 3 Mandatory Reporting
Unit 4 Professional Referrals
Unit 5 Insurance as a form of payment
Unit 6 Other Effective Techniques

Unlimited Live Hypnosis Training Sessions Included!

You will be required to attend at least four online hypnosis training sessions during your Hypnosis Practitioner Training and ten during your Hypnotherapy Training. They are held in our online classrooms with your hypnotherapy instructor where you have the opportunity to get personalized, expert training in a small-group environment.

We encourage to attend as many live hypnosis training sessions as possible! You can attend them throughout your course, and even after. They are included with your course fee and give you the added value of learning from a professional clinical hypnotherapist where you can ask questions, practice hypnosis techniques, connect with other students, and get tips for building your hypnosis practice.

How your online Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Training work:

Once enrolled you will have access to your Student Dashboard and tools to start your course.

Elements of our Hypnotherapy Training Course:

Assignments are an integral part of your training. Receiving your certification is conditional upon your successful completion (80% grade or better) of all assignments. Some assignments may ask you to work with a volunteer of your choice. This can be a friend, family member, co-worker, or an actual client. Other assignments may ask you to complete a writing assignment or answer a question or to record yourself on audio. In lieu of recording, you may attend live training sessions to demonstrate your new skills with your trainer.

Most units begin with an audio introduction. Make sure to listen to the audios as directed in this manual.

The videos in this course are used as demonstrations. You will have the opportunity to watch a full session from beginning to end in Module 5. Then, that video is broken down into the parts of the session, which are covered in each module.

Live Training Sessions
You are able to attend live training sessions in our online classroom. These sessions are an opportunity for you to learn more about each topic covered in this course, practice your skills, see and participate in live demonstrations, and ask questions.

There are two types of live training sessions, “Hypnosis Any Module” sessions, which allow you to discuss anything in the training, and topic-specific classes. You are required to attend the topic-specific classes at least one time. Attendance in the hypnosis open class sessions is optional. It is highly recommended to attend as many live training sessions as possible to get the most from this training and develop your skills as an effective hypnotherapist. Directions for attending are in the first module of this course.

Upon successful completion of this course, you may request your certificate in the last unit.

Anytime you need help we are here for you. You can click on the “Questions?” chat box at the bottom right of the screen, email your trainer, or simply call us.

Hypnosis Practitioner Training and Certification is $499

Advanced Hypnosis Training and Certification is $599
(requires completion of Hypnosis Practitioner Training)

Hypnotherapy Combo Training & Certification is available for $899.

Or, get our Hypnosis Practitioner Level 1 training FREE when you enroll in our
NLP-Integrated Life Coach Training!*

Training Program:



One-time Price:

Payment Plan:

Hypnosis Practitioner

• Hypnosis Practitioner Level 1

• 100% Online Access
• Unlimited Live Training Sessions
• 1 Certificate
• Accredited by IHF



Hypnotherapy Combo

• Hypnosis Practitioner Level 1
• Advanced Hypnosis

• 100% Online Access
• Unlimited Live Training Sessions
• 2 Certificates
• Accredited by IHF


$315 x 3 months

Practitioner Combo

• Hypnosis Practitioner Level 1
• NLP Practitioner
• Bonus: Personal Development Program

• 100% Online Access
• Unlimited Live Training Sessions
• 2 Certificates
• Accredited by IHF
• Accredited by INA


$299 x 3 months

NLP- Practitioner

• Mindfulness Practitioner
• Hypnosis Practitioner Level 1
• NLP Practitioner
• Bonus: Personal Development Program

• 100% Online Access
• Unlimited Live Training Sessions
• 3 Certificates
• Accredited by IHF
• Accredited by INA


$340 x 4 months

NLP- Integrated
Life Coach Training

• Certified Life Coach
• NLP Practitioner
• NLP Master
Pay-in-Full BONUS:
• Hypnosis Training

• 100% Online Course
• Live Training Sessions
• Full Accreditation
• 3 Certificates
• Up to 60 ICF Hours (ACSTH)


$420 x 6 months

NLP- Integrated
Life Coach Training
Full ACC Package

• Certified Life Coach
• NLP Practitioner
• NLP Master
Pay-in-Full BONUS:
• Hypnosis Training

• Same as above, plus:
• 10 ICF Coach Mentor hours
• Ongoing Coach Supervision
• Advanced
• 100 Coach Performance Hours
• 60 ICF Hours (ACSTH)
• ICF Test Prep


$420 x 8 months

*Must choose pay-in-full option to receive our Hypnosis Training with your Life Coach Training enrollment.

Hypnotherapy Training Questions

How do you become a certified hypnotherapist?

Depending on your preference, you can go to a brick and mortal hypnotherapy training school and sit in a classroom, or, you can enjoy flexible learning and attend unlimited online classes. Upon completion of the course, you will be awarded certification. While this isn’t state-mandated, it helps a client to see that you’ve taken the time to really learn the craft.

Do I have to be licensed to practice Hypnotherapy?

While hypnotherapy is an unregulated profession (meaning you don’t have to get licensed) in most states in the U.S, it is important to find a credible and respected school to learn it. You should also check with your state for rules regarding advertising yourself as a Hypnotherapist or Hypnosis Practitioner.

How much does a certified hypnotherapist make?

The amount of money a certified hypnotherapist makes varies greatly per location, skill set, and other certifications/licenses. Many practitioners today also have training in life coaching, NLP, health coaching and other modalities. Be competitive with pricing so it reflects your level of training and work your way to higher rates. Your only limitation to income is yourself.

Is Hypnotherapy a good career?

Hypnotherapy is an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling career. People invest time and money to learn to practice things like hypnotherapy, life coaching, and NLP because they want to make a difference, which is what this career is all about.

What does a Hypnotherapist do?

As a hypnotist or hypnotherapist you get to help clients achieve what they couldn’t accomplish on their own. There is no better feeling than seeing a client reach beyond the goals they came to see you with and become a higher version of themselves.

What is the difference between a hypnotist and a Hypnotherapist?

A hypnotist has a ground-level understanding of how hypnosis works and how to employ techniques to help the client achieve goals.
A Hypnotherapist has much more in-depth training on how to facilitate deep and lasting change for the client at the root level. Hypnotists work with things like basic trance scripts and posthypnotic suggestions. Hypnotherapy works with root-level healing to change deep-seated beliefs and behaviors.  

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