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Meditation on WordsWords are strange.They have no significance other than what you provide them.There is no specific reason thundermust be the series of sounds we have all accepted say to represent the noise that clouds sometimes make.You can show that words have no significance quite easily.All you have to do is to repeat a word,…

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Meditation on Words

Words are strange.They have no significance other than what you provide them.There is no specific reason thunder
need to be the series of noises we have actually all accepted state to represent the sound that clouds in some cases make.You can reveal that words have no significance rather easily.All you have

to do is to duplicate a word, any word, over and over.It will quickly stop to have any significance at all It will seem completely odd to you.This is the basis of mantra meditation. By duplicating a word or phrase you eventually dissociate from it, the word and its significance different, and your mind then wanders off into trance.Another interesting experiment to do is to look for out what a word indicates to you personally, your own individual sense of it. Take an abstract word, not something ensured like the word kangaroo, nevertheless something you can not imagine directly. A word such as’towards’ or’together” or’apply ‘or something else abstract.Even the word ‘abstract ‘itself. Consider that word. A word like abstract may right away raise a photo of some crazy contemporary painting

. Nevertheless you can continue to contemplate the word, and ultimately you will discover that you get other images and sensations that involve that word.It is quite an interesting process, viewing your own mind at work. There will be some words that do not produce an instantaneous image, such as ‘towards’. Because case contemplate your word, keep concentrating on the word, and at some time you will get an image, and it will more than likely be something from your early childhood.Because these are words that might not be revealed to you in an image, they required to be revealed indirectly in some approach, and it most likely took numerous efforts prior to you understood what it recommended. And probably, what you get from your mind will be a memory of somebody or something acting out your word.So you never ever require to be tired when again when you are waiting in the departure lounge.

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