has anybody had success with Hypnosis as a treatment for

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Submitted by trg107 on 10/03/2012.

I protest medications in general, and my partner of 1 year has been on the same medications given that at first detected at age 14. He takes them religiously at the precise very same time every single day. I have a number of issues about this:1. I feel that its ended up being a security blanket for him and he’s acknowledged it as well, but is too afraid/dependent to get off. If he was at first recommended this as a kid, and he’s never been off of them given that, we have no idea what he resembles as a 35 y.o. adult off of the medications! Also, the quantity he is on is 2-3xs the recommended level for the prescription. We have no research study to my knowledge about long term impacts of these medications, specifically at the levels he is taking them at. How long is someone REALLY supposed to be on this stuff? How much do we TRULY know about long term impacts on health?

2. We talk about having a household … I question what effects these meds might have on my getting pregnant and potential abnormality, specifically thinking about the high level he is prescribed.3.

I have actually read online the favorable impacts of hypnosis for ‘curing’ ADHD, and I’ve pleaded him to consider it as an option. I would like to hear from others who have successfully or not successfully attempted hypnosis as an alternative treatment option.

Thank you for your feedback!

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