How to Hypnotize Someone in 5 Seconds

Sean hails from Southern Oregon. He likes to explore the science of thought and physical matter. How to Hypnotize Someone Instantly Canva Learn How to Hypnotize People InstantlyDo you want to learn how to hypnotize someone in just five seconds? Well, before we begin, let me tell you . . . I wrestled back and…

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Sean hails from Southern Oregon. He likes to explore the science of thought and physical matter.

How to Hypnotize Someone Instantly


Learn How to Hypnotize People Instantly

Do you want to learn how to hypnotize someone in just five seconds? Well, before we begin, let me tell you . . . I wrestled back and forth with myself about writing this article. I didn’t feel right giving out this information to the public, but when I saw videos on other sites detailing the following simple yet very powerful suggestive hypnotic method, I changed my mind.

I decided to go ahead with teaching the public how to place a subject into trance by hypnotic induction. However, I am urging you to please share this tool in a safe and responsible way. In this article, we will cover the following tips for beginners who are interested in hypnosis:

  1. What Is Rapid-Induction Hypnosis?
  2. How to Hypnotize Someone in 5 Seconds
  3. How to Tell If Someone Is Suggestible
  4. How to Hypnotize Someone to Make Them Fall Asleep
  5. How to Hypnotize Someone With Words
  6. How to Hypnotize a Friend and Control Them
  7. How to Use Hypnosis (Responsibly)
  8. Trance States in Everyday Life and Advertising
  9. What Is the Difference Between a Hypnotist and Hypnotherapist?
  10. The Benefits of Hypnotherapy
  11. Is Hypnosis Real?

Use These Techniques Responsibly

The following techniques are used as part of stage hypnosis. It is important to note that stage hypnotism is different from clinical hypnotherapy which is detailed below. I believe that if you are going to use hypnosis, it must be used responsibly. You and you alone are responsible for the safety of your subject when you have them in a trance-like state.

I am not a trained hypnotist nor am I a licensed practitioner of this practice. All the information I am giving you here is available to anyone seeking to learn how to do this technique. In most cases, you already do some of this in your day-to-day life and probably don’t even know it.

Use discretion with these techniques. Only use them if you have been trained or are very familiar with hypnosis techniques.

What Is Rapid-Induction Hypnosis?

Rapid-induction hypnosis is used most commonly in stage hypnosis. Stage hypnosis is performed in front of a crowd in a theater, club, or on the street for entertainment purposes. This technique is used by trained hypnotists to get a subject to enter into a trance state within a matter of seconds—generally under a minute.

The Difference Between Hypnosis and Trance

Hypnosis is one way to get into a trance state, but getting into a trance state can be achieved via sleep, meditation, and other methods of relaxation. We enter into trance states all throughout our day by watching TV, meditating, reading, playing music, etc. Hypnosis, however, is powerful in that it offers a quick entry into an artificially induced trance state during which a person becomes open to suggestion.

A group setting is often the perfect scenario for selecting a suggestible person for the purpose of hypnosis. When we are in a group of four or more people, we tend to let our guards down and are highly suggestible. This may be a normal part of the human condition.

For example, in a group, we are expected to behave in a certain way. So in order to be accepted by the group, we will behave in an expected way and go along with a situation for the sake of being accepted. It is important to note, however, a person who is in a hypnotic trance will not do anything that they would not normally do when awake.

Hypnosis is more easily aided in the presence of a crowd.

Jack Sharp

How to Hypnotize Someone in 5 Seconds

The following technique is great for beginners. Here, I walk you through the ideal scenario for inducing someone into a trance. To start, let us imagine you are at a party and you want to make an impression on the other guests. First, find a group of people and watch for a suggestible person by observing each group members’ behavior.

How to Tell If Someone Is Suggestible

Suggestibility means that a person is more likely to behave in a desirable way in a hypnotic state. It’s similar to the placebo effect: Believing in something often convinces an individual that it’s actually happening. This means that suggestible people accept hypnosis much more readily than others. It’s like someone telling you that the building you are in is on fire and you automatically run outside—without ever verifying that the building is actually on fire.

People who question everything are not considered suggestible and are unlikely to react to a suggestion, whereas other individuals may be more compliant, and others even more accepting and influenceable. These easily influenceable individuals are considered suggestible and make for perfect subjects for hypnosis. Once you have identified a person you think is a good subject, follow the instructions below.

Picking a Subject

When picking a person to place into a trance, watch their body language. A person making good eye contact that smiles when you smile or nods when you do is a great mark. A person with their arms folded or watching intently is skeptical and is not a good candidate.

How to Hypnotize Someone to Make Them Fall Asleep

  1. Identify a suggestible person in a group and approach them. Be observant. Look into the person’s eyes and establish their trust.
  2. Make a statement like, “It is hot in here,” followed by a reinforcing movement like fanning yourself. When speaking, sound confident and keep your voice monotone but authoritative.
  3. Face your subject and raise your hand as if to shake their hand all while seeming friendly.
  4. Have them look in your eyes and lock eyes with them.
  5. Take their hand and give it a quick, downward jerk. Don’t use too much force and keep the eyes of the person locked with yours.
  6. Raise your other hand to the middle of their back while stepping to the side of the person and command them to “Sleep!”

Expected Outcome

The person should go into a slump-like posture or they may begin to fall asleep and go limp. Make sure you have the person by the middle of their back to help give them support if needed and safely place the person flat on their back or into a waiting chair. Ask the other the spectators to help you if necessary.

Do this all in a smooth and quick transition. Quick action is what creates the break in the thought process of the person being hypnotized. There is a disrupt in the mental filter that separates our inner voice and thoughts from our sensory reality. This is the door to our suggested command to sleep, thus bypassing the person’s ability to filter the command out. This creates a split-second window of opportunity to get your command in.

How to Awaken Your Subject

Waking up your subject is fairly simple. To get them to wake up, tell them that you will count to five and that when you do, they will wake up feeling good and refreshed. Count to five and say with a powerfully authoritative voice, “Awake!”

Rapid-Onset Hypnosis Demonstration

Suggestible individuals are much more likely to be influenced into a trance state.

Jordan Whitfield

How to Hypnotize Someone With Words

You can also use specific words to influence a subject’s state of mind. For instance, if you are in a group of people, be engaging and look into peoples’ eyes as they speak to you. Listen to the way they talk and what they are talking about. You can build trust and rapport with your suggestible subject in this way once you have identified them.

Before you begin, set the stage by following cues in your subject’s facial expressions and body language to detect their emotional state and how they feel physically. Remember, it is said that the majority of all communication is nonverbal. By being observant, you can build trust with the person you want to put into a trance by following the technique below.

  1. Identify your subject and engage with them. Start by giving subtle, suggestible commands. Make statements like, “It is getting late, followed by physical reinforcing movements like yawning.
  2. Watch how they react to your suggestion and look for cues in their body language and facial expressions. (In a group of people, this can give you clues about who is the most suggestible.)
  3. Make sure to approach your chosen subject when they are in a group of friends. This way, you know they have their guard down. Use small talk and chat with the group. Once you feel you have their trust and some rapport, go ahead and ask if they want to see a trick. Most of the time they will say “yes.”
  4. Begin with the aforementioned technique. If the person does not immediately fall into a trance, keep using your suggestible commands to put them into a trance. Say things like, That’s good. Now keep feeling that way as you sleep.”
  5. Use your hands to guide their gaze down as you speak. Use phrases like, “You wouldn’t want that to happen now, would you?” The subconscious mind throws out negatives like (wouldn’t) and only recognizes the keywords and phrases like (“you want” and “that to happen” and “now”). Direct their gaze into your eyes to gain their focus.
  6. The person should immediately slump over and perhaps fall into you. It is important that you bring them close to you and guide them to your shoulder, turning their head to rest comfortably. It is important not to let them get hurt by falling onto you.
  7. Now, rub their back and say, “That’s good, that’s good. Now relax. Just feel yourself relax. You are fine.” By reassuring them, you give them a feeling that it is all going to be okay. It is a very good idea to have a person help you to seat your subject into a chair or lay them on a bed or sofa.
  8. Once the person is in the trance state and is in a safe, seated position, you can use the power of suggestion on your hypnotized subject. For example, you can tell them that when you count to three that they will open their eyes but that they will not remember their name.
  9. Count to three and tell them to open their eyes. When their eyes are open, ask them to tell you their name. They will be amazed that they can’t remember their own name.
  10. Awakening the subject is as easy as putting them back into a trance with the sleep command. Look them in the eyes and again, tell them to sleep, and place them back in the chair. Then, tell them that you will count to five and that they will awaken feeling good and refreshed.
  11. Count to five and say with a powerfully authoritative voice, “Awake!”

These techniques can be practiced and applied to friends in a safe environment.

Rosie Fraser

How to Hypnotize a Friend and Control Them

The following technique can be exercised on a friend with their consent.

  1. Stand or sit face-to-face. Look into the eyes of your subject. Have the person place their hand on top of yours, palm to palm. Tell your subject to continue to look into your eyes until you tell them to stop.
  2. Pause, and tell them that you will count to three and that on three, they will need to press down on your hand and that you will press up against theirs. Explain to them that what they will feel is your energy. Then, command them to listen to your instructions.
  3. As you count to three and they push down on your hand, keep the resistance at a low level at first. Then, begin to press harder up against their hand slowly. Tell them to press harder as well. As you feel the pressure of them pressing down, raise your other hand and place it over their eyes in a downward motion, caressing their brow slowly downward.
  4. Now say, As you press down on my hand, you will begin to feel as though your eyelids are getting heavier and heavier. You feel yourself sitting in your living room late at night watching an old black and white movie on the television. You feel your eyes drooping as you struggle to stay awake.” Mentally count to three and say “Now close your eyes.” Mentally count to three and say “Sleep!”
  5. Quickly swipe away your hand from them so they jerk forward in a falling motion. Remember to guide them to your shoulder, placing their head outward into the crook of your arm. Get some help and then put them in a chair seated upright comfortably. At this point, the person is in a trance and is highly suggestible.
  6. To awaken your subject, look them in the eyes and tell them that you will count to five and that they will awaken feeling good and refreshed.
  7. Count to five and say with a powerfully authoritative voice, “Awake!”

Arm-Pull Induction

How to Use Hypnosis (Responsibly)

As a note to beginners, I intentionally do not give you any words that one would give a person under trance for good reason. It is up to your discretion on what you want to command a person to do. Just remember that if it is something you wouldn’t do, they likely wouldn’t do it either.

Hypnosis can be used in social situations as long as the person doing the hypnotic induction has the proper training. Don’t trust any stranger you meet! Some people use hypnosis secretly to get someone to do what they want or for harmful intentions—like mind control. Remember: Use these techniques responsibly and only after you have been trained properly. Here’s how to use hypnosis with safety in mind:

  • Always make sure that your subject is consenting.
  • Always make sure that your subject will be supported and physically safe when they are in a trance state. It is your responsibility to supervise them until they return to consciousness.
  • Never use hypnosis to maliciously manipulate friends and strangers—this comes with major consequences.
  • Never use hypnosis to get someone to do something against their will.
  • Never use hypnosis on a minor.
  • Always act professionally; some stage or street performers may want to consider having insurance for legal protection.

Advertisers have used knowledge of hypnosis and trance-like induction to their advantage for decades.

Attentie Attentie

Trance States in Everyday Life and Advertising

We experience trance states every day of our lives. When you are day-dreaming, in deep thought, or even watching television, you are in a trance. When you are going to sleep at night, you are in a trance. Trance states are observed in science by brainwave activity. These waves change when a person’s brain becomes relaxed. A trance can be light or very deep like deep sleep.

It is not a secret that advertisers have used knowledge of trance states forever. They get our focus and then they pull us in with keywords and authoritative speech that enter the subconscious mind, bypassing our mental filters.

Even as you read this, your mind is focused on the words you are reading, and you are not fully aware of the world around you. So trance is a very natural state of mind and doesn’t feel weird or different from what you often feel every day. The different states that you may experience throughout the day are detailed in the table below.

Brain Waves and Trance States

State Wave Length Cycles per Second Circumstance


Gamma Waves

31–120 cps


Alert and aware

Beta Waves

2–30 cps

Conversation and activities


Alpha Waves

8–12 cps



Theta Waves

4–7 cps

Sleeping and dreaming


Delta Waves

0.5–0.3 cps

Sleeping and not dreaming

Learn the difference between hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

Priscilla Du Preez

What Is the Difference Between a Hypnotist and Hypnotherapist?

Hypnosis defines a mental state, whereas hypnotherapy is applied by a trained/licensed/certified professional who has undergone extensive training.

A hypnotist is someone who hypnotizes an individual either for entertainment value or other purposes—such as stage hypnosis—but it is not the same as clinical hypnosis as directed by a licensed professional.

The Benefits of Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis or hypnotherapy is not a therapy in itself, but a technique sometimes used by licensed therapists in conjunction with psychotherapy that employs guided relaxation and concentration to benefit the patient or client who is seeking treatment for mental health. It is often used to explore painful memories, thoughts, or feelings that tend to get buried in the subconscious. It may also be used to temporarily block the sensation of physical pain.

Is Hypnosis Also a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

Hypnosis is often incorporated into the category of psychotherapeutic treatments like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), interpersonal therapy (IPT), and neurofeedback techniques. It’s considered an aid to traditional psychotherapy and involves using verbal repetition and imagery. People interested in the responsible and ethical use of hypnotherapy can train to become certified hypnotherapists at an accredited school.

Clinical hypnosis may be used to assist in the following:

  • quitting smoking (smoking cessation)
  • losing weight
  • falling asleep
  • promoting calmness and relaxation
  • reducing stress and anxiety
  • resolving phobias
  • exploring conscious, subconscious, or unconscious trauma
  • reducing post-traumatic stress
  • subduing intrusive thoughts
  • overcoming chronic pain

According to WebMD.com, a hypnotherapy session might be used in one of two ways:

Suggestion Therapy

In suggestion therapy, hypnosis is used to help the client or patient better respond to suggestions that would benefit them, such as techniques that may help one with overcoming addiction, anxiety, or post-traumatic stress.

Patient Analysis

In patient analysis, hypnosis may be used to resurface a traumatic experience that might be buried in the subconscious or unconscious mind. Once the traumatic experience is unveiled, psychotherapy may be applied to work through and hopefully resolve the problem.

You, too, can benefit from hypnosis.

Lee Campbell

Is Hypnosis Real?

Remember, hypnosis is real and not a trick. If you choose to use these powerful tools of suggestion that I’ve mentioned above, use them responsibly. Hypnosis, when administered by a professional, has the potential to help people with chronic pain, anxiety, and stress, and may even promote relaxation and restful sleep . . . the possibilities are numerous.

Some people even use hypnosis to help them with day-to-day tasks like public speaking or for controlling their thoughts or even manifesting desires—often this is done by listening to audio programs or attending live trainings. Clinical hypnosis, too, has been used to defeat addictions and bad habits when used in conjunction with traditional psychotherapy. However, if you are particularly interested in basic stage hypnosis, consider attending a live seminar and learn the techniques for yourself.

You can find free hypnosis downloads or audio recordings online if you’d like to experiment. Always be sure to use these resources responsibly and keep safety in mind (e.g., do not use them while driving!). There are many positive benefits that can be gained from mindfulness, meditation, and hypnosis. See for yourself if it works! You may find more answers and information by reading through the comments section below.


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This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

Questions & Answers

Question: Is it dangerous to hypnotize someone? Is it possible that they won’t wake up?

Answer: If the person does not reach full consciousness, let the person sleep until they arise rested on their own in their own time. You cannot cause someone to stay in a trance forever.

Question: How can I instantly hypnotize someone without their knowledge?

Answer: The moment you enter into your technique the person you are placing into a trance is going to know you are up to something. The key is to maintain focus and to keep them following your instructions.

Question: Can everyone hypnotize people?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Can a person wake up from a hypnotized state?

Answer: Yes, they will wake up. No one stays in a trance forever.

Question: Where can I train to be a hypnotist?

Answer: Many schools around the world teach hypnosis and its many related subjects. Search online for a local hypnosis institute in your area.

Question: How come my friend didn’t fall asleep when I tried to hypnotize them?

Answer: Some people will only go into a light trance; they don’t actually fall into a deep sleep. People will react differently to a trance. No one reacts the same way. Try your hypnosis skills on a new person.

Question: How do you get a person out of a trance?

Answer: Count down from five to one, and then tell them that upon one they will awake feeling refreshed and they will be fine and ready to go about their day. It really is that simple.

Question: Will hypnosis help me stop a family member change his or her bad habits such as drug abuse, smoking, or alcoholism?

Answer: Yes. If you take your friend or family member to a properly trained professional hypnotist, they can help them through their issues. Addiction is no laughing matter and should be taken as seriously as any other disease.

Question: How can I use hypnosis to stimulate a woman to arousal through mobile phone messages and without putting her to sleep?

Answer: I think you should try talking to her while she’s wide awake instead. This is always one of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to hypnosis. Of course, you can hypnotize a girl to want to be with you; it’s as easy as getting her interested in anything else, but why would you want to? It’s a slimeball move. Why not just try to talk to her and see if you can get her to like you? It would work out better for you in the end because she’ll like you for who you are, and not because you hypnotized her or tried to get her hot and bothered by sending her sexual text messages. This is a moral dilemma for you, my friend.

Question: In the section titled “Quick Hypnosis For Friends,” number five says you have to have the proper training to do the hypnotic technique. I’m confused. Can I do this hypnotic trick with friends or not?

Answer: I don’t see why you couldn’t do this to your friends if you tried and if they were suggestible enough to have it done to them. This article is about rapid induction hypnosis techniques, hence the “five seconds.” At the beginning of the article, I mention that untrained people should probably not do this. That is not to say that people will not try to do this anyways without my article or my help. I feel safer putting this information out there so that people who will try will at least know what they’re doing and do it the proper way. I have never stopped commenting on my article since I wrote it in 2009 because I feel it is my responsibility to make sure that the proper way of doing this is put out there. If a person takes this information and does something illegal, harmful, or against a person’s free will then the responsibility for such an action is on that of the person who committed the act. I feel that the instructions given here are safe. But like anything, the information can be used negatively. Use your discretion and please use your judgment when trying to hypnotize others.

Question: Can you explain the idea behind pushing the hand down?

Answer: The forceful thrust down is a way to throw off the body’s internal dialogue or monologue as it is called. You go from your inner thoughts while focused on a person and listening to their commands, to a sudden physical down thrust that discombobulates the internal thought process leaving the cognitive filters in our minds exposed. Your guard is let down, which is how a hypnotist can slip in commands and suggestions. It is a thought pattern mind hack.

Question: Are really, really hot girls more hypnotic looking to boys?

Answer: Anything able to catch our focus for any length of time is in a sense creating a hypnotic state. Yes this includes the pretty girl.

Question: Could I erase the memory of someone from another person’s mind with hypnosis?

Answer: You can try to implant covert and subtle subcommands that the subject is unaware of. You should read my covert hypnosis techniques article; you can find it in my profile. I do believe that there is also lots of information out there on the internet.

Question: What do I do after I hypnotize someone?

Answer: Give them commands like… “You feel as though your legs are getting heavy. Now as I talk you feel them growing even more heavy as if they are made of lead. Now they feel as though the floor and your legs have fused together and if you try to move them you will find (they are stuck in place). No matter how hard you try you still find your legs (stuck in place).

Once you are finished tell them, ” As I count from one to five you will find you are able to move your legs and that you are feeling awake aware and feeling great. Then count to five and watch as your friend or loved one comes out of trance and is able to move again.

Question: What are the dangers of hypnosis?

Answer: There is no real danger, but problems can stem from an inexperienced hypnotist who acts irresponsibly when with a subject who is in a trance. It is up to the hypnotist to make sure the environment and setting are safe and that the subject is not overlooked after the trance has ended. It is the responsibility of the hypnotist to make sure that the subject is wide awake and has not been negatively impacted by any suggestive commands given while under a trance.

Should a subject become disoriented, feel overly sleepy after the trance, suffer headaches and eye strain, or become less responsive to outside stimulus, more attention must be given to the subject.

If such an occasion should occur, it is important that the subject is immediately placed under trance again and be redirected into a deep sleep. While under a deep sleep, a hypnotist should command them to wake up feeling refreshed and to let go of all previous trance commands. By practicing safe and responsible hypnosis and making sure that your subject is taken care of, all things should be fine. And if you are unable to get the person who placed you into a trance to help you, you should find another hypnotist to help put you back into this deep trance-like sleep and release you from previous commands.

Question: Can I use another language or must the hypnosis be in English?

Answer: As long as the techniques or similar there is no problem.

Question: Can you freeze a person through hypnosis?

Answer: You can if you have hypnotized them at an earlier date with that command embedded in their subconscious. “From now on when I see you and I say the term Ice you will be unable to move or speak.”

But remember they can snap out of the trance once their own cognitive abilities take hold. Awareness breaks the trance.

Question: And how do you wake someone up from hypnosis?

Answer: You command them to wake by saying, “When I snap my fingers on the count of three you will wake up feeling refreshed with no memory of what just happened.” Or try, “When I count to three you will wake feeling good confident and refreshed feeling only positive and good emotions. One, two, three… Awake!”

Question: How do I hypnotize someone with words and hands?

Answer: Use tacit touch like a hand on their shoulder when relaying something you want them to remember so later on when you touch their shoulder again it ques the unconscious emotions that were planted there at an earlier time. You can also snap your fingers or and use confusion induction such as saying, “I remembered tomorrow (what I needed) yesterday (that I had) (to forget about) it to remember (what I said.”)

Question: How long does a person stay hypnotized?

Answer: Until you command them to awake

Question: Is hypnotizing people real?

Answer: Trance state or being hypnotized is very real. You are in trance right now reading my answer. Anything that takes you out of your immediate surroundings which by the way is how we stay alive by being totally aware will put you into a trance, reading a book, listening to music, watching T.V., playing on the internet. All these activities create mild trance states. It is why when you are concentrating on something and you are interrupted you feel put out or off some how.

Question: Can hypnotizing someone be dangerous to them?

Answer: No

Question: if a person gets hypnotised what is the minimum time for them to get up?

Answer: There is no minimum time… Lets say you have someone that wants to stop smoking. The last thing you want that person to do is to wake up out of the subliminal trance you placed them in at an earlier time. Using anchors, and commands you can trigger the trance anytime in the future and place them back into the trance state. It is very useful when battling weight loss and addiction.

Question: can you tell people to do something in a trance?

Answer: Yes, you are embedding thoughts and actions into their subconscious.

Question: Can I hypnotize someone to do what I say?

Answer: Yes, but asking them to attack someone or hurt themselves will not work.

© 2009 Sean Jankowski


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Yeah just like the other one. Your articles are made from bullshit its impossible to hypnotize someone in 5 minutes you waste time. On articles to try and get into some poor womens pants. Stop spreading false knowledge. Thank you.

Sean Jankowski (author) from Southern Oregon on October 20, 2019:

I’m not exactly sure what you are asking here. If you question whether or not you should do this to your best friend forever well I’d say no. If you don’t feel confident in doing this then don’t. But as far as will it harm them… No it won’t.

Lyla on October 19, 2019:

what will happened if they are your BFF. I can’t let my friend will not remember me. They are my BFF FOREVER!

Sean Jankowski (author) from Southern Oregon on October 09, 2019:

All depends on the person you want to place into trance. It will work once you get the right person.

Michaela on October 08, 2019:

Will this acully work I’ve tried other ways…

Sean Jankowski (author) from Southern Oregon on September 30, 2019:

Providing information is not illegal.

Tony Ruggia on September 27, 2019:

What you described here is a crime. You want someone to stalk and then go hypnotize him or her. A TOTAL STRANGER AT A PARTY.

Are you kidding?

Also, it’s not as simple as you allege.

Quick induction s are the most difficult to master.AND IT TAKES A LONG TIME to do what you described

David on September 23, 2019:

Can I use Hypnosis on my Kids to make them go to bed so my Wife and I can have alone time?

Ataur on August 14, 2019:

Nice tomeeto

Kapri on August 05, 2019:

Can you text me back and tell me how to hypnotize the person cuz I really need them hypnotized

Richard on July 22, 2019:

Can a professional hypnotist help someone with stage IV cancer? Need to help friend to eat without metallic taste. Also, can the “mind” target their own cancer/tumors internally to the point that they shrink and or die? Books on medical marvels imply this IS possible (even without hypnotism) but difficult. Hypnosis – could make this easier or more successful, perhaps?

Trent on June 06, 2019:

It was epic

Chrissy on May 29, 2019:

How do i text love hypnosis

Eriel on May 29, 2019:

If some body is in trance you can tell them commends and they will do that. Or its only in the movies.

Liam.bell@bcc.nsw.edu.au on May 20, 2019:

Can you make someone think something

Sean Jankowski (author) from Southern Oregon on April 26, 2019:

Have you tried talking to him directly about your want for attention? I think the direct approach always works best rather then covert coercion or rapid induction trance.

The technique us really a parlor trick for stage hypnotists to get a subject into trance immediately and is not practical for applications like mesmerizing your boyfriend or a person that you want to like you.

Sean Jankowski (author) from Southern Oregon on April 26, 2019:

I hear this all the time on here. If you go back through the comment thread there are many successes and many failures. I always tell everyone the same thing…

You can keep trying or just move on and find a resource that you feel more comfortable with. I do not guarantee it will work for everyone. I can only tell you how it’s done and if you find the right person it will work. I wish you success with your endeavors.

mercy on April 25, 2019:

if i want the my boyfriend to pay attention to me can i use this techniques

V1nyl on April 24, 2019:

Um, it sort of works. except for the part when you hypnotize them.

Sean Jankowski (author) from Southern Oregon on April 15, 2019:


How old is your daughter? Perhaps she’s being influenced in ways over there you don’t know about. Gossip and rumor can be very destructive in our lives. Maybe she’s afraid to tell you what she’s experiencing.

I doubt she’s being hypnotized to act that way towards you. Try open dialogue and see how it goes.

Marcie on April 07, 2019:

My daughter goes to her cousins alot but when she gets home she acts different emotionless towards me and when i ask her something she says what do you mean is she being hypnotize to act this way towards me.

Sean Jankowski (author) from Southern Oregon on March 30, 2019:

Nick I’m not sure what to tell you. I’m sorry it didn’t work for you. You can always try someone else’s online write up and technique regarding hypnosis and maybe then you will have success.

Nick on March 30, 2019:

I tried all the instructions but it didn’t work

Hypnotising on March 25, 2019:

Strategy one is not working

Sean Jankowski (author) from Southern Oregon on March 10, 2019:

If you mean instantaneously no. You need to interrupt the person’s cognitive filters. If you follow the guide above you can approach the person as they come out the door. Then follow steps.

Nick on March 09, 2019:

Is it possible to hypnotize someone by surprise? Example, your waiting for your friend to come out the door and hypnotize him by surprise without him knowing.

Gabriel on March 09, 2019:

Hope it works

david thorne, canvey island on February 28, 2019:

hello I am looking for something it this on my mind a lot it this cazy drive me It case tromble with my family and the police are looking in to I told truth about more time , well it incode in me I don’t want be that person said I miss the person back in 2003, I don’t like that person the word is rape and when get close family members it strat up I clam down it half work , I know someone grab me quite hard if anyone cluold in looking it

Sean Jankowski (author) from Southern Oregon on February 26, 2019:

James try the technique I wrote about in this article. If it does not work then she may just not be that influenced by trance which a certain amount of the population are not.

Claire you can do NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programing where hidden ideas and commands or placed into statements leading the person’s thoughts without them knowing.

Claire on February 25, 2019:

Is there a way to hypnotize someone without putting them into a trance?

James on February 25, 2019:

Hi i want to hypnotise my gf but im not sure if itll work and i think it will be werid if it doesnt do you have any tips to make this work or things tgat are really inportant to make this work

Ava on February 21, 2019:

Hi this is good info to use I am very young and wish to learn all about hypnosis

Sean Jankowski (author) from Southern Oregon on February 11, 2019:

Fatima; yes they can.

Quicksand; It doesn’t matter what time of the day it is.

BarbeeDoll; Yes it can be a one on one. Watch some Darren Brown street hypnosis on youtube.

PB; if you are antisocial this may be a great way to combat that and get out there and find yourself making friends.

Kk; No they will not.

Leo; when their face goes wooden and they close their eyes.

Fatima on February 07, 2019:

Can the hypnotized person answer questions ?

Quicksand on January 31, 2019:

What if you try to hypnotize during the day and your subject is wide awake?

Rajasekhar on January 22, 2019:

How to hypnotise un known person?

BarbeeDoll on January 19, 2019:

Can the hypnosis be done with just you and the person your hypnosing? Like 1 on 1? Also, if i was trying to get someone to tell nothing but the truth…. Is this safe?

P.B. on January 12, 2019:

What if your anti-social

Kk unicorn on January 10, 2019:

Will the person do anything you ask

Leo on November 27, 2018:

How do you know they not acting

Zoe on November 21, 2018:

So cool

Leah on November 18, 2018:


I feel so good after that

Sean Jankowski (author) from Southern Oregon on November 18, 2018:

I have used this technique and it works. If it does not work for you then I suggest trying again later on a different subject (person).

Me on November 18, 2018:

Does this really work???

Sean Jankowski (author) from Southern Oregon on November 16, 2018:

The only way to know is to try.

Anonamyse on November 15, 2018:

Even though I haven’t tried any of these,it’s pretty obvious it’s not going to work.

Reyna McLaney on November 03, 2018:

I agree with Michael Moore.

Michael Moore on October 28, 2018:

This was not helpful at all

shaam on October 10, 2018:

Can you explain me what do u mean by “a quick down jerk”

Farouq on October 01, 2018:

Is hypnotist bad

Bella on September 30, 2018:

Well what if I don’t want to go to a school but I don’t exactly understand and try but can’t hypnotize anyone

Boi on September 21, 2018:

Boi get your hairline straight.

Khan on September 19, 2018:

Is it possible that someone have hipnotise to a girl and then he will sex with her or say do that activities whatever the person want ?

I mean if someone do hipnotise me and give me command “remove your close”

Is it possible that i will remove my cloth ?

Noah on September 10, 2018:

How do you make them act like a chicken

Jessica on August 31, 2018:

I don’t think i’m doung the technique well. Is there an easier technique?

Jae on August 31, 2018:

How do you wake them up

Callistus on August 01, 2018:

Can we seduce a girl by your so called hypnotising methods?

Martin on July 20, 2018:

My girlfried hopefully to be wife some day has a really big bad temper issue. She blows up for nothing. I know she loves me but shes had so many bad experiences in her life that now affects our relationship. I trully love this woman and i would like to do something like put her in a trance and suggest to be in peace without her knowing. Can this be done. She is a very smart woman, but very proude and untrusting for everything.. please let me know.

Sean Jankowski (author) from Southern Oregon on July 18, 2018:

There are many schools… you need to do some foot work.

Welcome to the National Guild of Hypnotists

Deenadhayal on July 16, 2018:

Hi , I want to learn hypnotism properly, could you suggest me a good source

Me on July 12, 2018:



Sean Jankowski (author) from Southern Oregon on July 07, 2018:

On most people it does work. Some though are tougher to place into trance then others. It is not a parlor trick… although it can be used as one in the right setting.

Sean Jankowski (author) from Southern Oregon on July 07, 2018:

Look into the person’s eyes you are placing into trance. Maintain your gaze into their eyes as you lower your face downward always keeping eye contact. Then place your palm on theirs telling them to push down on your upward facing palm. As they do withdraw your hand quickly away and order them to “SLEEP”. As they fall into trance it is up to you to reassure them they are okay and to then place them into a seated position.

Ellie on July 05, 2018:

Does this actually works

kevin on July 05, 2018:

how do u push ur hand downwards

Sean Jankowski (author) from Southern Oregon on July 01, 2018:

Remember that hypnosis is hyper concentration and focus so profound it can alter our perception.

Connie ballard on June 18, 2018:

It worked so well

sonu kandel on June 15, 2018:

how can control other mind

will on May 31, 2018:

how do you get the friend of sort out of the trance in a safe easy way!

Sean Jankowski (author) from Southern Oregon on May 26, 2018:

X Files,

In the way that bypassing mental filters is all in how you take in the information presented. Let down the guards of your inhibitions and take the journey and see where it leads. Be sure of yourself and practice if you want to be adept.


If the subject is still in trance then simply order them to be awake and aware of their surroundings. If the subject seems to stay in trance simply lead them to a bed or chair and order them to fall into a deep and restful sleep upon which when they rise they will feel great and rested ready to begin a new.

Tony Watterson on May 26, 2018:

How to stop the trance

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