How Do Subliminal Affirmations Work?

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Just a heads up, This Post May Contain Affiliate Links, Read My Disclaimer For More Information!

If somebody told you that a simple set of positive statements could change your life, would you believe them?

How about if you couldn’t even hear those statements on a conscious level?

It may seem crazy but it’s true!

Subliminal affirmations are the ultimate tool for bringing everything you could ever want into your current experience.

Whether that be physical “stuff” or simply more mental and emotional stability…

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So what are subliminal affirmations and how do they work?

Subliminal affirmations are positive statements that can only be heard by the subconscious mind…

More specifically…

They are re-programming triggers layered beneath an audio file.

Your conscious mind hears nothing but the audio track itself…

The subconscious mind, however, is able to hear the underlying messages beneath the soft music, or whale sounds… or whatever your preferred audio may be…

When these messages are heard they are then stored into deep-seated parts of your mind, which allows the chosen subliminal to manifest into your reality.

There are many great benefits and ways to improve your life with these sound waves such as:

  • Weightloss.
  • Attracting money and wealth.
  • Eliminating stress and anxiety.
  • Getting rid of fear and insecurities.
  • Increased memory.
  • Mastering the law of attraction.

Subliminals can be used for just about anything, and each track is specifically engineered for a particular want, need, or desire you want to manifest.

If you’d like to learn more about what these audio tracks can do for you, and download one for yourself, I recommend you take a look at Subliminal Guru.

The reason I like their programs the most is that they use four different methods to shift you into a receptive state of consciousness, which makes the process much more effective.

Also, they’re transparent about what the affirmations actually are in each audio track, so there’s no worry about what you’re feeding your brain!

Consciousness, Subconsciousness, and Unconsciousness.

In order to understand how subliminal affirmations work, you first need to learn just how the brain adopts these new patterns of thought.

As a human being, you are forever learning and adapting to new thought patterns…

Even on the most mundane of days, the neurons in your brain are repeatedly making new connections.

Your daily thoughts, interactions, and environmental circumstances are all significant factors that contribute to the development of your brain.

But there is more to it than simply experiencing and processing.

In fact…

Thought Patterns Are Processed Differently Depending On Your Current Awareness…

The famous Austrian neurologist Sigmund Freud, theorized about how the different states of awareness operate in his 3 level mind model.

According to Freud, consciousness can be broken down to 3 different levels.


The conscious level of the mind is most active when your awareness is centered on the present moment.

For example, you are experiencing conscious awareness when you…

  • Notice the cool breeze on your skin.
  • Smell the sweet scent of a wildflower.
  • Experience a spike of alertness when faced with an unexpected challenge.


The subconscious level of the mind is always active but there are times when we dive in deeper such as when we daydream.

The subconscious governs the thoughts, emotions, and actions that appear to be automatic.

For example:

  • The movements of your arms and legs as you walk.
  • Your body language.
  • The deep but random mind chatter playing in your head.


The unconscious level of the mind consists of the thoughts and “lost memories” that contribute to your conditioning.

For example:

  • The major things in life that are important to you (eg: family).
  • Your morals.
  • Deep seeded fears and goals.

Another example of the unconscious becoming active within your conscious experience is the fight-or-flight response.

This instinct rises from within without conscious reasoning, in order to protect you from danger.

So you see, conscious understanding is surface level…

and the unconscious part of the brain develops over a long period of time…

But when it comes to grasping and adopting new concepts, the subconscious mind is where it’s at!

Subconscious understanding feels natural…

As if your thoughts were on autopilot.

There is no seeking to remember…

The understanding is simply there…

Just as your legs move back and forth automatically when you need to move from one place to another.

This is why subliminal affirmations are designed to target the subconscious mind directly…

To make positive thought patterns automatic and manifestation simple!

How Do Subliminal Affirmations Work?

Subliminal affirmations bypass the conscious processing part of your brain and hit the subconscious mind directly.


By being hidden under audio layers.

It works like this…

You put on a pair of headphones and turn on your favorite subliminal affirmation programme…

As the soothing music starts up, your conscious mind immediately goes to work.

Its complete attention becomes focused on processing the sound waves of the audio track.

This decoy makes for the perfect distraction.

The subliminal affirmations become isolated.

And who should move in to sweep them up?

The subconscious mind!

Neurons quickly start connecting and when this process is repeated over time, the subliminal affirmations begin to be adopted as truth.

When a new belief system has been created within the subconscious mind, a complete mindset transformation occurs.

How Subliminal Affirmations Counter Negative Thoughts

Unlike consciously recited affirmations, subliminals are immune to the pessimistic feedback of the ego.

Think about it…

Have you ever said something positive to yourself only to be bought back down by self-doubt?

“Logical reasoning” likes to make an excuse as to why something might be “too hard” for you to achieve…

You want to believe that a positive change is coming your way but the fact is that your ego just won’t allow it.

Now it’s important to understand that the ego is not some evil force within us…

However, it is primitive and in most people, it has taken over more than it should have.

The truth is, that the ego doesn’t like change…

Change in primitive times was considered dangerous and therefore any time you attempt to reach new heights, the ego will inject a sense of fear.

When you listen to subliminal affirmations, it is impossible to encounter the pessimistic voice of the ego.


Because the conscious mind is far too preoccupied with that sweet music to realize that you are feeding your brain with positive transformation.

If you fall asleep while listening to subliminals, even better…

During sleep, your conscious mind becomes almost completely inactive and your unconscious and subconscious minds gain increased awareness to be able to process information.

The Power Of Repetition.

It’s important to note that subliminal affirmations require repetition to work.

The subconscious mind stops developing at 7 years old and therefore is best taught as if it were a 7-year-old child.

In order to create new beliefs and lasting thought patterns, the subconscious mind requires repetition.

Think of the example given earlier about your subconscious mind being responsible for the back and forward motion of your legs when walking.

That motion is automatic right?

You don’t really have to think about it anymore…

You just do it.

But when you were first learning to walk you practised this motion over and over again…

Sometimes you wobbled.

Other times you fell.

Eventually, you learned how to walk and now you probably don’t even think about it.

You learned through repetition and now those motions are automatic.

You have trained your subconscious mind many, many times before…

But how far have you actually pushed it?

Why Do People Use Subliminal Affirmations?

People use subliminal affirmations in order to restructure thought patterns.

At very least, this leads to calmer reactions to stressful situations and the ability to find more moments of joy and abundance in life.

There is nothing more powerful than the human mind and using subliminal affirmations is the ultimate way to start reaching new heights in life…

Subliminal affirmations can help you to achieve things that you have only ever dreamed possible.

Are Subliminal Affirmations Simply The Ultimate Placebo?

Yes and no…

Subliminal affirmations are used in accordance with The Law of Attraction.

The idea is that like attracts like…

So if you think a certain way, you will attract scenarios that match that way of thinking…

If you think you are confident and feel you are confident…

You eventually become confident…

When you think about it, the whole Law of Attraction is all based on placebo…

We placebo our minds into thinking something exists…

When in reality, it doesn’t…


But there is something uniquely special behind the placebo effect.

There are countless studies where placebos have produced amazing results.

Researchers who labeled plain old water as “medicine” have been amazed to find people who took the phoney cure, actually experiencing relief from their symptoms.

What does this tell us?

There is nothing greater than the power of the mind!

When it comes to manifestation…

It’s the placebo effect on your thoughts and emotion that allows you to achieve an exact match energetic frequency with your desires.

This increases your power to manifest tenfold!

Yes, subliminals (and affirmations in general) are a placebo for your mindset but hey!

They work!

And that is the most important thing.

How Can Subliminal Affirmations Help You To Manifest?

Some subliminal programs specialize in helping people to manifest.

This means you can target exactly what it is that you desire and the program will centre it’s subliminal affirmations around you receiving what you want.

Basically, by restructuring the thought patterns in the brain, subliminal affirmations can break down limiting beliefs and create thought frequencies with the same vibration as that of which you desire.

Sure, regular affirmations are great but they won’t embed themselves into your subconscious mind as fast as subliminal affirmations will.

How Are Subliminal Affirmations Better Than Regular Affirmations?

The difference between using subliminals and simply reciting daily affirmations is the direct effect on the subconscious mind.

When you use subliminals, you bypass the conscious reasoning part of the brain.

Direct impact on the subconscious mind means avoiding conflict with the ego and thus establishing new thought patterns fast.

Using subliminal affirmations also enables you to remain consciously aware of whatever you’re doing.

This means that you can continue with most daily tasks without having to make space in your routine for affirmations.

Many people like to listen to subliminal affirmations while studying, working, exercising and reading, although it is sometimes recommended not to use them while driving or operating heavy machinery.

Are All Subliminals The Same?


The truth is that anyone can make their own subliminal affirmations.

Sure that sounds great but the downside to this is the insane amount of audio tracks posted online by people who don’t actually understand how the subconscious mind works.

One example is the way that language is being used.

The subconscious mind does not comprehend context and therefore, many people have included damaging language in their subliminal tracks without even realizing it.

Here is an example of how this works…

Don’t think of a black cat!!

What just popped into your mind?

Was it a black cat?

Can you see how the mind struggles to separate the concepts of “do” and “do not”?

When it comes to the subconscious, there is no positive or negative…

There just is.

You can see why affirmations such as “I am debt-free”, can easily be taken out of context by the subconscious mind.

“I am debt-free.”  easily becomes “I am debt.”

When listened to over a long period of time, this statement will contribute to the manifestation of poverty.

This is why I am really particular about the subliminals I use…

I recommend the website “Subliminal Guru” for trustworthy and professionally developed subliminal affirmations.

If you are looking for reliable audios be sure to check them out!

Download two FREE tracks of your choosing from Subliminal Guru here.

Can Subliminals Be Dangerous?


Recently a bunch of youtube channels were banned after it was found that they were delivering some very frightening subliminal messages!

Some people will tell you that their subliminals will help you when in reality, their real goal is for you to boost their youtube rankings.

Be aware of hidden agendas!

Again, this comes down to getting what you pay for.

Not everyone has pure intentions so it is best to look for programs being created under teams of professionals.

How Long Should You Listen To Subliminal Affirmations For?

Most people suggest listening to subliminal affirmations for 4 – 12 weeks.

This time frame works great for a lot of people and most start seeing results within the first month.

The best way to fully incorporate subliminals into your life, however, is to make them part of your daily manifestation routine.

Commit to your chosen subliminal program, at least until you receive your desired results.

It only takes around 15 minutes a day and can be done in accordance with your own unique schedule…

If you are worried about not having time, try listening while exercising, studying or even while sleeping.

Always remember that every person’s response to subliminal affirmations is unique to them.

Some people may start feeling a change straight away, and others might not notice a difference until a few weeks later.

Some people experience lasting transformation after one round of a program and others will complete the program but continue to listen every so often purely for maintenance sake.

The key is to not place yourself in any kind of box.

Your needs are uniquely yours.

How Do You Achieve The Best Results From Subliminals

Here are some things you can do to ensure you get the best and fastest results from your subliminal program:

1.) Be Open To Subliminals Transforming Your Life.

Using subliminals is all about reprogramming your mind.

The first step is to open up to that process and get excited about receiving some real results.

It’s normal to be skeptical when you try something new for the first time…

Just don’t build a wall out of that skepticism.

As long as you are getting your subliminal affirmations from a reputable source, there is nothing to be afraid of.

Believe and you shall receive!

2.) Commit To A Little Each Day.

The secret behind fast and effective results using subliminal affirmations is your ability to commit to using them on a daily basis.

When it comes to training the subconscious mind, repetition is key!

Don’t think that subliminals are some magic pill or easy fix to all your problems.

This is not the case.

There is a required amount of effort and commitment involved if you really want to see lasting results.

3.) Listen At A Comfortable Volume.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking…

“I can’t hear the affirmations so I should turn it up louder.”

This is not necessary and will be more of a distraction than anything else.

Listening to your subliminal affirmations at a comfortable volume where you can still hear yourself think is really important.

The idea is for the subconscious mind to be relaxed and for the whole experience to be natural instead of adding extra pressure on the brain (and eardrums).

4.) Keep A Journal To Document Your Transformation

Keeping a journal is a huge motivating factor!

When using subliminal affirmations, you are probably not going to simply wake up one day completely transformed.

The journey to transformation is exactly that… a journey.

Keeping a journal to document everything from increased positivity to new opportunities can help you to stay motivated and continue your subliminal practice.

As your life begins to change, you will gain new perspectives and be able to look back on just how far you have come.

5.) Don’t Bombard The Subconscious Mind With Too Many Subliminals.

Stick to one subliminal program at a time until you have achieved your desired results.

Don’t make things difficult by introducing new thought patterns before you have finished processing the last ones.

If you are using subliminal affirmations to manifest, focus on your one desire and wait for it to materialize before setting your sights on something new.

The more joy and abundance you can bring in with subliminal affirmations, the more faith you will have in the whole process.

This faith will create a foundation for you to begin manifesting even bigger desires, faster than ever before.

6.) Try Visualizing Your Desired Scenario As You Listen

Now, this tip may not be the most practical for times when you are studying or reading but it’s perfect for when you are listening during quieter times.

When incorporating your subliminal affirmations into meditation or even when listening before sleep, try to supercharge them by adding in some visualization time.

Visualization is the most powerful way you can start seeing results with your desires.

Many sports stars, musicians and even successful entrepreneurs credit their success to their ability to visualize.

Visualization is simply the art of imagining.

Imagine your desired scenario.

Make sure that the scene is relevant to the subliminal affirmations you are listening to.

Focus on the way your desired outcome looks and feels…

Imagine yourself living out your dreams.

This tip is not necessarily a must-do, but it is a powerful technique for those wanting to take subliminal affirmations to the next level.

7.) Maintain A High Vibration.

Keeping yourself at a high vibrational state of being will help to prevent limiting beliefs and negative thoughts from wreaking havoc on all the mindset work you have been doing.

Do things that make you happy…

Listen to music that uplifts you, take the dog for a walk, create rituals that help you to feel satisfied with your life.

Anything that gets you through the day with an increased sense of joy is lifting your vibration.

The easiest way to reach this point is simply to be present.

Notice the things around you…

Notice how your body feels…

Find silver linings wherever you can and above all, express gratitude.

8.) Try Binaural Beats Or Sound Wave Frequencies.

Some subliminal programs include the added bonus of binaural beats and/or sound wave frequencies.

These audio tracks work by coaxing the subconscious mind into the brainwave frequencies best suited to re-program your thoughts toward a specific outcome.

Binaural beats and sound wave frequencies are not required to achieve amazing results, however, they can offer an extra push when it comes to developing new thought patterns.

9.) Invest In The Best

If you want to really start seeing results, look for affirmation programs created by reputable audio engineers and subliminal experts.

Remember, any kid with wifi access can make a track and post it online for “free” but in reality, these often cost us the most precious thing we have…


Invest in yourself!

You were meant for greatness and deserve the best possible opportunities for growth, happiness, and abundance.

To Wrap This Up…

Subliminal affirmations are an amazing tool if you’re looking to improve the wellbeing of your life!

Whether that be raising your vibration, finding love, boosting confidence, or even attracting a large amount of money.

You can eliminate bad habits, or create positive habits that can completely change your reality!

There are endless possibilities you can achieve just by listening to these sound waves.

In fact, what makes them so powerful is the fact that they directly send messages to your subconscious mind, it’s just like downloading a new program for your computer, but for your brain!

I love Subliminals and use them for just about everything, my favorite way to use them is lying in my nice comfy bed with a pair of headphones on.

But the most important thing to remember is to make sure you get them from a trusted place, even Youtube is a little bit dodgy because you just don’t know who’s making them!

So if you are ready to try out subliminal affirmations for yourself, I strongly recommend Subliminal Guru.

Subliminal Guru has loads of high-quality subliminal audios to choose from so there is something for everyone!

Take a look below and download your 2 free tracks, it’s definitely worth a go!

Click below to get your first 2 subliminal tracks FREE!

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