Hypnosis Induction Script Progressive Muscle Relaxation

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Progressive muscle relaxation method (PMR)

The Hypnosis Induction Script Progressive Muscle Relaxation is the easiest hypnotic induction. This induction is simple and reliable, and every hypnotist should know how to do it. Most inductions use some part of this technique.

Progressive relaxation induction is also called the Jacobson relaxation method. The basic progressive muscle relaxation (PMR) technique is to tense and then relax each muscle group, progressing from the head to the feet, while suggesting comfort and letting go.

PMR is quick to learn and will work with everyone, but sometimes can take a long time. Because the client is very relaxed, and mostly unresponsive, it can be difficult to tell when to stop. But with practice you will learn to recognize when they are entering trance. The Hypnosis Induction Script Progressive Muscle Relaxation is good practice for beginners, but there are better hypnotic inductions.


Hypnosis Induction Script Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Just speak naturally

The hypnosis induction script Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) does not need any special voice control. When using the script just say the suggestions in your normal voice. Try not to read the script aloud… practice so you don’t have to read it out. The exact words are not important, the continuous flow of progressive relaxation suggestions is.

An induction script needs to be delivered slowly… very gently… suggesting rather than commanding. Watch closely all the time. If they make any movement, comment on it, and say ‘Yes, that’s right, that’s exactly right‘ so they get feedback and reassurance.

Take your time

Time each group of suggestions by speaking only when the listener breathes out. Deliver it slowly – leave the listener lots of time to think about and then act on your suggestions. The progressive relaxation technique might seem incredibly slow to you, but it does not seem slow to your listener. There is nothing wrong with saying nothing for ten or twenty seconds. This allows the listener time to feel the changes taking place inside them. With most hypnosis, silence is the best deepener. Remember that the listener has been told to keep on relaxing and going deeper, so they will use the silences as suggestions to do that.


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