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Hypnosis is a tool that when used correctly can give us valuable insight into who we really are and of course, who we are not.  It can also produce powerful results in stripping away years and years of programming from the outside world that we may falsely relate to in terms of who we are. Most of this programming is complete by the time we are just 8 years old, and as a result, our habits and belief systems are absolute by then.

To expand on this idea a little further, let s exam that adage, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” Well, I have news    You can certainly teach an old dog new tricks, yet there’s still some truth to that statement. The neuro pathways of certain habits are so carved into the way we look at life that it can make it difficult to change. Certain beliefs and habits may have even served us well at some point in our lives. If for example you were a child who was excessively picked on in school, who then spent much of the time shying away from others, you may view seclusion as an appropriate survival response. Although it may have been appropriate when you were being attacked as a child, it will no longer serve you well as an adult in the business world.  The distant behavior that has over the years become a personality trait that you have adopted, may make being sociable with people more difficult.

For the world to change, you must change.  Life is not happening to you, but it is happening through you.   I’ve often heard people describe a miracle as a shift in perception and you too can shift your perception of the world and/or life so that it creates a miracle in your own life. When someone perceives, and thus ultimately believes the world to be a certain way, getting them to shift this perception is in and of itself, a bona-fide miracle.

For a person to change, perception must change. So, whether the desired result is to gain more confidence, to stop bad habits, to get over a phobia, or develop new and more healthy habits such as being more affective, managing their time more effectively, being better overall, exercising more etc. In closing, think of Hypnosis as the great catalyst. By itself it does nothing and yet when combined with definitive strategies and affective tools it can become a powerful tool. It makes whatever you want to achieve; faster, better, easier, and more effective.


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